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  1. trix- you are killing me. Miklyn- I am with you. :baby: Damn, if I were Gerry' s lover...he would have to take out insurance.
  2. yup...taco bell makes you puuuurrrrrrr alright...
  3. alright...well whatever happens I am good. I am just gonna go with the flow get my groove on and maybe throw back a couple of cold ones...and wonder, why wouldn't Gerry want to hang out with us. We are groovey babies. :dance:
  4. I feel the love. You are the best. Nope. I do not have a my space page. I have to laugh because all of my friends here in town do and I find out more about them online then I do when I see them in person. Crazy.
  5. holy s*** PAT. OMG! This one is pretty good too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAPWsoiAeoY
  6. HEY GUYS- I don't think I signed up for dinner. Is that the one at claddagh? Oh S***
  7. ONE MORE THING... Trix- I am going to leave Columbus on Friday at about noonish. That should put me in Indy about 3ish. I don't think I can get into to the room with out you there right? I know you have my cell. I think I still have yours. Roomies- did you guys want me to bring any snacks? Whenever I take a trip I always feel like I am forgetting something. What kind of outfits are you guys taking? I know- I am such a girl.
  8. Did you all see this... Jiggling his massive knee as if he'd rather run off and strangle a lion than answer press questions, Scottish leading man Gerard Butler (best known for the film version of The Phantom Of The Opera) is clearly hideously embarrassed at the idea of being the new Russell Crowe. No wonder, given we, like the 300 poster, are focused on his epic abs. Someone needs to tell that reporter that aint the only MASSIVE thing on our fav man. Oh good lord, I am already getting psyched up for this weekend. SQQUUUUUEEEEE!!! But I have got so many things I have to do. Crazy!
  9. I wonder how one lady like...lets say myself...might become Brazilan...do i have to take some classes somewhere...move to Brazil...what does a girl gotta do
  10. Hello all- I was up late last night too. I could not sleep thinking about coming into work today. Part of me says that I just worry too much and the other part of me says that work is really doing a number on me and maybe I need to get a new job. I dunno. Trix- I just talked to a girl freind of mine who BP was up possiably because of her birth control. I had not heard of that before. I hope it continues to stay in the normal range for you. I heard meditation helps too. Pat- I am so excited for Friday to get here. INDY here we come. Miki- I am sending positive thoughts your way that you will get some extra money soon. :hug99: OK- I just read this and it cracked me up. Their client's breakout Tinseltown calling card has just dominated the box office for a second straight weekend and though they could probably sell him in a remake of Driving Miss Daisy right now, what makes 300 so formidable is its originality. Could you see Gerry doing the "Driving Miss Daisy" thing? Oh, that kills me.
  11. k...all...i am off for the night. Sweet Gerry dreams. Wish me luck that there is no drama tomorrow at work.
  12. miki- big hugs girl. Sorry things aren't the best...just think in a few days we can suspend reality and be in gerrville for a couple of days i am lurking and watching The Holiday...good movie
  13. got it...i am goona eat some pizza...i might lurk for a little trix- where is miki tonight?
  14. i got firday off from work...what time will you all get into INDY?
  15. make the kitty pur Gerry...that should be our slogan
  16. SIN- yes I love dreams like that. At first I wake up really happy and then I get kinda bummed cause I realize the only place I will ever see GB besides the screen is in my dreams. Uh oh, I feel a debbie gibson attack coming on... ohhhhhhhh it was only in my dreams * as real as it may seem*it was only in my dreams. Trix-I think you made the right choice not going downtown. I remember how crazy it was when I drove down there for my first GMCL gathering. And yes I was a wild chick. I was dancing with everyone and just being me. I will check my email now.
  17. hey all- I hope everyone had a good weekend. I just recovered from St. Pats day. My hubby and I got a hotel room at Easton. It is kinda like the Michgian Ave in Chicago. Anyway, we first went to a party at my girlfirends house. We had a good time. I hung out with a lot of good friends from high school. We had green cupcakes and beer and I got all decorated up. So, with my shramrocks shaking my hubby and I headed back to the hotel for dinner and bar hopping. I loved it. I got a little toasty to say the least. I so needed a night out. Then today I took a nap and I had a dream about our hotel and that Gerry was staying at it. And he was sitting a table with me in the hotel and flirting with me. (le sigh) If only.
  18. Ray- OMG I am in Columbus too. Always a little weary of telling people where I am, but you have already been to a gathering so I know you got to be okay people. Online things are funny that way I guess. Are you going to INDY?
  19. hello all my weirdos... I am in strange place myself today. Had a really wicked dream about living in a haunted house last night. :hmm2: Not really sure what that one was about. Pat- that is crazy about Gerry maybe being in the remake of Escape from NY. I just talked about the movie the other day. It was one of my father's favs and he made me watch it at least 60 times. Yeah, I could see Gerry as a bad a**. Trix- I have to agree. I would feel a little better is the chick were giving some money to charity. This kind of thing makes celebs not want to give away stuff like that anymore. BTW- CANT WAIT TILL INDY Ray- are you in ohio? Hi Paulette and SIN
  20. Just some random thoughts for the day… I hope you all don’t mind me posting this stuff here. My brain is cluttered and I need to clear some space so I can get some work done today. I am sitting at my desk listening to Damien Rice. He is from Ireland and he has a song in Dear Frankie. I love him. His music, I think, sounds like Ireland or Scotland might sound. That is, if a country could make a sound. The music is sad and mystical and longing all at the same time. Listening to it makes me think of Ireland. And that makes me want to be there. And that makes me not want to be at my desk in this office. Those thoughts make harder to tackle a pile of papers that have taken over my desk. I mean I really have no desk space and then I feel bad because I have this pile of papers on my desk that I do not want to deal with because I have no idea what to do with them. Ok, now I am whining. But really, right now I would much rather be in Ireland. Where would you rather be?
  21. Songbird- just a question. Will any of the Chip dancers be dressed in a leather thong and a cape? With a spear and a shield perhaps? Just wanted to pop in and say hi to the GALS on this thread. Hope everyone is having a great week. Still coming down off my 300 high. hugs terra
  22. Hey pat- I am glad you are out of your fog. I can't wait to see you in INDY. Did Barb make a 300 name tag for our ones that we got at MT in Sept? Do you think she would have one to spare for me? Just a question. Did you all see the USA today article. They said b-list cast. Won't be b-list much longer. I love all my GALS, but I also love that a lot of men went to see the movie.
  23. hello all- I hope everyone is well. Anyone buying the USA today paper? I think I need to get me a copy. I might be on tonight. Hi Paulette- I tried to get a poster from the local theater here. They just gave me the runaround.
  24. Sweet. Honestly, if he were standing near me and I had a chance to speak I would want to be all cute and coy but I would more than likely just lose it. I am so pathetic. Oh well. Girl, get your butt in gear. I know you can do it. Just concentrate on little goals for yourself. I am off to nite nite. I might talk at ya tomorrow. hugs terra.
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