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  1. Hmmm..... the most popular stars are almost all women.... No Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise either.... I don't feel so bad anymore... Maybe only men use yahoo to look up actresses... who knows?
  2. I wonder the same thing, all of the "Hollywood Bunch" is jealous and running scared he will take over and eventually he will! Amandac Yes... I think Hollywood is afraid that really good foreign actors will take over the US movie industry.
  3. Gosh.... People magazine is sooo out of touch with what the people really like. They just pick some nominees THEY like, not who the people like. And PEOPLE magazine never liked Gerry. They do not get the Gerry juice. They hated 300. Their review of the movie was aweful, they didn't find anything good about it. It's almost a miracle the movie got nominated. And yes, looking at the list of the male nominees... it's all US actors... what about the Gerard Butler's, Daniel Craig's (both Gerry and Daniel should have been in the action star category), Clive Owen's, Hugh Jackman's???? Well, not even "Pirate"s Orlando Bloom is nominated anywhere.... You know what though? Looking at actors who are NOT nominated... I think that is a wonderful group of actors... much better than the ones that actually were nominated (The Rock??? I mean... c'mon!!!)... so Gerry is in good company of non-nominees....LOL Ina PS... looking through all the nominees again... who picked those????? Really???? I mean do they live on MARS??? Favorite TV Sci Fi shows and "Heroes" and "Lost" are not on there???? What are they thinking??? They are completely out of their minds! OK, I feel better about Gerry not being nominated. The people picking the nominees don't have a clue about current pop culture. I don't think you want to be nominated by those people...LOL
  4. Yes.... I'm with you on that. I honestly was extremely disappointed when I've read in the line-up that Gerry's song weren't on there. I had been waiting for so long to hear Gerry sing again. I was so excited when I've heard he sings in that movie. And I feel so let down that his songs are not on the soundtrack. I probably just download the Celtic and Celtic Rock (The Pogues and Flogging Molly are very famous in the Celtic Rock scene) songs from itunes but won't buy the album. I think they missed out there... big time. I'm very sad. Yes, he'll still sing a bit in the movie, but it's just not the same as the song being on the soundtrack. Ina
  5. I wonder if this is the reason Gerry is not doing "Escape From New York".... the timing is suspicious. Maybe Gerry is changing agencies and leaving CAA with Joel? http://www.variety.com/article/VR111797506...yid=13&cs=1
  6. Happy Birthday Ina, my friend!

    Have a wonderful Gerry day today!

    Love & hugs, Vanessa


  8. Hm, when I've read the storyline I thought.... "haven't I seen the trailer to this one?" I immediatly remembered what movie I watched the trailer with... that was an easy one... 300... So from that on it wasn't too hard to figure out which trailer it was. It was the one for a movie called "The Condemned". This is the plot: "The Condemned" tells the story of Joe Conrad (Stone Cold Steve Austin), who is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is "purchased" by a wealthy television producer and taken to a desolate island where he must fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world, with freedom going to the sole survivor. Sounds kind of similar. Of course GAME will be much better simply because Gerry is in it... ... but still... hmphm... weird.... What happened to the original storyline about computer games when Gerry was supposed to play some guy named Kable? Ina
  9. Yeah... I agree with Alice... what about the fan girls and their sisters (even though I don't have any of those... nor brothers for that matter...??? ) Ina
  10. I agree.... And even just going by UK tickets sales 300 is #9 and Live Free or Die Hard is # 10... so why is Bruce Willis nominated and Gerry isn't? Nothing against Bruce... but if they truly go by tickets sales at the time of nomination... Gerry should be in. I really like Greece's numbers!!!! http://www.boxofficemojo.com/intl/greece/yearly/ WOW... 300 left the competition FAR, FAR, FAR behind.... Ina
  11. OK... now I'm even more shocked that Gerry isn't nominated. 300 did way better than the last Die Hard movie and it did better than Casino Royale, at least in the US.... It's only the 3rd R-rated movie EVER to cross 200 Mio $.... Well, I guess they only count the UK box office and maybe it didn't do as well over there, I don't know. They obviously do not count the US/world-wide box office. Plus they do not account for the rating of this movie.... I'm biting my tongue not to write about this whole affair and those people what I really think.... Ina, breathing deeply.... Hmmm, interesting.... http://www.boxofficemojo.com/intl/uk/yearly/ Obviously 300 didn't do as well in the UK as it did in other countries... and yet... Die Hard didn't do better either.... Maybe they count on it still passing 300... but maybe it won't, who knows? To be fair they should have nominated Gerry too. Plus if 300 was successful enough to be nominated... so should have been Gerry... sigh....
  12. OMG.... I can not believe it!!! This is outrageous! This is a British award and they ignore one of their own? Their finest???? I do not get it!!!! They rather nominate actors that look good thanks to stuntmen and special effects instead of an actor who worked out and trained so hard to be able to do all of his own fight scenes and and to look believably at it!!! I simply don't get it... It's beyond me!!! OK, needed to blow. Ina
  13. Well, sorry for mentioning "the other site... " ;) I didn't mean to say that just because it's on their front page it has to be set in stone... but I still feel it's a bit of a confirmation to see it on their front page even with them just having the same information because that means that they're pretty confident about the information provided by TNT and I have no reason not to trust their judgment. I mean anything you read on any site can be wrong because everybody has to rely on middle man sources, it being wrong is always something I'll take in account. If it would have seen it on any other major Gerry side I would have mentioned it too. Peace! Ina
  14. Over on gb.net it's all over their front page. So I would assume it's true. What a weird twist in a strange story. I'm happy to be able to watch the movie (birhday present? My b-day is in September).. but as a true movie lover I am disappointed not to watch it on the big screen.... Does that mean that Gerry is eligible to me nominated for Emmys now too... LOL? Does it count as "made for TV" movie? Ina
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