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  1. oh hi Suz. Yes, we had a blast. sorry you could not be there. YOu will have to come over and say hi on the GMCL thread more often. We are having several more gatherings this year and we have a calendar of the events over there. Please check it out. Are you going to the vegas conny? If you are you are on lucky tart to get to see B&G.
  2. hello everyone- i know i don't post much over here but i wanted to visit and say hi... we had a gathering in INDY this weekend and we got to see POTO on the bigscreen, for me it was the first time. We all had a blast. Anyway, I came over here because they made an annoucement that you guys were getting B&G at your conny. OMG!!! Good work ladies. I wish I could come but the date is my 3 year olds bday and I could not miss that. I hope you guys have a great time and celebrate for those of us who can't be there. Here are some pics from INDY http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a43/terrasmith/P1010009.jpg that is me, Trixie, Holly and Miklyn http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a43/terrasmith/Indy.jpg there are some more of us in the hotel lobby before going to see the movie. The large pics were made into links as they were way too large for the forum. Please try to use thumbnails when posting pics in the forum. Thanks!
  3. hello everyone- I love this floor. What a great idea to post about the man's heart and soul. I see a man who does a lot for his fans. I see a man who gives kisses and hugs and I have heard from the lucky few that when he looks at you it is as if you are the only one in the room. I see a man who through his passion has inspired many others to do more and be more. I see a man who is amazing and yet ordinary. A man who is strong yet vunerable. And all these things make me love him even more. By the way- CONGRATS GALS on you successful charity drive and mention in the media.
  4. Of couse I run into this thread when I am work and it is so not right to be thinking this way when I am trying to work. You crazy GALS!!! Oh wait I am one of you now. Well, anyway I would so love to start from the top and work my way down. Hey, didn't GB's old band have a song called GOING DOWN SLOW. Oh yeah that would be playing in the back ground. I am also all about using my teeth.
  5. hello all- just wanted to say hi swansong- I hope your bronchitis gets better soon. BTW- I love your siggie and avatar. Wish I was that talented.
  6. Abrock- I have to agree with you about TR2. Wasn't Oscar worthy material, but it helped that GB was in it. about DF, my fav movie before I saw it was POTO. Go figure. But since I watched DF I am taken to say the least. I love "the stranger". It if by far my most fav moive. I think I will be able to say that even after 300 and Butterfly.
  7. Midwest Classy Lass just check in... Terry floor eh? Let me tell you all. My hubby just bought me TR2 this weekend. Very fitting floor. I know the first time I watched the movie, I was in a puddle on the floor after "You can break my wrist, but I am still gonna kiss you." :tasty: :tasty: GOOD GOD!!! Anyway, I am really excited about GB's new movie. I hope all is well with all of you. For anyone going over to SCOTLAND, make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun.
  8. OHHH, I am soooooo jealous that you are going to be able to go to B&G. It so makes me want to curse for living here in OHIO. BLAH!!! Please take lots o pics and come back with good stories. Make some noise for me. I can not wait till it makes it way to theaters here or on DVD. GB with a swoard...sign me up.
  9. thanks swansong for the good memories ......isn't that great that THE tonya stopped by...i tell ya ladies there is no end to the absolute loviness of the MAN himself and THE WOMAN who his is friend.
  10. hello the tonya- how sweet for you to take time from your busy schedule and visit us here. I hope you know how much it means to a fan like me to know that you and GB think about all of us. He does so much for us, I think he does not know :: and it is nice to get a little hello from you and him on occasion. I wish all the best for you in the new year. Don't be a stranger. hugs terra
  11. Do you remember your first time.... Ah yes. I actually went to see the stage play here in Columbus, Ohio in 8/05. My hubby took me has a late birthday gift. See, I am a huge theater geek :mopboyreddeath: and I LOOOOOVVVVEEE POTO. Anyway, after the show my hubby was like "wasn't there a movie put out last year". And I was like "yeah we should go get and watch it and see how they did." Well, we got it a couple of days later and I remember thinking, "this doesn't look too bad". Then I saw :gbflame: make his way through the mirror. I was like, "hey that is the darcula guy" :mopboydracula: and my hubby was like no way. So I looked him up on the internet and found GB.net. Then I watched the PONR scene and I was like okay I gotta talk about this man who can not only act but sing and then I was hooked.
  12. tstarr

    Burn's shelved.

    ohhh I soooooo hope someone picks it up soon...
  13. tstarr

    Thank you GBUSA!

    I love the love. I wish I could come to the convention. Sadly, I am new to flying and I might not survie the ride from Ohio to Vegas. ::
  14. WOW!!! Gerry is a true class act. And cleobethra how wonderful and what a powerful thing to have happen in your life. Here is hoping that you really do get to work with GB some day. ::
  15. EXACTLY!!!!! And well, its just so gosh danged fun. LOL :laugh4: :laugh4: :laugh4: that is it...so if gb would throw us a bone of new pics interviews what ever we would talk about that all day. gawd i can not wait until spring
  16. Hey Dr. Em. I am sick and recovering from surgery. Does this mean if I don't knock it off I gotta do push ups? 50? 100? :: I loved that. Sorry I do not post here much ladies, but thanks for the laughs. You all crack me up.
  17. tstarr


    So I have a question? Did anyone find out any truth to the supposed stalker in Montreal?
  18. thanks for the welcome Abrock and weezee. After I read Dr. EM's list and firgured out that I had done most of the things on it I thought it be in my best interest to "get help". ::
  19. he has that look of "Come here baby, I will take care of everything". (sighs)
  20. I have to agree that my favorite photos change with my mood. But I am always in the mood for the pictures with his hands over his head. OMG!!!!
  21. hello all, i am new here. I thought I would post about celebrating all things scottish. I love and celebrate scottish accents. OMG!!! To here a man with a scottish accent just sends me over the edge.
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