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  1. Hi Eva!!

    So good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you. I am AWOL from GALS, huh? With my Gerry gone truckin', I seem to be busier than usual. I do miss you much. Thank you for your note. It made my day!!

    Lots 'o Love


  2. I would LUUUUUV to see him as Mortimer Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace. Can you imagine that with a supporting cast like Russell Crowe as Jonathan Brewster Judy Dench as Aunt Abby Scarlett Johansson as Elaine............. OH or him in a remake of It's a Wonderful Life!!!! That would be GREAT!! PammieK
  3. Hey Ya!! Come out and plaaaaaaaaaay!!


  4. My thoughts about those piccies.......................Lemee seeeee.................. :spontaneous: :baby: :bouncydrool3: Yeah, that about does it. PammieK
  5. That's good Donna! Wishin ya all the best with that.
  6. Dear Di Thank you for your service!! I don't know you (yet) but I find my heart bursting with pride for you. I would love to write letters to you so make sure we get your addy info. It's people like you that make us strong as a nation. THANK YOU!!!! May God bless you and keep you. PammieK
  7. Just Stoppin by to say HI HON!!! Hope your havin a great day, Barbara Dear!!


  8. Thank you Linda! How are you doin? PammieK
  9. Suzie, It hurts so good. Really. I know that sounds weird but it's true. As I would tell my kids............. Leather up, Buttercup!!!! Hahaha
  10. Someone get DonnaKat a cup of Hot Coco!! Thanks DK!
  11. Thank you Suzie Dear! Pammie the Proud-Mommy
  12. Tattoos........Argh! I have Freakin REN AND STEMPY! Don't ask. Pammie the I-Lost-A-Bet
  13. Ain't thay pray-shus *Texan Accent* An thay all had thur DIP/TET Hahahha
  14. HE WAS TALKIN TO USSSSSSSS!!!! Hahahahah Thanks H PammieK
  15. Dear Donna, I just read up on what happened to you. I'm here for ya babe. Call me if you need too. If I can help let me know, K? I hope you hear back from the competition and they want ya. Your in my prayers darlin. And I'm glad you were born. P)ammieK
  16. Oh Katie! Thank you so much!! Your Katie the Sweet! Pammie the Humbled-And-Teary-Eyed
  17. Suzie!! I missed you too, Girlie! My Paigey!!!!
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