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  1. RocknRolla Premiere! I just saw this. I am so happy that they are doing a premiere. I wish I could go but I am teaching on that day and my last class ends at 4:30p.m. I love seeing Gerry. He is always so great to his fans. Whenever I have spoken to him, he is always so nice, polite, and kind. Gerry has such a big heart. All you gals who are going, you are very lucky. Have fun!! RocknRolla Monday, October 6, 2008 - 6:00 p.m. at the Cinerama Dome 6360 Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood http://www.seeing-stars.com/Calendar/index.shtml#premieres Added by becozy 9/30: Official PR invite for 'industry' folks from: Yahoo biz site Los Angeles Premiere of ROCKNROLLA Monday, October 6th Tuesday September 30, 11:00 am ET --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Warner Bros. Pictures: WHAT: Red carpet arrivals for the Los Angeles premiere of ROCKNROLLA on Monday, October 6th at the Pacific Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles. WHO: From the film: Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton and producer Joel Silver. WHEN: Monday, October 6th WHERE: Check-in 6:00 PM Pacific Cinerama Dome 6360 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028 Red carpet arrivals begin 7:00 PM Screening begins 8:00 PM
  2. Very funny interview with Gerry. Gerry really does give the best interviews. Always entertaining! Gerry was really nice and polite to the interviewer when she asks him to go out for a drink. He handled it very well.
  3. Thank you Becozy for posting this! I love how everyone is yelling for Gerry in the beginning of the video, even Guy remarks on how popular Gerry is. Gerry looks so handsome. It was funny that someone was holding a sign, "Gerard will you go out with me?" that part of the video was great. RocknRolla sounds like it is a great movie with an interesting plot. I'm totally looking forward to seeing it. I hope this movie will be a great success!
  4. I just saw this on Amazon.com that The Jury is going to be released on DVD for $30.99. I know in the past it has been quite difficult and expensive to obtain especially here in the States. Luckily, it is now going to be released on September 23, 2008 at an affordable price so now that everyone can enjoy Gerry's outstanding performance! http://www.amazon.com/Jury-Nicholas-Farrel...2872&sr=8-2
  5. Hi Laxmom, I'm pretty sure that I got it from here, under "Hot New Gerry Pics/Videos," several months ago; right after Nim's Island came out in the theatres. I really love this photo of Gerry. He looks great all wet! Plus, I like that piece of hair on the back top of his head that is standing up, despite how drenched his hair is. I think he looks so handsome and his body looks amazing! Gerry truly takes great photos!
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml....xml&page=1 Guy Ritchie - husband of Madonna - is back Last Updated: 12:01am BST 21/08/2008 After the failure of his last two movies, the director - and husband of Madonna - has returned to familiar ground with his new film. He talks to Will Lawrence In Guy Ritchie's Mayfair pub, the conversation has turned to coffee. Apparently, at home, Ritchie struggles to get good foam, even though he uses the same type of machine that has just created our pair of frothy drinks. Whether his wife, Madonna, has the same problem, he does not say. He calls over one of his serving staff to ask their advice. "He's called Lord Henry," whispers Ritchie as the waiter approaches. "An interesting nickname," I suggest. Ritchie shakes his head. "No, he is a lord. The son of someone-or-other. It's funny, the other chap he works with is called Mr Soho, and he always defers to Henry, calling him 'Your Lordship'. It's caught on; now I'm calling him that, too." With names like Lord Henry and Mr Soho, this pair could have been plucked from one of Ritchie's crime movies. "It's funny you should say that," continues the 39-year-old director after sending Lord Henry to find the secrets of fine foam, "but the very reason I wanted to make my new film was that I've lived in London for almost 40 years now and in that period of time it's been impossible not to have observed the entire spectrum of the social ladder. Lord Henry and the Soho barman. I like that. I like that about England because it's complex within its social fabric; I hope the film shows that." The film is RocknRolla, which features the likes of Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton, Tom Wilkinson and Jeremy Piven, all of whom prove dubious sorts who manoeuvre their way through the seedy underbelly of the London crime world, a realm populated by billionaire Russian mobsters, old-school London villains, crooked accountants, corrupt councillors and a brace of sadistic East European assassins. It is good fun. It is also Ritchie's first feature film for three years. Given the critical mauling suffered by his last two, Swept Away (2002) and Revolver (2005), is he nervous? "Not at all," he smiles. "This will be much more popular than Revolver. It's simpler and it's fun. After Revolver, I'm not sure that everything needs to be an analysis of the deeper motivation as to why we get up in the morning. "The majority of times I go to the cinema, I want a bit of everything. I want to be challenged intellectually, and then again I don't want to be too challenged intellectually." In person, Ritchie is composed of similar traits. He is, by turns, effusive then thoughtful, witty then serious. We're perched at the very back of his pub, which he bought earlier this year, Ritchie looking crisp in his tailored suit despite a smattering of stubble. Lord Henry has not yet returned to answer the riddle of the frothy coffee. As we sup our drinks, Ritchie talks about his wife, although, not surprisingly, he will not discuss tabloid rumours which suggest that his seven-year marriage is set to implode. "I believe my wife to be very creative so of course I'm interested in how she thinks," he says, "and there seems to be no end to the desire to be creative; I find that invigorating and interesting." And do they still gel intellectually? "You know, you have conversations, some deep, some shallow," he smiles. "That's the same in everybody's relationship." Whether his relationship will last, only time will tell, but rumours suggest that the couple are trying to remain buoyant for the sake of their children - adopted son David (two), Madonna's daughter Lourdes (11), and their own son Rocco (seven) - and so as not to detract from their forthcoming creative ventures, in Ritchie's case, RocknRolla, in Madonna's her world tour. Whatever the truth, Ritchie needs a box office hit, and the early response among critics suggests that RocknRolla is a return to form. It is certainly a return to familiar territory. Ritchie's two early crime romps, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000), remain his most popular films, so it is no surprise to find him visiting old ground. This time, however, his directing style is simpler - gone are the fancy shots and quick-cut editing. "I feel that sort of film has had its day," he says. "It felt fresh 10 years ago but I'm not sure how fresh it feels now. I love the crime movie, though, because it's like the western, in that it's a genre against which you can tell any kind of story. Originally, I was interested in making a commentary on how London has changed in the last 20 years and you just need to pick a genre in order to make that commentary. This could be a modern western." As we talk, he defends his two critical failures. Of his seven cinematic offspring, he regards Revolver most fondly, and believes that too many people wanted both that film and Madonna-vehicle Swept Away to fail. "The week Revolver came out, there were far worse films at the cinema, but all the crap got heaped on to me," he smiles. "And again Swept Away came out and clearly wasn't as bad as some of the films that came out that week! "Some stuff I can tell is vitriol. There's a hidden agenda. People aren't being honest with themselves when they launch into some critical vitriol because I fancy I know what I'm doing behind a camera - I've been doing it for a long time and I know a lot about it - hence I probably know more than most critics. But my feeling is that there was a conspiracy of reasons why people decided that that film was unpopular. "I can see the chin maybe got stuck out a little further than it needed to," he concedes, "but we made Swept Away as a low-profile movie, for $5 million." He shrugs. "But, hey, I don't think there's anything you can do that's low profile with my missus." Ritchie's next project will see him direct the mercurial Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes, in a story drawn from a forthcoming comic written by Lionel Wigram, a former Warner Bros executive who is set to produce the film. Ritchie also harbours hopes of shooting a children's movie. It's a dream he has fostered for some time; he and Madonna once wrote one together. "Honestly, I can't remember its bloody name," he laughs, "it keeps changing. But I will certainly end up making a kids' movie at some point. If you have kids, you end up watching a lot of kids' movies and often you find some of their movies are infinitely more sophisticated than adult ones. What springs to mind? The Incredibles. I thought it was smart filmmaking, and Ratatouille was bloody good. "They are films for everybody, and that's what good films should be. We are all philosophers. It's impossible to live and not be a philosopher. Life is philosophy." He smiles. "It's just that some people have thought about some things more than others." Personally, I'm now thinking about Ritchie's coffee problem. Maybe it's because Lord Henry is approaching. Does he have the answer to the mystery of the missing lather? "It's down to how you grind the coffee; you need good technique to get a finer grind," Henry says politely. Ritchie is satisfied. He pauses briefly: "Thank you, your Lordship." 'RocknRolla' is released on Sept 5.
  7. According to The Sun, it says that Gerry is going to be at the premiere on Sept. 1. "TO celebrate the release of Guy Ritchie’s new movie RocknRolla, we've teamed up with Warner and Dark Castle Entertainment to give away tickets to the World Premiere. You could win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the World Premiere in London's West End and personally meet both Guy Ritchie and the star of the film, the lovely Gerard Butler.on Monday, September 1." I like the way they refer to Gerry as "the star of the film, the lovely Gerard Butler." He is getting the recognition that he deserves! I also like that they called him lovely. I agree with them 100 percent! I've met him a few times and he has always been very kind and gracious. Yeah for Gerry. RocknRolla sounds like it is going to be a great movie. I cannot wait to see it. I know it will be AMAZING! Link to article: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/fun/competitions/article1560159.ece ://http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepag...cle1560159.ece
  8. The release date is when the movie is released to the public in the United States. "P.S. I Love You" release date was December 21, 2007. The premiere was held on Sunday, December 9, 2007. "Nim's Island," release date in the U.S. was April 4, 2008. The premiere was also held on Sunday, March 30, 2008. I think that the premiere will be held one to two weeks before the actual release date. Release dates are usually held on Fridays, and premieres can take place anytime during the week. Gerry's past two premieres have been held on Sundays which I like because I was able to attend. I hope Rock n Rolla and Game will take place on the weekend so I can go! I have only been to P.S. I Love You and Nim's Island premiere. Both were amazing! I was so lucky to talk to Gerry at both premieres, and at the Nim's Island afterparty. Gerry is such a friendly, sweet guy who is very kind, and nice to his fans. Here is another link that says that the release date of the movie is November 30, 2008. I believe this is probably subject to change. http://movies.hsx.com/servlet/SecurityDetail?symbol=GAMEE
  9. Hi Zany, I would please like to have the following names: Gerry's Little Glaswegian Chocolate, Gerry's Chicken McNugget, Alex Rover's Adventure Time Gal Thank you!
  10. IMDB reports that GAME's Movie Release date is November 30, 2008. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1034032/ I think this is SO GREAT that we get to enjoy two new upcoming Gerry movies in the Fall of 2008. First ROCKNROLLA in October, and then GAME in November! Yeah Gerry, keep those amazing movies coming!!
  11. Thank you Alice for sharing your video with us!! It was hard for me to make out what he was saying but I could hear Gerry's sexy Scottish burr. I think it was wonderful that Gerry called. He is such an amazing person. I admire him and how he cares about others. Gerry really appreciates his fans!! I can't wait to hear what Gerry said. I am looking forward to reading the transcript as well. I'm sure it was a fun and extremely entertaining message. I love Gerry's sense of humor especially when it shines through in his interviews.
  12. Yes, I am SO looking forward to seeing GAME!! This looks like an exciting movie, that will be packed iwith so much action. Especially, with Gerry running around trying to survive in Game. I am so glad that they moved up the release date. I believe that they moved it up last month. I read somewhere last month that the release date for GAME is going to be in December 2008. Nim's Island DVD in August, Rock n' Rolla in October, Game in December, and then The Ugly Truth in April 2009. I like the fact that we get to enjoy a Gerry movie every few months. Gerry is such an amazing actor, and I like the fact that he chooses different roles from different movie genres: musical, historical, action, romantic comedies, kid's movies, animation, and drama. I feel that Gerry is such a impressive actor to be able to play so many different roles, and play them wonderfully!!!
  13. I was just wondering what is the status on the release of the movie. Is Lionsgate still only releasing it only in Miami or will it be distributed in more cities? Am I going to have to wait till December to see it when it is released on DVD? I'd much rather see it on the big screen here in San Francisco, now.
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