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    Other than anything Gerry ;o) I love studying history and political science and classic movies. I also LOVE the Outlander book series.

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  1. Hi Everyone , just wanted to elaborate a little bit more on my previous post. As far as him being inaccessable now, that is NOT the main issue with me and my recent "odd" feelings about Gerry. i have said it before, I never wanted to meet Gerry and never thought I would. I am very content watching his interviews and movies, basically because I know that I would be a complete and utter mess of incoherent words if I were to meet him. i LOVE hearing stories about GALS that have met him, I am genuinly happy for all those that do, but I also know that meeting him is not "for me". i would love to see him from afar in person though. That being said... I am glad for his new found success but I don't think it is irrational or ill spirited of fans to feel a certain way now that he seems to pop up on gossip sights and shows more. It's like finding a really great band or book and appreciating it regardless of it's main stream popularity, once it becomes popular you may feel that your great secret has been uncovered and feel a little bitter sweet about it. I want Gerry to be happy in all his endeavors, and will continue to support his movies in theaters and dvds but I also realize that I can't help but feel a certain way and have every right to express that.
  2. Islandgirl, I know exactly what it is you are saying. i too feel a certain way recently, but it is really difficult for me to explain it, even to myself. *HUGS*
  3. This woman is a hoot. That one line may just inspire me to re-read her wee tale. I'll say it again. Gerard Butler as Jamie's slightly wicked Uncle Dougal. (I hope I got that right) Oh wow, I never thought of that. Although I ended up hating Dougal he played a very important part in the 1st books and was described as dark and handsome. rawr. Okay I am definitely now supporting Gerry Butler for Dougal!
  4. I just came from seeing the movie tonight. I took my friend who has gone with me to see every Gerry movie in theaters since becoming a fan, and both her and I absolutely LOVED the movie. I have to say, that I really like Guy Ritchie movies, but I tend to wait until they come out on DVD before seeing them, so I was already very excited about seeing this one in the theater Gerry was absolutely AMAZING in the movie! He was adorable, funny, sexy, and charming. I have to say that I would love to just see a movie about the Wild Bunch, they had such great chemistry together and it think it would be neat to see how it is they came to be. I know I am going to go see this movie again before the week is through, and i have to say that it was so worth the wait!
  5. Sometimes I Just. Can't. Deal. How can one man be so smoldering and yet so damn adorable!?
  6. I wish Gerry would have been on Craig's show!! They just have this great chemistry, and the combination of those two scottish burrs are just lethal. rawr.
  7. Ugh, it's so frustrating that it wont be playing in this area until the end of the month.
  8. Oh wow, it melts my heart when he said "puppy dog". Also, while akward I found the video amusingly awkward with good banter. I love Gerry's sense of humor!
  9. Thank you Danya for that statement. My thoughts, love, and support are with Gerry right now. Let's keep up talking about the GREAT press his new movie RockNRolla is getting!!
  10. How can one man be so damn sexy and then so very adorable?
  11. Good gawd I forget how BIG that man is. When compared to the comedian and then Katy Perry, he just seems SO TALL.
  12. No, not the same suit. But he still looked AMAZING. Anyone else love his necklace?
  13. My mind was seriously in the gutter for most of his stories. That spread was KILLING me.
  14. "she couldn't resist the power of the Butler" I would like to meet a woman who could, lol. I could not help but giggle through the interview, I felt a little bashful for her. Not in a bad way, just in a "I feel your pain" way. Gerry just makes is hurt so good. Wait sorry, that last statement just slipped out. opps.
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