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  1. hey lady... I have missed you (and all my other Gal Pals) Thanks for asking about Bridget. She is...well she just is. And, yes, I have just been being there. It feels funny to not be able to do anything and at the same time it feels really good to be able to just "be there" for her. This weekend will be really hard, mother's day. BTW- the Tom site...freaking awesome. So proud of you and T for putting together a knock out site. And I know it is only gonna get better.
  2. hi all... just wanted to check in over here I hope everyone is okay.
  3. Hey all- Finaly update: My friends mom passed away this morning. It is all over. I guess now the hard part begins. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts.
  4. Hey all- just wanted to check in. Miki- whoo hoo! I am so excited that you had a great party. I hope you have many more. Trix and Kelly- sorry that the babies have seizures. I know it has got to kill you. When my puppy is sick I feel so bad for her. She gets this look in her eyes and I just feel so bad for her. Pat- I hope your little one is feeling better soon. Hey Paulette and Stacie- I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who has offered support for my friend's mother who is dying. Saddly, she is suffering pretty badly right now. Last night she was running a bad fever and having anxiety attacks when she would be consious. (sp?) Just please keep my friend, her name is Bridget, and her mom in your thoughts. I have to believe that when it all over, that God will take care of the family and lead her mom straight to heaven. Thought for the day: make sure you tell someone that you love..."I LOVE YOU"
  5. nite nite stacey... I think I might be off soon too
  6. thanks you guys... all hail to the great T and the other great little T (trixie) and now the current big sexy spartan T we will worship on Tom.Net. I love the three T's.
  7. hey ladies- I wanna give a big yee haw to Trix for getting TOM.Net up and running. you rock woman. Update on my friend's mom- I got an email today from another girlfriend of mine. My friends mom has only a couple of days to live. That feels weird even typing it. I have a lot of different emotions right now. I am sad for my friend. I feel like she has been through so much all ready. And I am angry. I really don't understand why both her parents are going to be gone before she is 30. I just don't get it. I know I never will. But thanks to you all for listening to me go on. And thanks for all your good vibes you are sending this way.
  8. you know it is...a man this sexy has to have some flaw...
  9. ooooo...that is sexy baby I bet I could get him to make that face...once or twice
  10. ...and then Tom comes up to cause he gets a whif... as long as Gerry does not look like this ...:bleh2:...while he is doing it
  11. Trix- I can see you licking your own arm. Yes, Keith calls the gold dust "stripper dust". I think gerry would like it.
  12. hey Miki- We had a lot of people come to the event. It was fun. I am not sure in terms of numbers. I think I will know more next week if we hit budget. If you get a site up, I will send people to it. I wear the "stripper dust" all the time. I love it.
  13. hey ladies- first, thanks so much for all the warm wishes for my friend. I might get to see her this weekend and I will keep you informed. Trixie- look at what you got going girl. How wonderful. Ok ladies- I am watching Dirty Dancing right now. I can not believe the movie is 20 YEARS OLD. I was 10 when it came out. OMG! Anyway, I remember laying in the front yard with my friends listening to the sound track and waiting for my Johnny Castle to come along. I think I might have found him in gerry. Do you think Gerry dances a little dirty? Just some food for thought. Remember..."Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
  14. Gemmie- thanks. you are sweet. Please let me know if you get people together for the walk. The funny thing is my friend's mom was an Avon lady for years. Big seller in it too. So, I would like to know if that works out. I think I would like to make a donation in her mother's name.
  15. hi all- just checking in. Trixie- I am doing the "you are so cool" dance. I think Tom is hot. That is great that you talked to T about Tom. You rock. Hi Cassie and Gemmie. Ladies- please keep my friend Bridget in your prayers. Her mother is dying of cancer and she is having a really hard time right now. Her mom got breast cancer while we were seniors in high school, shortly after her dad died of a sudden heart attack. That is one of the reasons I have been MIA. I have just been a little too sad to come out and play with you all. But I know this is one of the best places to get support. So, if you could just send good vibes this way that would be great.
  16. hello all- just checking in. I hope all is well. I am cleaning the house. It is a wonderful day. I hope everyone will have a great weekend. I think I might take the little one to the zoo. happy weekend to all. terra.
  17. hey ya all just posting real quick before I am off to bed. Thanks for all the good thoughts. I just gotta have faith. I fillled up my IPOD with some good songs and I am off to lay in bed and listen to them. I am in a strange mood tonight. Like, I feel like I could stay up all night writing but then again I am too tired and all I want to do is go to sleep. I dunno. sweet Gerry dreams. I will talk at you this weekend.
  18. thank you stacie...when I say bad about the whole fundraiser thing, I mean someone could lose their job if we do not make budget. That thought just kills me. I dunno. But thank you. I think we should send the "scottish and good looking" tshirt to Gerry.
  19. hey all- just wanted to check in. It is quite here at work. The calm before the storm. We have our big fundraiser tomorrow night and I need you all to send some good vibes my way. If we do not make budget on this event...it could be bad. So, tonight and tomorrow say a little prayer for the staff here that we pull it off. Trix- i got your email. I will check it out. I am sooooooo going back to dance classes after this event is over tomorrow night. miki- that is cool to hear that you are going to have so many ladies at your party. PAUL- HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Get down with your bad "gerry fairy dust" self.
  20. :ripoffclothes: or in the words of Garth from Wane's World "schwing" and then I would fall on the floor. Oh, I forgot... :spontaneous:
  21. hello all- I can not sleep and I am up watching SouthPark. 300 has for sure it the big time. It is being made fun of on South Park. It is freakin funny. In the episode they are using all the stuff from 300, like the slow motion shots and the background from the movie. Here is a link to the website. http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/south_park/index.jhtml If you have comedy central you can see it.
  22. hey all- drive by check in... Miki- Pat is right. Karma is a bitc*. What goes around will come back three times over. I know it may not be helpful now, but think in time that person is getting out of the work now, will have to do three times as much later on. Or...just think of Gerry in a hot tub...waiting for you...and the yellow towel is on the floor...next to the hot tub. Trix- Is AJ okay? I hope so. Poor baby. Give him lots of hugs from all of us. Pat- I love all of that stuff in the DVC. The book was way better than the movie. It is a very interesting theory. BTW-Keith's BP went down. Back to normal. Now we just have to keep eating right and losing weight. And it is offical...I am going by myself to the cony next year. Gotta make my deposit tonight.
  23. did she write the song about Gerry? http://artists.letssingit.com/christina-ag...andyman-k6q6dmm
  24. OMG...miki you and I are having the same symptoms. I am having the shakes as I write this. Where is Trix? I need my fix. what is up girls? Everyone have a good easter and get lots of candy? I would like to have gotten a "sweet talking sugar coated candy man myself". :gerryblacktrunks: saddly, he was not in my easter basket...damn bunny Miki...some help for you http://msn.careerbuilder.com/custom/msn/ca...ce&catid=wi hopes this helps...
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