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  1. Don't want to - but I vote off Timeline........
  2. I hate it, too - but voting Attila off!
  3. I vote off 300. I did not like the movie - I went only because of Gerry. I did buy the DVD and watched it once - because I had a friend from TX visiting and she wanted to watch it. Just not my kind of movie.
  4. I vote off The Jury - sadly. I would definitely choose Dear Frankie if I could only have one. Dear Frankie is my favorite Gerry movie after POTO. I never knew there was a Gerard Butler until POTO. Then I started haunting the internet, GALS, video rental places, etc. for all his movies. At one point - as soon as it was available - I had three copies of DF (all rentals) - just in case there was a world-wide shortage of his movies..............Definitely, I would want a copy of Dear Frankie.
  5. I vote off Olympus Has Fallen. I think PSILY was the most entertaining. Gerry was funny, I loved seeing and hearing him singing. I liked all the characters. I also really liked the Ireland scenery. Think I'll watch it tonight.
  6. I vote off Olympus Has Fallen. I think Dear Frankie has the best plot. A single mother trying to protect her child from knowing that his father's violence caused him to be deaf. A handsome Stranger (riding a great white horse) shows up; gives the mother some very good advice; they awkwardly flirt just a little; become enchanted; and are drawn toward one another. He definitely does return. Definitely. When Frankie waved to the Stranger (as he was leaving) and the Stranger lingered waving at Frankie - it was like a promise to return. When the Stranger kissed Lizzie, then leaned toward her again but stopped short of a kiss - it was a promise to return.
  7. Can I change my immunity vote? If so - I'll go with the Stranger and Lizzie. He wanted to kiss her again - that was obvious.
  8. I vote off London has Fallen. The immunity question is difficult to answer. I have always thought Gerry's best on-screen kisses were with Holly (nos. 2 & 3) and Rose. Guess I'll go with Rose (The Jury).
  9. I vote off Machine Gun Preacher. I think the cast of The Jury was (were?) the best, the most varied personalities, etc.
  10. I vote off Den of Thieves and send Dear Frankie to the vault.
  11. Voting off Chasing Mavericks and sending Dear Frankie to the vault. (that would be the vault in my basement......puleeze)
  12. Voting off Geostorm and sending Dear Frankie to the vault.
  13. Voting off the The Ugly Truth and putting PSILY into the vault.
  14. Voting off The Ugly Truth and put Dear Frankie in the vault.
  15. Voting off Tomb Raider and sending Dear Frankie in the vault.
  16. Voting off Law Abiding Citizen and putting Dear Frankie into the vault.
  17. I love Miracle Match for sentimental reasons - early Gerry days. But, I will go with voting off Miracle Match and send Attila to the vault.
  18. I vote off RocknRolla and sent Attila to the vault. (I missed voting last week because my computer was down.)
  19. I am praying for lugerry for successful surgery and rapid, complete healing. Lord bless you, Barbara, and keep you - watch over your coming and your going both now and forever more.
  20. I vote off Reign of Fire and put Dear Frankie into the vault.
  21. I vote off Mrs. Brown and vote to put Beowulf & Grendel in the vault
  22. Can I change my vote? If yes - then I vote to put Dear Frankie in the vault this week. Still vote off One More Kiss.
  23. I vote off One More Kiss and put P.S. I love you in the vault.
  24. I vote off Dracula 2000 and One More Kiss
  25. I vote off Dracula 2000 and One More Kiss.
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