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    I am a fine artist whose main subjects are cats, mermaids, fairies, witches, flowers and male nudes. <br />I love cats, books, movies and television. I am a huge Phantom of opera fan since I saw the 1943 movie with Claude Rains ( I was very young then!!). Then I fell in love with the musical and of course I could only fell deeply in love with Gerry as the Phantom. From now on I am trying to see all his movies, not an easy task for a Brazilian gal. What I would like most was to see Gerry as the Phantom on Susan Kay's book movie adaptation. it is the best book, much beter than the original Leroux's and I reread it always seeing Gerry as Erik.

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  1. Thank you so much for the interview and the transcript!!!! Hugs
  2. Oi Ana Benvinda ao GALS!!! Acho que já nos conheçemos do blog da Pati. Eu adoro estar aqui no GALS. É tudo muito bonito e organizado e tem aos mais lindas fotos do Gerry!!! beijos Vera
  3. My hubby is cool too . I think he would take the picture if it was I (Dream!!!) . Gerry was in Brazil when 300 was released but very far from where i live. BTW I liked being Archie's Ocean gal. I don't know Yasha. Is he from The cherry orchard? But I think I have to stay alert till I can be some Phanton gal .
  4. Isn't she a lucky girl? And isn't her husband so cool?
  5. Great news! but I couldn't enter the MOFF site. I would like to red it in Portuguese and tell my Brazilian friends about it. hugs :inlove:
  6. As soon as I read Spot's comment I was thinking to myself "If his name was Geradine I'm sure her dreams would have come true". I don't think she has ever come out "officially" so to speak but I've always thought she batted for the other team. Well, at least she got to see what is out there just in case she decides to come on back. Cassie Well, we have a saying in my country "God gives the nut to the toothless...." I too am sure she would appreciate a Geraldine....
  7. I have a house on the beach and I am inviting you to visit me! Hugs oceania
  8. I really think the latest cover is much better. LOL I cannot find this movie . Maybe after the succes of 300 will have it here. hugs :inlove:
  9. Can I be "Erik's lake mermaid" and"Keeper of the Phantom Siamese cat"?
  10. Ladies I too would love to have a name/title in The lair. If it were The phantom from Susan's Kay book. I could be "the keeper of the Phantom's Siamese cat" since I am already the keeper of two very much spoiled Siamese. Unfortunately there is no cat in the movie so I ask you to help to find a name. I am not very good at it. Thank you kindly!
  11. Hi Erica What a beautiful picture. It really remindsof Red Death andit seem that the panel behind the couple is a mirror. It could be a scne from POTO. Thanks for sharing!
  12. []Hi Swanie I start saving your book. I intend to read it as son as I have some time. I read your posting on the last thread and tears come to my eyes. You explained so well we all have wounds and we carry them through our lives. Since a long time ago i identify myself with Erik. I don't have a disfigured face,but I have deep wounds on my soul and they will never heal and most of the time I hide them behind a mask. Sometimes they are revealed on my paintings. I also understand how attached you can be to the characters you gave life. I too am very attached to my paintings. But I understand that they don't belong to me. I am just the medium who brought them to light. You will always have your characters with you because they are you. Many hugs from your friend in Brazil
  13. Thank you, dear! I am several times 18! But be sure am only 13 in my heart!!!! :inlove:
  14. Thank you ladies for your answers. It seems I have to start sparing some money to buy book in US. I don't think I will ever find them translated into Portuguese. And as I see, there are many authors among us. It would be nice if they could get their works translated into other languages. There are Phantom's fan all around the world. Thank you Swanie for explanation about the icon. I saw the movie Mrs. Brown but cannot recall Archie.... my loss. I have to compliment you about your beautiful site. The links you provided in this site are not working so I went there and I already registered at your forum to be able to read your book. I will be printing it since I cannot spend much time reading on the computer screen. I read Phantom of Manhattan and I didn't like it. It is so out of character!! But I learned a lot about the construction of the opera house. It is the best part. As a former literature teacher I am honored to be surrounded by many authors. The sadness of the literature teacher is to be able to criticize the literary work but not to be able to write!!!! I found my field in the fine arts, never being able to write fiction. On a side note, aren't you distracted by all the icons of Mr. Butler when reading the posts? Or is it only me? I have to start reading and reading again because the tiny pictures distract me!!!! LOL
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