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  1. Yes. The whole father son bonding thing, makes Gerry very hot. And his hands. Oh his freaking hands. When she was like "your lips can finish what your fingers started." Dare you to say that to him if he shows in Vegas.
  2. *terra chanting* wild night, wild night, wild night...so many positions...so little time. OMG. Just thought of a great new siggy.
  3. I know. I think that I would have just forgotten how to speak. Like, I would have to go to speech therapy if he said that stuff to me sittin on the edge of my bed. Then did you see the thread where GErry went into an LA theater in disguise to see the moive. Holy S. Could you imagine sittin in the theater and watching the love scene with Gerry in front or behind you.
  4. OMG. Now it is sweaty, half naked, angry Gerry. The best when he was leaving for the battle and he turned backed to her and he said "my lady". He was just so intense. I was like ohhhhhhhhhh. Say that to me baby. Say it to me.
  5. OMG..I know. And then there is that part where he is holding the chick and he looks at her and he does this little bit thing. Like he is so intense and into it. Oh dear lord. :spontaneous:
  6. Nite SIN! Sweet Gerry dreams. WTF??? Ok- we all just saw Gerry (some of us several times) this weekend in a HOT love scene and we have not started a bonfire yet?
  7. Trix- I know. It makes me feel really good that you and Miklyn want me there. I am still in talks with the hubby. It also makes it hard that that weekend is Quinton's birthday. I soooooooo wish I could go with out another thought about it.
  8. LOL! Stacie I love it. We are gonna have a blast in INDY. Bonnie - awwwww that is too bad. You need to go to VEGAS I hear it is gonna be crazy
  9. yeah we all became pretty close, pretty fast...that reminds me when i went to the frist gathering in CHI town at heathers house. everyone was so great and i ekpt coming back for more
  10. SIN- OMG just realized your thing abreviated is SIN. LOL! I love it. Yes I am so ready for INDY. OMG I can not wait. Bonnie- I live outside Columbus. That is cool your daughter is here. Miklyn- I can not wait to get some goodies from you next next weekend. So excited.
  11. hey there linda- missed you since last september how are things?
  12. when the actual movie comes out on DVD I will have to but two copies cause I know I will wear the first one out
  13. HELLO LADIES!!! Still basking in the the glow of 300!
  14. hey all- are you all still recovering from the moive? I had dreams about it all last night. Love that. I was hoping you all would be on sometime. Yes, Pat. I hope to see it again and agian and agian. I 'm silly. But I clapped when Gerry's name came on the screen.
  15. helllo alll SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! I saw the movie, I saw Gerry on the big screen. I was so freakin excited. The movie theater was PACKED. Not a lot of women. Gerry is a super star. People were clapping and laughing. It was freakin cool. CONGRATS GERRY!!! YOU HAVE MADE IT!! :goodjob2: I hope someone is on tomorrow. Trix I was thinking about calling you and screaming over the phone. I was so silly the whole time in the theater. I miss my GALS.
  16. hey all- I am soooooooo jealous that you all will be seeing 300 together this weekend. I wish I could be with you. I will be enjoying in tomorrow night. It is all over the TV now. Every time I see a commerical I just get a big stupid grin on my face. I hope everyone has a great time. I can't wait to see everyone in INDY. Trix- HBP! How scary! See what Gerry does to us. I am glad you got it checked out chica. Now, you are gonna be uber healthy. I know you can do it lady. Miklyn- I got the goodies in the mail. I am going to a St. Pats party next weekend. I hope to pedal some of your wears there. If not, I am going to keep the stuff and try again before INDY. I hope I can get some stuff for you. ROS- are you from OHIO?
  17. pat k- you know that naughty kittens are all about helping the man out he was so freakin awesome
  18. she was so butlerfied she was ready to help shave him
  19. hey all...just saw the Leno show...omg...Gerry was crazy hot...dying here right now
  20. hello all --- (le sigh) I am a little bumbed about putting my name in for the tickets and not getting chosen. But, I am super excited that the movie is out soon. I hope everyone will have a good weekend. I wanted a bonfire last night but I came home with my little guy and we both passed out on the couch watching THE WILD. I love the movie cause I love EDDIE IZZARD. that's all...
  21. LOL! Yes...thanks for the visual my dear. It will help me get through the rest of my day. Keep up the good work with the ciggy's. I have to go back to work. I will be around tonight.
  22. all I can say is oh my god...you should have seen me I picked up in the store and I walked around for a couple of minutes, just holding it, with this stupid grin on my face...in the article the author describes Gerry as " testosterone incarnate with a steely gaze" (I just melted) then gerry says he felt like a lion while filiming... good lord.
  23. oh god oh god oh god oh god ...i wish some of you were on right now, I need a bonfire tonight. Good lord. I picked up the men's health mag. I know I am like two weeks too late, but JESUS. Sorry. Oh goodness. He is too hot. I am on fire. The worst part is I am at work. I can not share with anyone. I think I might :spontaneous: oooooooooo...I need a bonfire tonight. miss you all.
  24. hey ladies- sorry I have been MIA the last few days. I hope all is well. Trixie- YOU CAN DO IT GIRL. PUT DOWN THAT CIGGY. I miss everyone. I can't wait to see you all in INDY
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