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  1. Gosh, I haven't posted in ages. Just joined both of the groups.
  2. Yeah, myself!! No, I don't. No, I don't have a live in maid. I wish. Have you ever been talking about someone and them over hear?
  3. No, but I have to feed the kids. Do you volunteer at your children's school?
  4. I really don't think he's talking to anybody on that phone. He's fakin' so he won't have to talk to anybody while he's out and about. He has it set on silent mode so he won't get busted when it rings. HAHA Same for the ipod. He can ignore people because they think he's listening to music when really he can hear everything.
  5. You all are hilarious! But I'm the same way. I never let my Gerry movies go anywhere unless I'm there to watch it with them. Except in this one instance when my daughter's teacher wanted to see 300, I let her borrow it and she misplaced it for months and months and I didn't get it back until the end of the school year. Thank goodness I had two copies and she had the one without the extras. My sister has a movie of mine, (non Gerry) and my step brother has one (non Gerry) that I haven't gotten back in months, in my sb's case, years, so I'm kinda paranoid. I've actually told people I CANNOT part with the movies so they CANNOT borrow them.
  6. I'm sorry...but George Clooney? George Clooney? That's all I have to say.
  7. Taken care of. (on my part) Heard this story this morning and was yelling, "Kilt, kilt." at the TV.
  8. I was VERY disappointed it was Jeff Gordon. Our family does not like Jeff. Sorry all Jeff fans, no offense. We are Jr. fans, also, but hate that he's "sleeping with the enemy". I also like #9 and #19. I wonder if Gerry watches Nascar?
  9. I'm the third who doesn't think Viggo was hot as Aragorn. HEHE! I don't think he's hot at all actually.
  10. I need to stay away from this thread. It may have to be moved to the over 18. HAHA!
  11. I love this article! It is so me. I know some may think it's disgusting, but I love dirty, sweaty men. Sorry if it's TMI.
  12. I love muttonchops!!! I guess they could have been trimmed up a bit, though. I had to rent this from my local library, but they showed it a couple of months ago on my channel 19 WXIX and I DVR'd it so I could watch it again and again without buying it.
  13. I liked One More Kiss, too. I like the older movies he did before the USA corrupted his accent. JK JK I found my copy of The Jury at Borders. Just something you may want to check out.
  14. He looks so darn good, but I wish he'd wear some shorts and show off those legs!
  15. The Jury. I believe Irish told me to buy and watch that one first and I took her advice and was not disappointed. Very, very good.
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