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  1. At one point the Screen Gems western-horror Priest was expected to star Gerard Butler and Steven Strait, but the comic based film has dropped those two names and has now attached Paul Bettany to star as a warrior priest who disobeys church law by teaming with a young sheriff and a priestess to track down a band of renegade vampires who have kidnapped the priest’s niece.
  2. I don't like the way th plot has changed. The vigilante getting revenge for killing his family is very Charles Bronson Death Wish and would fit Gerry. The psychopath version does not jibe. There a lot of fantastic films where the good guy is running away from the Law. Like Shawshank or The Fugitive. Hollywood is getting so lazy. Gerry needs hero roles. He needs the type of parts Mel Gibson was cast in over 20 years ago. I know Mel Gibson is a total wreck now, but if you look at him when he was young, Gerry and Mel have the same kind of soulful eyes and same kind of playfullness.
  3. I have to admit the TMZ commentary is HILARIOUS. I can't believe that girl was wearing a top like that. I can imagine the crabs crawling down her legs. Just because he takes someone's phone number, doesn't mean he will call. How many times have we all taken phone numbers down and threw them out? Of course back in my day we would write them on little pieces of paper...ha ha
  4. I think Jennifer would be a great match, however it does make having children tougher because of her age. I don't understand why everyone says such bad things about Jennifer. If you notice when the paps are all over Gerry, he grimaces quite a bit, imagine whereever Jen goes, they are hounding her about her ex. If you look at her history in the last 10 years, she never really dated a lot of men and she got married to the man she fell in love with. Just like any normal girl. Look at Angelina's history? Billy Bob, Jennifer Imuzi or whatever. I think Gerry and Jennifer have similar self deprec
  5. I guarantee Gerry had no idea who Zac is. Haha. Only grownups who know who Zac Efron are those who have kids under 12
  6. I love the shot of Gerry checking out Ms. NY Fashion Girl. I notice the celebrity blogs have conveniently left that pic out. Should dispel some rumors. I really like that he is a private & normal guy.
  7. I looked up the Oneness University and it reminds me of an Eastern version of Televangelism. I have purchased a book by Joel Osteen and by Rabbi Shmuley , so I guess we are all looking for some advice or something to uplift us, however this Oneness University seems just a tad cultish to me. Nevertheless, I hear Indian music in my head and imagine all the GALS singing and dancing around Gerry in a Bolly-WOOD MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZE! I get to be Aishwarya Rai
  8. sorry if this has been posted before, but I am still a newbie...I ran across a funny site in which you can morph celebrity faces. They have Gerry in there. www.morphthing.com this is one I just came up with... http://www.morphthing.com/celebrity/503419...d-Gerard-Butler
  9. Year of Living Dangerously Role: Guy Hamilton Why? Gerry would not have had to stand on a box to kiss Sigourney Weaver! Great Film!
  10. Typical unoriginal Hollywood. They have gotten so lazy! We don't need a pre-quel. New material for Gerry works for me. 300 is about action, not acting. Gerry did a PHENOMENAL job with the limited dialogue, but the movie was no Braveheart or even Gladiator for that matter. I can't see him wanting to put that costume on again.
  11. What is going to be fantastic about this movie is that it is British so none of the actors are going to dumb down their accents. Gerry has his full on Scottish ....awesome. Calculator The tied to the bed scene looks humorous so I don't think we will have to suffer thru a scene like Marsellus in Pulp Fiction!!
  12. Gerry looked great in all the suits. I actually think it is interesting that Anna Wintour did not change her dress. Actually I thought that was very cool of her. I would have liked to see Gerry in a kilt
  13. I am really getting tired of how callous people have become. It is almost like politcal correctdness has backfired into a real ugly monster. This video taping and cell phone picture taking of people is ridiculous and stars are not the only ones affected. High school kids getting beat up for the sake of you tube? Old men getting ran over, no one helps, but there is time to take out a cell phone camera to video tape? Where are the heros? Are we a society of video taping sycophants? It is pathetic. I think there should be laws about this type of public harrassment for all people. And pe
  14. Totally agree about not showing that video. Thanks for taking this stand!
  15. I started watching the video, could not get thru the whole thing. I have been on Robertson during trips to Los Angeles. Those girls were not fans, they are your typical young tourists or wannabees that think they are the shizzle and act like they can get any man. They are RUDE, STUCK UP B****ES! I am so glad he shot them down at the beginning. If I ever see him in person, I will say Hi and walk away. GO GERRY!
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