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  1. Hello everyone here at Gals! I just wanted to get back on to say thanks for all the prayers and support for the last 2 years that I have been going though this lawsuit over my home. I have the judges final decision now, just in today. I have WON!!! I am so very happy. I have a lot of changes that I am going to have to make and I will have to get financial advice, but at least I can now start to move forward. Thanks again for all the support. Susan, I would love to go to the highland games again this year. I will have to give you a call. Hugs to all, BonnieSkye
  2. :whochnuzzle: Happy Birthday Gerry from another one born on the 13th, (Jan. however) hope yours is very special! BonnieSkye
  3. BonnieSkye's comic con pics :: Sorry I am so late ladies. Here are my comic con pics. Thanks to my bud Sporan Tart for her guidance in helping me find it again. Hope you all enjoy looking at more pictures. Some are better than others. I have some good ones of the signing and you can really see the bracelets on Gerry's arm in some of them. I know some of you were interested in this earlier. BonnieSkye
  4. Hello everyone, Susan the pictures from B&G were great! I was happy to have made it on Friday to see Sturla again looking so handsome and tan. He was so nice and really funny in the Q&A afterwards as well. I am so sorry Greensleeves and Sweettart for missing the lunch and Sat. show. I so wanted to be there, but I was running late in Temcula and had more car trouble again. This time something caught on fire and was coming in through the air conditioning vents. Thankfully, I think it was just burning fluid that had dripped from a leaky hose. Now I must get that replaced. I d
  5. Thanks #99 for letting us know about this. I have been interested in this possibility and am looking forward to heading on down to the convention Sat. I will probably go stay with my relatives in the SD area so I will be there bright and early Sat morning. Any other Gals planning to attend??? Sporan, will I see you there? Thanks again, this is GREAT news! BonnieSkye
  6. Am I dreaming here? DUH! Susan, I'm with you. BBQ and lazy kick back to watch fireworks. However, a short drive up into the hills, take CD boom box to play inspriing music to watch the fireworks . Throw a blanket on the ground and :ohbaby2: :wub: Did I say FIRWEORKS?? ~ I'll let you girls take it from there. I am sure your imaginations would be better than anything I could write via PG 13. BonnieSkye
  7. Humm? Vegas just before Scotland, WOW, what a crunch in the old budget that might be, but I would love to try to make the next Gals Vegas convention. I haven't been there since the consumer electronics convention in...well, it was a long, long time ago when I was still doing artwork for video games. Shall I say the dark ages? There are so many new places there I would love to see with all the Gals. Maybe~I will see how the finances work out for Scotland first. BonnieSkye
  8. Swan, Amazing picture! Thanks for posting it. That one is a keeper. BonnieSkye
  9. Pat, Thanks for sharing your experience with the Gals here. I just love to hear stories like yours. I've met a celebrity at the airport once too and it is funny how you do a double take~is this someone I know? It was late at night and I was working in the airport at the time handing out in flight surveys as a part time job while I was in college, no one else was around and this particular man seemed amused that I didn't really recognize him at first. They are after all people just like us. Gerry is the best! BonnieSkye
  10. I guess I am hungry for more films like Dear Frankie for Gerry as you have said "without any 'trapings'". But, let us all be sure that Gerry will only take the roles that he is interested in and that he feels will bring him a larger audience. I did actually like Dracula and thought that Gerry did a great job of making Dracula very sexy. I think the hardest part of Dracula to watch at least for me was during the airplane scenes when he looked very frightening. I have never really been a horror film type of person and usually avoid them like the plague, but if Gerry is in one, I will see i
  11. :: Great Poem Anna! BonnieSkye
  12. Is that anywhere near Atlanta? No Sweetie, Europe! BonnieSkye
  13. Thanks for the update! I have been waiting for this one. Interesting that the name was changed, maybe it had something to do with the distribution of the CD, blindly guessing here. I can always depend on the GALS to know what is happening with Gerry's movies. Still anxiously awaiting the showing of Beowulf in LA :: I enjoyed it so much in Palm Springs. Sept. 12th. Thanks! BonnieSkye
  14. Amazing and very beautiful. Haunting. You and your son are very talented and I thank you so very much for sharing with us. My next question, have you done more??? I am sure you could sell this to all the GALS. After watching the great videos from the convention, I fell like I was there. I guess I was in spirit at least. This all comes together now as I can put your song with the face in the viedos. Thanks again Swan, BonnieSkye
  15. WOW ! Susan, I am so very glad you didn't take a dainty purse with you to this dinner. Thanks so much for sharing the video! I felt just like I was actually there. I found myself laughing, and clapping, just like I was there. But, I had to go somewhere serene to pull myself back together after more uncertain news about my house, so I went to Big Bear to visit a friend there. And, maybe someday I will get to see Gerry up close and personal. I can only hope so. It was an extreme pleasure to get to see Gerry being himself with all the Tarts and GALS! And, finally to get to see Tony
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