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  1. ooooo....so you are a pay pal "getting money/not sending it" vrigin. I feel kinda of special that I am your first. Ok here comes your money. Don't think you are all "special" to me now. I don't want you getting all crazy and stalking me. I really wanted to sleep with Miki this weekend. I just did not have the courage to break your heart.
  2. that's it...laugh at the girl who has a phobia about paypal...and myspace...and other things. what email do you want me to use?
  3. I kinda have pay pal. I have not used it yet.
  4. OMG!!! I know and now I am back in reality hell!!! One of the best parts was laughing about CAKETOWN.
  5. Trix- yeah, it does. I need your address lady. Keith told me about a new one called the "Cleveland Steamer" I will let your minds wonder until I send you the real info.
  6. LOL! that reminds me Keith filled me in on all the crazy ...erm...special things you and an special friend can do in the privacy of your own home. I have more info on the angry dragon and such. I gotta get those to you.
  7. Trix- not the SHAKES. then you can't type...OMG!!! I will give my monthly paycheck if I have to. uh...erm...hope the hubby did not hear that.
  8. Miki- good job on putting in the resumes. Trix- you bad girl. You are going to get put on a second wanted poster at .NET. CHALLENGE TO ALL THE GMCLS I think there are 30 of us or so. If we each give ten bucks that will help out. I can put in mine. It is cool if you can't. Just a thought.
  9. these are great...can I use one even if I am not going?
  10. I wanted to see a little more Gerry...I mean his FACE. I like the mystery too...don't need the front shot. I looooooved it when he was standing at the window and sitting on the bed. :tasty:
  11. well hello my fine feathered GALS- I loooooooooove the title of the new thread. Where do I stand in line to get tickets? Trix- will you PM your address. It will help me get the money to you that I owe. I love the pictures. They are great. But now, I gotta do something about my hair. Stacie- you kill me. Yeah, I am up for IHOP. Pat- I love the pic Trix took of you on at the slumber party. You are all sexy with your "muchin" self. What would Gerry think? Kelly- there is a BURNS poetry contest on .NET. I entered. It is pretty cool. I hope the movie gets made too. Ladies- I loooooove all the new siggies.
  12. hi all- just doing a quick check in from work. It is really hard trying to concentrate when all I am thinking about is sleep. Remind me the next time we have a gathering I need to take the Monday after off. You all just wiped me out. I am already excited about POTO/MT in Nov. EE- I gald you made it back. You were smart and had the day off today. Do some loafing for me. Trix- ooooooooooo. Dance performance. We need video.
  13. LOL. I can hear you saying OH. I know. I am bad. Hey congrats on being a great aunt. That is cool. I am starting to get sleepy. very sleepy.
  14. squeeeeee Miki I love your new siggie. I am at the sexy part of the movie. Oh goodness. Might have to rewind a couple of times.
  15. hey all- I am lurking a little bit. I am really tired but I don't want to let the weekend go just yet. I am getting my Dracula fix. I have got a bad case of GHR. Gerry hormone rage. I took a nap eariler and was having really strange dreams about Gerry. Must have been the Cheetos.
  16. hey guys- looks like I am the first one back. I am sooooooooooooo tired. I might get on agian tonight and post to everyone. Just wanted to say I had a blast. Hugs to all!!!
  17. sweet and OHIO STATE just won by a point we are going to the FINALS BABY.... nite nite OH-IO
  18. one more thing before I am off...Friday night we are doing the slumber party and not the movie right?
  19. i would have to agree with that...okay ladies, I am off. Got get some more stuff done before I hit the hay. Sweet Gerry dreams. I will see everone around 3ish tomorrow.
  20. i am down for whatever....I think SIN went to bed OMG! Stickshifts.
  21. nite SIN...see you tomorrow...safe travels Trix- oh my gawd ...girl you know he would.
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