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  2. is tired& achey but otherwise feeling a bit more buoyant than usual!

  3. Awww...thank you, Peggy. Missed you, too. And I remember now that you also live with chronic pain. It's not a walk in the park, that's for sure. I actually had some quality sleep last night so I'm hoping for a better day. Take care, talk to you later. xo
  4. Thank you so much, Burma. That was beautiful and a very nice start to my day. But I'm also sorry that you have to endure FM and depression; neither is a laughing matter, and I find that a deepened depression and an FM flare-up usually overlap one another. Welcome to GALS and to the wonderful world of Gerry, by the way! Hugs for you, Christine
  5. Dearest Anna, I will never forget your kindness. I hope we can be friends again. I am so sorry for causing you pain almost three years ago. I ache because I hurt you and I am ashamed about how I acted. Please PM me if you want...I'd like to talk to you. Love, Christine xo

  6. Hi Peggy! Long time, no talk. I always look forward to your Christmas cards. Thank you for remembering me every year. I haven't sent cards in a while, and last year was tough because I lost my sister to a short yet intense illness. I am still grieving, but I also hope that her spirit will shine throughout the holidays. How are YOU? Hope to see you here on GALS soon...xoxo Christine

  7. Thank you, Christine! Welcome to the wonderful world of Gerrydom!
  8. Thank you so much, Elissa. It's nice to be back. Yes, it's been rough but whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?
  9. Thank you so much, Andrea. Yes, it certainly does take a toll on one's emotions in addition to the body.
  10. Ooooh, I loved "Secretariat"! I'm such a horse fiend. I also bought the book, and it's just as wonderful as the movie. I love the way they filmed Big Red's win at the Belmont Stakes...thirty lengths, he resembled Pegasus! It still shocks and thrills me! Thank you, Mousie!!! I did see the preview for "The Bounty Hunter" but I never got around to seeing it in the theatre. I will dutifully rent all three as soon as possible! And thank you for the familial blessings. We appreciate them most assuredly.
  11. Wow. I just realized that Gerry's birthday is only a week and a day away! I contributed to the GALS fund via Paypal in honor of his 41st birthday. Love GALS, love Gerry!
  12. Hi everyone. I've been gone a very long time and am not sure if anyone remembers me at this point, but in the event that someone does, I'll just give you a synopsis of what's happened to me. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in late '08. I was already on disability for emotional/mental difficulties, and this diagnosis depressed me more deeply than one can imagine. I want to find a part-time job, though ~ something involving animals ~ to get me out of my head and the house. What has depressed me most, however, is that I lost my precious sister, Ann, a year ago. She had MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome), an uncommon blood cancer also known as "pre-leukemia." She underwent a stem cell transfusion as my brother was her perfect match in that regard; she didn't want her condition to mushroom into leukemia. A year ago at this time she should have been feeling better and able to drive, et al. Instead she was in and out of the oncology ward and then, finally, in the ICU as her immune system could not withstand the newly harvested stem cells. She died right after I kissed her goodbye and left her with my brother-in-law. I miss her more than the English language will allow. She was my rock and my best friend. Now absence has its own zip code. I am currently living with my folks and my cats. Which reminds me that I also lost Aurora, my beautiful little minx, a day after my last birthday in March. I miss her terribly as well, but I adopted Benji (Benjamin) when he was two months old. Now he's eight months old and, along with Zoey, they are quite a loving duo. My parents' Russian Blue, Frodo, is also a fixture in the house. I haven't kept up with Gerry, though I've seen him in various previews of different movies. Can anyone recommend one of his latest films to me and I'll rent it? Thank you for reading my post and God bless all of you. I also apologize profusely to anyone whose toes may have been crushed the last time I was around. I have no excuse. I am sorry. Finally, Dr. Em sent me a congratulatory note as I've been a member of this forum for five years! I can't believe it's been that long! Love, Christine
  13. "Gerry's Private Dancin' Faery By Day, Guardian of the Scots' Thistle By Night" I liked the dancing Gerry-Tigger, Bethy!
  14. How about "Gerry's Private Dancin' Faery"? Not sure how to include the Thistle part of it, though.
  15. D, that happened to me as well. And the doctor, bless his heart, wrote off many fees because I thought I had coverage at the time of emergency surgery. UGH. I feel for you. Congratulations to Dawn! Is this her first baby? Prayers are being directed to Bryan right now. Thank you, BlueJean. I feel better today but now my dear sister, Ann, is in the hospital with a mysterious virus that really needs to be pinpointed and addressed. Fortunately, we've ruled out the severe diagnoses like leukemia (*breathing sigh of relief*) but there remains the fact that she's been chronically ill for a couple of months at this point and is finding it difficult to function. I'm keeping the faith...I know she will be okay...but I'm still scared. If any of you can include her in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. SHE would greatly appreciate it! XO
  16. Love to you, Ali! I'm glad that you're back again as well. I'd like to chat for sure!
  17. Yes, I take Lyrica and Cymbalta. We just upped the dosage on the Cymbalta as well. Ack. Honestly, it has helped but I guess I was hoping for a miracle cure. Have you or your daughter tried any homeopathic remedies? I take "Energy Revitalization System," which is packed with B vitamins, and that seems to boost me a bit.
  18. Thank you so much for the kindness and support as it's deeply appreciated. I don't talk too much about it, but today's an especially bad day with the fog. It's hard to deal with this sort of thing as my brain was always sharp. Now it's so dulled. Ugh. My doctor is also trying to figure out if I have Lyme Disease because I'm borderline positive for it. Maybe if I just stare at Gerry long enough, all of this will dissipate! (I wish...!) Well, he's such good medicine in so many ways that it almost doesn't seem far-fetched.
  19. I have fibro as well, and the weather DEFINITELY affects it. Yesterday and today aren't the greatest days for it as there's another snowstorm approaching. Everything aches like hell, and the fibro fog is really bad.
  20. With my salacious mind, I'd be afraid of "reading into" a very benign remark or question! "What time is it?" asks Gerry casually. (Muse's frantic mind translates the question as "When would you like to get naked with me?" whereupon she proceeds to *pounce* on poor wee Gerry...who's begun to drop the dreaded F-bomb rather loudly.) HA!!! I know most of you are hollering, "POOR WEE GERRY, INDEED!"
  21. I would LOVE to lose thirty pounds. Awesome job! I'm not old enough to remember "the day the music died," either -- but I'm a serious music fan and have known all about it since I first heard Don McLean's "American Pie" in the early 1970s. "What is this song about???" Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper *and* Ritchie Valens (who was only 17) perished in the plane crash. And, yes, Maria Elena lost the baby a few weeks later. Several years ago, I watched a haunting VH-1 "Behind the Music" special about that awful day in 1959. It was fascinating until they showed footage of the crash site not long after the crash itself actually happened. I was shocked that it was even shown because it was quite graphic (don't worry, I won't mention anything here). Then I was unbearably sad. What a senseless tragedy. If any of you want a really good movie to watch (that actually doesn't feature our G-Man), you might want to see "La Bamba," which is Ritchie Valens' life story. Even though he was only 17, he was a special young man with a brilliantly promising future. Lou Diamond Phillips was phenomenal in that role. Oh, Walmart was mentioned. I went there earlier today. Ick. If my back hadn't been killing me, I would have raced out of that hellhole! It's just so LOUD. Love the bargains, abhor the noise!
  22. Yeah, I've met celebs (usually rockers, some of whom WERE flirtatious) that I found enticing -- and, like some of us have said, devising randy and suggestive insinuations is the furthest thing from your mind when it happens! Then again, if it happened the way it transpired for Susan in '05, the situation could become pretty interesting within a few seconds...tee hee! That's still one of my favorite "meeting G" stories. Of course, there's always the forehead-slapping "I SHOULDA SAID..." moment that almost inevitably manifests a few minutes, hours and months after you meet one of these guys and there was a spark or at least a sense of spontaneous fun between the two of you. Ugh. I can't stand that because it haunts me! So I guess this means that I need to meet Gerry at least twice and THEN I would feel comfy enough with him to murmur some Rabbie Burns (or Anais Nin!) in his ear...??? HA!!! I felt so honorably restrained earlier and now I don't know. Thanks A LOT, Gerry!
  23. I think I'd only be able to utter something saucy if he flirted with me first. No, I couldn't initiate it -- mainly because A) that's how I am and B) he's a celebrity who clearly loves his female fans *BUT* he's also human and needs privacy and personal space. He might be in a totally different frame of mind just a couple of hours after offering that hot, inviting remark...you know? (Believe me, I howled in delight when I read it! But then I had to tame myself and remember that he has his array of moods, which is quite similar to my own from what I can discern.)
  24. I love all of these awesome stories. Yes, he *is* a "hard habit to break"! In fact, I was in the 5th row this past summer for a Chicago concert...and I smirked throughout that entire song as I was thinking about G. God, I need a GER-BEAR HUG!!!!!!!!!
  25. Feel better, Betts! A lot of us are quite under the weather, myself included. UGH. I'm not fond of winter as the cold just feeds into my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I think I'd said that Winston was part toy poodle, but he's part miniature poodle...at least I believe so. I'd better ask my sister. He's pretty big for a Shih-Poo so my guess is that he's part mini Poo. I've been fantasizing about a drive down to Philadelphia...*ahem*
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