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    My number one passion is Music. I adore all forms of expression....performance, artistic, literary. <br />I own a website built in memory of my all time favorite lyricist and singer...Michael Hutchence. And, of course, I love all things Gerard-ish, LOL.

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  1. This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I haven't been here in a long time and have a lot to sort through...what did Gerry say that had to be edited out of the show?
  2. Happy Birthday xx

  3. A friend of mine had told me she was planning to see this movie, and I warned her it was pretty raunchy. She is kinda prudish, so I was worried she would be freaked out, LOL. She called me today and said, "Raunchy doesn't come close to explaining it, but I have never laughed so hard at a movie." I thought that was great.
  4. When I went I saw lots of men, which I think is the biggest difference between this and a standard Rom-Com. The guys can go to this one and enjoy it without thinking they are going to a "chick-flick." My hubby certainly enjoyed it. BTW, am I the only one who will never be able to eat a bean without dirty thoughts???
  5. I am happy to hear the numbers. After reading all the reviews I was worried. Gerry is finally being recognized, as he should have been for some time now. I hear a lot of my friends mention him by name now, who didn't know who he was back in the Attila and Dracula 2000 days when I began my lust affair with him, LOL.
  6. I hope everyone is having fun in Vegas!! It is HOT here in Florida. I wanna move....anywhere that is cold. The pool temp was 90 and it still felt great, because the air is in the triple digits. July is gonna SUCK!!!
  7. You could also try downloading a new toolbar. All of the search engines have their own tool bars, so you could maybe try one of those. I have the Google one.
  8. Gosh, I just realized that I really have not been on here since this time last year, because it was around convention time then. I hope you all have a wonderful time, and hopefully I can join in one of these years, LOL.
  9. I've been gone for quite some time. I never stopped my addiction to Gerry, but was dealing with Real Life crap. My hubby was in a charity boxing match for the Cops, and he got knocked out. Aside from a big ego bruise, it apparently bruised his brain. He had a grand mal seizure at work. They found a sub-dural hematoma which had pushed his brain to one side and caused it to short circuit. It is the same type of injury that killed Natasha Richardson, so you can imagine my stress!! He is fine now, thank God. So, anyways, I am back and ready to drool over all the new Gerry we will be gett
  10. I can't wait to see it, now. I didn't really think it sounded like a good plot, but seeing the trailer, I change my mind.
  11. When I am having one of those days, I always play The Stairs, by INXS. It reminds me that I am not alone. The Stairs In a room above a busy street The echoes of a life The fragments and the accidents Separated by incidents Listen to by the walls We share the same spaces Repeated in the corridors Performing the same movements Storey to storey Building to building Street to street We pass each other on the stairs Storey to storey Building to building Street to street We pass each other on the stairs Listen to by the walls We share the same spaces Repeated
  12. I had to vote Terry....because he was just sex on legs!! The Phantom is more of a heart character for me than a lusty one, LOL. I haven't seen the Prefect Cassius character, but that is the only one, so I am pretty sure my answer would be the same!
  13. I had to vote for Erik, but the scene that really melts my heart is another from POTO. When he is singing Masquerade, after being unmasked.....I cry everytime I watch it. Even though I know it is coming, it just breaks my heart. The Johnnie scene is a heart breaker, too.
  14. This is just my opinion, but he may have "canoodled" with Cam, but that doesn't mean they are dating. Just because two people share a meal, or even two, and maybe even a bit of physical affection, that does not mean they are dating. I find it a bit weird that anyone would think Gerry would flat out lie.....he has always seemed to me the most open of actors, and one who would be honest even if it offended someone. As for Cameron possibly being offended by being compared to Lolita.....I am sure that if she has spent anytime with Gerry at all, she knows his sense of humor and knows exactly
  15. That is wonderful news. It is very difficult to lay those things down. It took pregnancy for me to do it, and since guys can't get pregnant....LOL. I"m happy for him.
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