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  1. N 1. Song......Now Is The Hour 2. Famous Person.......Neil Diamond 3. Household Item.......Napkin Holder 4. City.......New York City 5. Movie......... 6. Plant or Flower....... 7. Food Item........New Potatoes 8. Mood........Naughty 9. Something Sweet.......Nutella. 10. Something You Would Like.......
  2. BlueJean

    Movies ABC

    ABCs of Comedies or Musicals A) A Shot in the Dark B) Babes in Toyland C) Cat Ballou D) Drumline E) European Vacation F) Funny Girl G) Ghostbusters H) Haunted Honeymoon I) It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World J) Jumanji K) Kid Galahad L) La La Land M) Music Man N) Nine O) Oliver P) Paint Your Wagon Q) Quest for Camelot R) Rumor Has It! S) Singin' in the Rain T) Tender Trap, The U) Unsinkable Molly Brown (The) V) Victor, Victoria W) Westside Story X)
  3. 20 Song Titles Starting with S Name artist, please 1) Something (The Beatles) 2) Sailing (Rod Stewart) 3) Song Sung Blue (Neil Diamond) 4) So Rare (Jimmy Dorsey) 5)
  4. 13 Things Found in a Desk Drawer 1) Rubber band 2) Pencils 3) Ruler 4) Paper clips 5) Stamps 6) Scissors 7) Scotch Tape 8) Post-it notes 9) Ballpoint Pens 10) Envelope Opener 11
  5. Oh, Bonnie, my heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry about your mom and now your dear friend. I pray the good Lord will give you peace and comfort. Consider yourself hugged, Bonnie. Hugs Bonnie BlueJean
  6. The following posted at another site: "Geostorm" was also #1 in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay, and now China!! Whew!!!
  7. Hello out there in GALS-land............I check the Forums every day to see if anyone has happened by. Looking forward to next year's game when lots of Gals will be stopping by to vote. Have a Gerrylicious day. Bonnie BlueJean
  8. Thanks, Elissa. This was a great game.
  9. Barbara - Praying for a speedy recovery and all-around good health! Bonnie
  10. I guess I'll vote off Timeline............I really like the idea of a four-way tie, tho.
  11. I vote off Attila. If I had to choose only one Gerry movie - it would be POTO - my first Gerry movie. Seeing POTO, Seeing Gerry in POTO, started a whole new experience for me. I definitely would choose POTO (I have five copies - just in case) - but I would mourn for Dear Frankie. It was the second Gerry movie I saw. I rented it over and over and finally had the video rental owner to order a copy for me to buy.
  12. I vote off London Has Fallen POTO was definitely the most entertaining. Erik was mesmerizing. The music was beautiful. I loved it. I even read the book........not an easy thing to do. Immunity for POTO.
  13. Hokay - vote off London Has Fallen. Since I get to submit a new vote for immunity - I will go with Dear Frankie. I have watched the movie several times and it is obvious that the Stranger almost (wanted to) kiss Lizzie again. Also, in the uncut version - that dance on the floor was very intimate between the Stranger and Lizzie.
  14. Voting off Chasing Mavericks. Best plot - Dear Frankie. A very touching story and leaves "hope" that it will be continued.
  15. Voting off London Has Fallen and sending Dear Frankie to the vault. Tks!
  16. I'll go with Joanne - voting off London Has Fallen and putting Dear Frankie in the vault.
  17. I vote off Playing For Keeps. Send Dear Frankie to the vault.
  18. Sue - I don't know if the pic helped lugerry or not - but it sure helped me! Thanks a bunch! Bonnie
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