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  1. Muse = Desperate But Not Serious Charli, that's how I clean my screen. With my tongue whilst perusing the GALS site.
  2. I can relate to that...not THIS week, of course, but I've done what you're doing. I've used food both positively and negatively as a means of controlling SOMETHING in my life. Actually, that menu sounds pretty damned good. Add some brown or Basmati rice and grains and you'll be PAIR-FECT!
  3. Now I want to check out Oprah's show so I can get an eyeful of this guy. *SLURP* CHARLI, I SEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!
  4. I've been known to collect hawt gay actors. Like you said, they're delectable CANDY! My sister said that she has good gaydar and never would have guessed that Ben was gay because he was so...er...potently heterosexual onstage. Nekkid. Glorious. English. Somehow that trio of terms never fails to conjure up certain feelings that I cannot describe here or else I'll be spanked. (Hey! Why can't we let GERRY become the Official Spanker? Huh? Why? Huh? Why?) *Muse segues into five-year-old brat mode*
  5. Ah, Grasshopper! So you utilized some Akido wisdom and decided to emit a primal scream in order to release some pent-up energy. That is extremely healthy. Your chakras will thank you. As for the cheesecake, it was really just a nice NY style slice (replete with graham cracker crust) that is now being digested everrrrrr...soooooo...slowlyyyyyyyy. I'm not setting foot on my scale this week. No frickin' way. My sister and her husband saw the Broadway version of "Dangerous Liaisons" over the weekend, and she called from her cell to urge me to buy tickets ASAP because it features the sexy, gorgeous Ben Daniels. So I googled him as we spoke on the phone -- only to discover that the objet du LUST is openly gay. NO! NO! NO! I was preparing myself for a new fantasy man...and now I'm devastated. But I'll still see the production because it RAWKS and because he's nekkid. If I don't see a nekkid man at least once a year, I'll flip out. God, that sounded so pathetic. I ADMIT IT: I AM PATHETIC! I rarely catch an eyeful. So what if he's gay? It's still his hot body on that stage! (Why doesn't G take a role like this, eh?!?!?! Wait, he did...on a movie screen. Yeah, but I want to see him nekkid ONSTAGE. In an intimate THEATRICAL SETTING.) Muse, your desperation is showing.
  6. Hey, Andrea, tonight's dinner was pepperoni pizza and cheesecake. Now I'll just BET that your family wants me to come over with another pie RIGHT NOW, don't they? LOL, hot home delivery! Dearest Donna, your head is imploding. Don't let that happen. Talk to us, bay-bee. Hiya Wolfie Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. YO PIL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hanging in there. I had a nice job interview this morning, but I don't want to jinx myself so I'll just broadcast any awesome news if it comes my way. Otherwise, I'll be taciturn. And the plumber returned to finish the job, though someone else needs to stop here in order to tape up and paint the areas where the ceiling is buckled. Anyway, I didn't have a chance to hit the grocery store during my preoccupied day so I ordered myself a pepperoni pizza and slice of cheesecake. Yeah, yeah...it's bad for me. But after the past three days of crazed cleaning, plumbing mayhem, resuming the job search and wanting to kick the store manager's arse at Guitar Center (I need to speak with MY boss, the operations manager, at some point on the phone tomorrow about that dude), I think I fookin' DESERVE IT!!!!!! I've done a lot of online dating throughout the years and don't think highly of it whatsoever. Then again, my dear friend Cynthia is involved in the best relationship of her forty years with a guy that she met online...and my brother met his current wife online...so I know "it" can happen. But if anyone reads my manifesto on the "Retirement Home" thread from yesterday, you'll know that I feel somewhat similarly to Moira in many respects. I'm not even really interested in a relationship when all is said and done. I like my freedom a tad too much, though I'd think twice if G called me up and asked me for a date and then proceeded to exclaim that he was falling madly in love with me after a few weeks of lengthy, whirlwind dates. Um, I can make an exception for the Hot Scot IF he's the type of guy who'd be compatible with me! (If he's not, then a hearty bout of hot sex is certainly acceptable.)
  8. Creedy was certainly the best part of ROF. Heck, the first time I watched it and realized that Matthew M. was the bald-headed weirdo military dude, I was doubled over laughing. He was GOD AWFUL! But Gerry was wonderful...as always. I loved the Creedy character.
  9. Andrea, I laughed when I read your message because...I don't cook, either! I don't think your family would be too happy with soup, sandwiches and salads every night. *giggle*
  10. I just added my .02 to the Retirement Home thread. Any and all thoughts about my "manifesto" are appreciated.
  11. Mine's a smidgen sad, a little lonely and often unbearably boring. Today, however, was a chosen day for doing nothing at all...except when I washed and scrubbed the floors. Jeezis, the next time I'm calling Merry Maids or telling my cats to pick up the Swiffer if they want to earn their keep. When I want to do NOTHING, I mean I want to do NOTHING! Fookin' floors...*grumble, grumble*
  12. I can't fookin' find it. Well...just consider me the newest resident at the retirement home. I'll be the one blasting the rock and jazz fusion music all night long.
  13. I've known that I was a Rooster/C**k since I was a kid. I remember my first visit to a restaurant other than McDonald's, and it was Chinese. I read all about Roosters gleefully -- and now that I'm reading about them three and a half decades later, I can safely say that it's about 90% accurate for me. What's inaccurate? Well, I'm not known to be timid. When I was 15, I was teenagerly timid. At 39, I couldn't give a frog's fat arse about anything. I am brave. As Patty Smyth sang, "I AM THE WARRIOR!" Now I wonder how compatible two C**ks would be. Wait, that didn't sound right.
  14. The Retirement Home thread? Okay, I missed that one. Where is it? I'm sure I'd have NO problem contributing to it! Yeah, I am loathe to admit to the truth but my life ain't exactly jumpin' with fun and opportunity. Truthfully speaking I wish that things would pick up already.
  15. Lisa, are you sure we aren't living the exact same life? I've asked Donna if we were separated at birth, and now I'm gleaning a similar feeling from you. Well, I send my love and virtual hugs to you. I know, it'd be better if we could hang out with each other but you're there...I'm here...and I'm still practicing my bi-location (remote viewing/astral travel) skills. But at least we have the SC. I also send love and hugs to Paige. Don't worry, girl. It sounds like the former flame was a box of rocks if he actually broke up with you -- and did so via MySpace. You will find a much better BF if you just remember what you DON'T want in your life. Sometimes we focus too much on what we DO want when it should be the opposite.
  16. Anna2, I am sending my love, strength and prayers to you and your family for your precious loss. I am very sorry about the pain you must be enduring right now. Nay, I have "spice" in my life? Really? LOL...I'm sure you were referring to other GALS because my life is pretty danged icky lately. Then again, it's been worse so I shouldn't complain. Andrea, my plumbing problem is almost fixed. Glenn, the plumber, needs to return tomorrow to finish the job, which can only mean that I'll have MORE cleaning to do upon his departure! *SOB* God, I've cleaned so much in the past three days -- yes, I finally washed my floors today and toiled at Guitar Center last night as well -- and know again that there'll be more to do tomorrow. If I don't lose any weight as a direct result of this tedium, then something is wrong with me! Actually, cleaning detail has finally convinced me to exercise 30-60 minutes per day. Since the Seroquel really won't allow me to alter my eating habits very drastically, the most and best I can do is EXERCISE in some manner as often as possible. Hell, if I could drop 60 pounds and become a Rubenesque size 16 again, I swear I'd feel better and be happier about the way I look.
  17. HAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Gerry checking to see if he's still a c**k...oh shyte...it's bad enough that I can't breathe after washing my floors but now I REALLY can't breathe after reading the "explanation" of that photo. Jeezis. I'm really a sweet person, but some people have noticed my not-so-concealed evil streak. A former coworker used to refer to me as "Mean Christine" as well (now that's a long story). I'm not sure what this babble means...but...I have the Ram temper (or is it my Italian/Spanish temper?) and have been known to frighten people considerably. But don't worry your purty lil' head, Gerry. I'd never frighten you. Not intentionally, anyway. Of course, you might feel a bit scared if I emerged from the loo in complete dominatrix gear. Or would you? Maybe you'd like it. Again, we'll need to ask Charli. She'd know. Evidently the two of you have been in the wilds of Australia, hunting sharks and crocodiles and dining on jumbo prawns the size of Milwaukee.
  18. Wow. Both Gerry and I are c**ks. We're also water signs. Which can only mean one of two things: We'd either get along famously or we'd kill each other. Yes, Charli, I respond to many names as long as they're nice. "Randy" is a favorite. I even changed my GALS nickname to include "randy." As for INXS, they are very big over here. Ah, here's a quick fact for you: The Farriss brothers hail originally from Perth. Their new lead singer, JD Fortune (who's a Kanuck), is really quite hawt but I suspect that he's a little too similar to Michael Hutchence (drugs, oodles of women, throwing televisions out of hotel windows, bad mood swings). Heck, he even sounds and looks like Michael. Maybe they should have chosen Mig instead; he was my first choice on "Rock Star: INXS" to be very honest. His voice was amazing, and he boasted gorgeous looks. He was also a real sweetheart. Lisa, I need to check the Chinese zodiac to find the signs for some of my ex-boyfriends and partners. Now if you meet another man who's a RAT, just run in the opposite directions as fast as you can. Donna, the manifesto about ice cream was really quite brilliant. Use someone else as a bowl? Hmm, now whom shall I choose? I'd like a Scot who's 6'2" with dark hair and hints of grey, green eyes and a gigantic wayward rooster.
  19. Ahhhhhhh! Thank you, Pil! Those photos certainly distracted me. Glenn, the plumber, came over and opened up the ceiling...only to discover that he needed a special and expensive tool to clench some pipe that only a plumber friend owns. He's returning on Monday afternoon to fix the crux of the problem and then close the hole in the ceiling. As for the previously leaky areas, he said that the water would just dry out. There won't be any additional leaks because they removed the handle from the outside spigot, and nobody is allowed to use it anymore. They'll have to use the one in the front of the house. I'll need to remind Janice to tell the new owner about this debacle because I'm certainly not entrusting my soon-to-be former landlady, Jennifer, with that task. Time for a much-needed shower, quick lunch and a pitstop at CVS before my shift at Guitar Center. I just cleaned my apartment for two hours, and tonight I'll need to clean the store...again. I just did it last night but we're required to do it every night. FEH!!!!!!!
  20. Happy birthday to B2 and Brayan...two very cute, squishable little boys! Oh GOOOOD! I woke up this morning because the real estate agent's husband was here to powerwash my neighbor's stairway...and problems ensued almost immediately. Water apparently seeped into some sort of corridor over my bed and began to leak from the ceiling in three different places, and I actually awakened when water splattered onto my face. I quickly dressed and ran outside to summon the guy and to shut off the water spigot outside my apartment. He called a plumber (who also happens to be his brother), the landlady (useless person that she is) and his wife. I also left a message for the landlady and said, "CALL JANICE [real estate agent] AND/OR HER HUSBAND. This is an emergency and must be addressed immediately by a plumber. I am not accepting any other alternative." I need to sound demanding or else she doesn't do anything. I also left a message for Janice's husband. So far I haven't heard from anyone, and I'm not leaving my apartment for any reason until the plumber arrives, jams the waterway and reinforces the three leaky areas. I can't believe this crap...and on a lazy Saturday morning. EDIT: I just heard from Tom, Janice's husband. His brother is finishing a job in the adjacent town and should be here around noon. The entire shebang should not require more than an hour...but the one thing he CANNOT do is reinforce the leaky areas. Jennifer, the landlady, needs to call someone else for that. Well, I should be okay as long as water can't run into that corridor over my head and spill on my bed. However, I still want everything to look good. The plumber will need to carve a hole in the ceiling as it is, hence I don't want to leave it like that.
  21. Wait, a c**k is a rooster. Just say you're a rooster if you don't want to be a c**k! Then again, you might want to be a cork. It's entirely up to you. Charli...JD as in JD Fortune from INXS? He's HAWT! INXS was the first band I ever met. I was 17. They were very nice, though Michael was odd. But I think his weirdness is now legendary. Donna, you should cast JD in the movie as a hawt bad dude. That would work splendidly. A reunited Men At Work? Hmm...interesting notion. One thing I remembered about that concert is the fact that my sister, Mary, had a huge crush on Colin Hay. She periodically yelled, "SEX! THAT VOICE IS PURE SEX!" I was 14 at the time and totally mortified. Now I often do the same thing at certain bands' gigs...HA!
  22. A typical Scorpio's motto is "sex, death and religion." Okay, Gerry, I think we know which one you like best. *wink wink, nudge nudge* Then again, what the hell do I know? We should ask Charli! Aries folk are either "refined" or "unrefined." If you're unrefined, then you have no mental filter (the way my brother used to be...oy vey). If you're refined (a la Donna), then you are forthright and fiery but you also know your boundaries. You are not a bull in a china shop. Aries folk are also quite attractive and ooze sexuality as a Fire sign should. Leos are also hawt in this regard. Hmmm...kilt flipping...count me in.
  23. I just turned 39 in March. So I'm Gerry's age which is (if you know me well) an anomaly. I normally like older men, but Gerry is different. He's just a special person that I would love to meet someday.
  24. Tell us more about you! You're my niece's age but you seem much more mature than she is (don't tell her I said that as I'll never hear the end of it...HA!).

  25. Yeah, Charli! Donna's damned right! How DO you know so much about Gerry? Has his rooster visited Australia? Are you a rooster groupie? What's the story in the land Down Under? Speaking of "Down Under," I just remembered that my second concert ever (circa 1983) was Men At Work. HA! I loved those guys. I think Colin Hay just performed a solo show here in CT not long ago as well.
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