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  1. Gerry is sexier than any other man around on his worst day....I'd take him anyway......but I voted for hard Gerry wonders why that sounded so appealing at the time. :tasty:

    :mopboyattila: On the special features section of Attila where he flexes his bicep and there is a clearly defined six pack and that incredible muscle cut that runs diagonally down.....uhmmm....never mind....that is my favorite Gerry look. :gerbidinous:

    :mopboymarek: I also love the Marek shirtless scene......some of you talk about a little pudge there, but I didn't see it.....he didn't look as hard as in Attila.....but his pecs were huge.....his abs weren't rippled, but I interpreted that more as he wasn't pumped up at that exact moment.....you know that can make a big difference.....I don't know why he wouldn't have pumped up for the shot....but he looked too big in that scene to not have been really working out...Gerry doesn't seem to stay that big unless he is really working at it......I think it's interesting that they were all supposed to be changing in that scene, but Gerry is the only one who gets the gratuitous shirtless scene....not Walker....any of the other guys would have been shown up badly standing next to that....and the director apparently knew it too......loved it. :sexy:

    :mopboyterry: The Terry Sheridan body was incredible also, but I wasn't as crazy about the short, short hair or the clothes they had him in, so overall, it didn't work as well for me, but still, really hot bod.

  2. Age ALWAYS improves men.... IMO!


    You just had to go and say it like that! :bonk::bonk::bonk:

    I'm OK with Gerry looks better the older he gets, because I could forgive him anything!

    :tantrum: This is a path I shouldn't start down, but what the heck, LOL....ask yourself......when was the last time you heard of a woman getting better looking with age....where cosmetic surgery was not involved......like never......it's like a cosmic joke......we get better in a lot of ways.....but you never hear a man say "She just keeps getting better looking the older she gets!"........."those wrinkles give her character"......"I think the gray is sexy and distinguished"......:rant:

    OK, I'm better now :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:

  3. I think he's cute in the blonde picture. From what I understand he was only 17 years old.

    See what I mean......my internal alarm was correct again....it says 'go ahead and take a good look at it, but dooooon't touch it'.....there's no telling how many times this has kept me out of jail! Hahaha! :angel: :angel: :angel:

  4. Well now I've finally seen the infamous blonde photo! :penguin:

    It's been like an urban legend. I've heard rumors about it, read that it was pulled from the other site, heard much speculation as to why it might have been pulled, read all the warnings and disclaimers on this thread.

    I was expecting something extremely, horribly, 80's, punky, spikey, Billy Idol kinda blonde. :embarassed:

    I think he looks absolutely adorable. Blonde may not be his best color, but it ain't bad! I wouldn't pass that up on a good day! He's got that same 'way too young, makes you think about jail time but would probably be worth it' vulnerable look Brad Pitt had in Thelma and Louise. :gutter:

    He was just a baby, but he was a hottie even then! But as I've said before, Gerry is one of those blessed people who keeps getting better looking with age. His face has widened and filled in, the eyes are deeper set now. He has matured into quite a man! He's like a fine cognac, he just keeps getting better with age. I just think it's time I had a little taste! :spit: :muahaha:

  5. The fact that this is a place where people can feel comfortable joking around is what makes it so attractive. I don't think most of us are the least bit serious about the things we joke about. I know that I am not.

    I made a joke in chat over at GBnet after someone was telling the story of meeting Gerry and feeling how firm his abs were when she hugged him. I jokingly said that if I ever hugged him like that 'they'd have to pry me loose with a crowbar'. It was just a JOKE! I could actually picture in my warped mind's eye several tarts using crow bars to try to pry me off him so they could have their turns! I think a lot of the things we say on these threads are hysterically funny. But another tart got all serious and started chiding that fans like that would ruin things for him and all the other fans. This was way before the TIFF incident, so she was not just reacting to that. It made me uncomfortable that she was taking it so seriously and I was hesitant to joke for a long time after that. You'll notice I've fully recovered now!

    Of course, I agree that we should be respectful of him. The truth of the matter is, although I would love to meet him, it would be totally out of character for me to go stand in line at Leno to meet anyone, even Gerry. I'm not big on standing in line for anything or anyone. I've never asked anyone for their autograph. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing so, it's just not likely that I will. If I ever did meet him, I would rather just run into him. I'm a very conservative, professional, 40 something mother. At least on the outside. I just happen to have a really warped, quirky sense of humor.

    My point is, I think it is important to realize that most of this is just good, clean (ok, sort of clean) , well intentioned fun. Gerry, himself, has a really bawdy sense of humor, and therefore, should be able to understand and appreciate this place. I certainly don't think he would be shocked by what we say. I do think he would be flattered by the level of our adoration and lust. What man wouldn't? I feel confident the majority of us are only giving voice to harmless fun fantasies and having a few laughs with each other in the process.

  6. The most interesting thing about that whole TIFF situation (which I do believe happened because it was reported by several different people) is determining the tone with which it was said. I think all variations agreed that he was ticked about having his "arse" grabbed but three of the reports I read seemed to indicate that what he said afterwards about grabbing his "sword" and its size (using the more graphic words) seemed to read as though he was being funny about it while one other report indicated he was angry when he said it. So unless we were there or someone caught it on video and shares it we may never know which it was. Either way his reaction was justified as far as I'm concerned.

    I totally agree he had a right to be angry. I don't know exactly what was said, but don't really have a problem with anything he might have said. Just think how outraged a women would be if things were reversed. It's really no different. I'm just trying to get a feel for what really happened because it makes me sick to think that this could ruin things for everyone else if Gerry had to modify the way he deals with fans. But I will go check the other thread as soon as I can get on so we don't get too far off topic here.

  7. OK. So what I heard was that at an after party, a woman (not sure if it was a tart or not) was grabbing his derierre and he got very mad and used the 'p' and 'c' words and said "Why don't you just grab my xxxx!" I'm not sure what word he used, 'sword' was used as a substitue, but I was told he did not say sword. Is this fairly correct? Anyone have any corrections or anything to add?

  8. what gets me is they treat us like children, someone talks about something then subject is closed if we are not to wonder or talk about it don't say anything. If T or Mo would come on and set us straight rumours would go away, this was way they treated TIFF fiasco too.

    Lady 1

    So can people discuss the 'TIFF fiasco' here? There was some talk about it in chat over there but it had to be so veiled it was hard to know if I had things straight or not.

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