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  1. (knock, knock)... Anybody home? It has been so long. I miss everyone. Love, Nancy
  2. Cheryl, is that you? What's up? I know I fell waaay off the radar and totally missed Vegas and everything else for the past 1/2 year or more. Hope everything is great in your life, nancy

  3. Okay, I finally got here!! I tried to get on a couple weeks ago when everything got changed, but I couldn't. Now I finaly got to log on!! Whew!! I think I need to go to Vegas!! I got to talk to SUZIE a couple weeks ago and I just loved hearing her voice and it just really made me want to come and see all the girls again! (I haven't been since 2007!!) I really miss every one and all the crazy fun we have. Paisly: It seems you are the "official" Vegas cheerleader around here. (Yeah!) Since I'm not too "savy" to maneuver around the new site, can you send me, or post a direct link to the registration thread, as well as the hotel and room info? I'd really appreciate it!! I'll need a roommate, I just requst to room with someone I know. Thanks a bunch!! Nancy =0)
  4. HELP!! I have NO idea what happened to this site, but it is confusing, hard to read (TOO dark)/navigate, and I cannot find "MY CONTROLS"!! And I have personal messages to read. Please help.. Nancy
  5. Hi all, It's been a few weeks since I've been online. Don't know what's going on with everyone but I wish everyone well and happy. Lots of love, Nancy Um,...I think I was Butlerized and didn't even know it!! Attila, 2001!! Then Lara Croft Tomb Raider and TIMELINE. "Phantomised" Christmas Day 2004!! Yeah!!
  6. Maybe John Travolta's teaching him!!That rotater-cuff thing really hurts!! That is what I'm going thru now, well, since Sept and the therapy barely helps!
  7. Oh foo foo! It looks like the link is gone.
  8. Well, I guess everyone is watching the SuperBowl? Well, I'm not! I just got done watching the PuppyBowl...so cute!! Sue, How are you? I got to go back to the last SC floor and see some really cute pix of your two little guys. My goodness, they sure are adorable!! ANNA dear How are you? How's the elbow? Is there a cast now? Sorry I'm not there to make you a cup of tea and read to you. And do all your housework, and ... SUZIE & ELISSA: How's the weather down there in Texas? And FRANNIE, Are you snowed in? I keep seeing lots of snow on the East coast down to where you live. What's up? Well, I finally made it out to see the movie I had planned to see on Christmas Day..."Sherlock Holmes". It was great!! (Especially that Dr Watson!! ), I love that MAN!! But, yes, it was a good story and always loved Robert Downey Jr too! I really loved "The Young Victoria". "Me and Orson Wells" was interesting. But not a keeper, which means even tho Zac Ephron is in it, it's not the kind of film you'd want to buy and watch again. Okay, let me try this; Hello to CAT, Risa, Peggy, Jill, Katie, Delene, Aunt Em, Jenn, Holly, Barb, Dayna, Jenni, Annette, Diane, Cheryl, Sherrill, Susan, Suzanne, Isabeau, CASSIE, Tanya, Tracy, Debbie, Bethy, RamseyGirl, BeeJay, Musik, Somer, Wendy, and .... Okay I don't think I did as good as I wanted to. Okay, better go now. I wish you all a wonderful week!! NANCY
  9. Absolutely, but let's not forget those legs, those thighs... T PINK ones?!! I missed the PINK ones?!! C'mon, somebody re-post those. please...
  10. Hi Ladies, Sue, Anna, Amber... SUZIE and ELISSA; Congratulations!! I wondered what lucky gal got SCOTTY!! I'm so happy to know he will have such a good, loving home. Once again, I'm using the large print for ANNA. Hope everyone's good. What day is it? I keep asking myself that. Amber; Did you take any pics of the canyon in Winter? Please post them if you did. I'd love to see them, I can just imagine how beautiful it was. Debbie, I also gave myself a day off during the week. I just really need a vacation but since my boss doesn't give us any PTO (paid time off), I can't really take one like I used to in past jobs. Exhausted again...still anemic. And still hurting from the work injury from late summer. (Blah, blah, blah!!) SUE, had to giggle, I think you could train BONNIE to use the toilet. I saw either a dog or a cat do that just the other day!! I got to spend a day with my Grandfather and my Auntie...met for lunch then drove together to my cousin's home. She has three little girls which I have finally met for the first time, and the oldest one is six!! Very cute little girls. My cousin has just started what looks to be a very successful home business...she makes those big fancy chocolate dipped strawberries for special occassions. She let me bring three home and I was amazed that the berries were so tasty for this time of year. Usually they aren't good till June!! What a crazy day at the Animal Hospital today, and last weekend, lots of piggies and goats! And a rabbit amongst all the dogs and a cat. Today I got home and realised I smelled like puppies and goats!! There's a puppy at work that I would like to own. She is nine weeks old and for sale. The girl I work with just let her little Cavalier King Charles have her first litter and it was just one pup. I took pictures of her last week the first time I got to see her, and then lied awake all night thinking of what I'd name her and if I could really do it. Well, I know I cannot do it, so it'll be sad to let her know...she really wanted me to have her. She's Tri-color and so pretty. My other friend at work has Shih Tzus and one is due ANY day!! She has told me for months that she will just give me one...!! She stopped in today with two of her little Shih Tzu girls, and we did an ultra sound on the little mama...this is her first litter, in fact, her "MOM" said this is when she lost her viginity and she's over two years old!! (What a good girl, she waited!!) It looks like 5 babies, so that will be fun!! I don't even know what's up with Ger these days...SUZIE mentioned his arms, and I just thought, "oh, I missed it!" I never saw GAMER so I'm looking forward to renting it. I'm looking forward to the Golden Globes and hope we'll see Gerry there. Well, must go now...need to balance my check book. (Fun.) And hit the sheets!! HAPPY SUNDAY everyone!! XO Nancy
  11. Hi to all, and best wishes for a great 2010!! HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!
  12. Oh my goodness SUE! (I think you are crazy!!) Haha!! Actually, they say it's good to have a second dog...so they can keep each other company, and they also say when you get a second dog it's best to get one of the opposite sex. I think it's cute that they have the same mom. Step brother and sister. We had a really cut little thing in this week. Her name is MINNIE, after Minnie the Mouse...and she is just barely bigger than a mouse!! She is a black chihuahua with tan underneath, 8 weeks old, and weighing in at only 1.1 pound!! She was so teeny-tiny and so sweet! Her owner is only 8 years old and it was so sweet of him to let me hold her. Her little heart was beating so fast and she was trembling, but she quickly calmed down. And then the Dr calls me to his office...this is the "monster" I work for. He is so mean. Sorry. Another especially cute little guy was in yesterday for his Neuter, and he was the funniest little thing. A Yorkie mix. They said a M'orkie, (Maltese/Yorkie, but I don't think so)...not with those ears!! He had HUGE ears, and they stood up, like a Corgi, (or a Donkey!!) And would you believe when he got excited and wagged his tail, his ears actually flapped back & forth like an elephant. It was hilarious and adorable. Everyone loved him. He was very sweet and friendly. DIANE, I'm sorry about the blizzard. I think it would be pretty frightening. Why does the power go off? From the wind, or just the freezing cold temperatures?? That would not be fun, like BEX said...no power for a week!! Too cold!! How do you guys do it? Be careful. I just got off the phone with my sis, and the latest news on my G'ma is that she was moved into a long-term care home indefinetly. It seems my G'pa is really having a hard time with all of this. It's like he is in denial and not accepting just how bad things are for her health-wise. I feel like at age 86 she won't recover. I mean, it's like she's had a very long and blessed life and she's 86. I don't see why she'd have to go thru anymore suffering. I lost my mother, (her daughter) at only 56 years old. So she's lived to be 30 years older than her own daughter. I don't know...it's just very hard for my Grandpa. ANNA, are you up yet? Are you going to Church? I imagine it must be quite a classic Christmas scene: a darling English village-town, clean snow freshly fallen, and a little church with a steeple for a Christmas service. Oh, I would like to have a Christmas like that someday! And I'd like to stop by DUNHOLM COTTAGE for tea and mince-meat pies!! Give those two little darlings a big hug from me! Goodnite for now, Love Nancy
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