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  1. Awww thanks Donna, Eva Mari, Charlotte and Iliessa! I missed you all too! Still trying to sort out the best pictures and put them in a picasa-webalbum.... takes a while because I took about 1400!!! pics. (Some of them are almost excactly identical) Here's a little pretaste: Me after "climbing" Ben Vrackie A look down Glencoe Beautiful (and very friendly) horse in Glen Shiel (looks similar to Glencoe in this picture, but one should visit both!!) Sunset behind Skye bridge (connects mainland with the Isle of Skye) Me and (who recognised it?) Eilean Donan Castle And the coolest pic.... *drumrolls* Me and SERJ TANKIAN!!! Haha! I went to Glasgow to see his concert, and met him the night before on the street!! It was kind of embarassing to speak to him, but I did it and he was the nicest guy!!! YAY ME! (concert was great aswell... ;P ) I tell you...spending all my money in those 6 unforgettable weeks was one of my best decisions so far!!
  2. Hiya! I'm back in reality...scotland was even more amazing and fun this time!! Can't wait to tell you all the stories. Hope you and your family are well!

    Hugs, Adel

  3. SURPRISE!! I'm back!!! Do you remember me? I had the best time during my six weeks! in scotland.... I met so many nice people and I've been to incredible beautiful places. I even had my very own star-encounter!!! (No actor; many of you probably won't know him, but it was soo cool! ) I know , so I'm working on that! Meanwhile.... HOW ARE YOU??! I've missed out on so much, please fill me in on the most improtant changes/ news! , Adel
  4. Wow, it's been forever since I've been here.... I'm really sad I couldn't find the time to write from one time to another, because real life (uni & work) were pretty much for me in the past months... I know myself, if I would've come here - time would've flown!!! I worked so hard, because I had one big goal: go back to lovely scotland for summer vacation!! And here I am about 18 hours before my flight to Edinburgh!!!! I will be staying for at least 1 month....haven't figured out were I'll go this time yet...as long as I'm in scotland I don't really care But don't worry about me, this time I'm travelling with a good friend. I honestly hope I'll find the time to drop in from time to time, because I really miss being around here with all you wonderful GALs!!! Miss you all! Big hugs to you!! (Donna, Charlotte, Sue, Linda, Eva Mari) Adel
  5. ...this time! ;) Big hugs to you!

  6. Hi Eva Mari! ..so nice of you to think of me although I wasn't around the last months..! I was pretty busy at Uni and working my a** off so that I can afford *drumroll* to go back to lovely scotland for at least 1 month (starting tomorrow)!!! Crazy I know. ;) Hope you & your family is doing alright (especially the little ones!) Miss you too -I try to keep in touch t

  7. Ok it's not really tomorrow, but RL took so much time. I couldn't write anything... was so exhausted every day I didn't wanted to do any mental work But here we go finally (I hope anyone is still interested) :I will start with my scotland vacation, since most of the Paris pictures are still in Paris on my friends computer. Except: (my hair's a total mess, but the EIFFELTOWER - WOW) Most important first: I had the time of my life - in Paris with my friend but even more in scotland all by myself!!! Travelling alone is so much greater than I ever thought it could be; I was able to to whatever I wanted to and the best thing was: I met so many amazing, kind and funny people! I connected with one girl in Inverness so strong, that we're still keeping in touch, and I'm actually planning on going back to scotland in august/september to visit Isle of Skye and more with her! She took this picture of me (on one of the funniest days) The best souvenir I brought with me and I want to share with you: the music of Amy MacDonald! I was listening to her all the time while I was in Scotland, and the music was just matching the country so perfectly, it was so.... *sigh* Hmm, ok how should I tell all of this... I guess I'll post a short summary in short keywords, if anyone wants to know something more specific: ASK! Monday 17th: Arrival in Glasgow - bright sunshiny day! Dinner in a pub: met a friendly older scottish couple, had a nice conversation; escaped the crowds of St. Patrick's Day (wouldn't have been a good idea going to a pub alone this night) Tuesday: Sight-Seeing in Glasgow: took a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, got a rough overview; went to Huntington Art Gallery and Kelvingrove Art Gallery --> amazing!! Saw some more paintings of Monet and other Impressionist I admire; the rest of the museum was of course also worth taking a look at!! [Kelvingrove Art Gallery] I liked Glasgow, but I still had to get used to travelling alone, and so unfortunately I couldn't enjoy my stay there as much as I probably could have... But I will return and do all the things I couldn't manage to do in the short time! [bridge over river Clyde, right in front of my hostel] Wednesday: Got up at 6!! definetely not my time of day; [but look at the amazing sunrise I had] took the bus to Oban on the westcoast. The route is... breathtaking.. I will probably use this word very often in the next lines. I mean I live in South Germany near the Alpes (highest mountain is about 4000 metres high), but the mountains look even though they're only 1300 meters at most (Ben Nevis) amazing! Walked the rest of the day up and down the beautiful coast in Oban (all in all 12 km that day!) and enjoyed the warm sunshine, being on my own, the scents of the ocean, the forrest, the heath... *sigh* totally relaxing day! Thursday: Tried to catch the bus to Fort William, but I missed it, got soaked by one of the 2 single rain showers I experienced in scotland; went back to the hostel, blow-dried my shoes (no kidding!) and went out to the sea again. Because the rain had stopped and a big stormy wind came up. I LOVE stormy sea. To be honest, I wore two hoods and therefore looked hideous , and got windburn in my face (didn't knew that it existed before that day) - but I had the greatest day ever! Climed the muddy hill up to the ruins, collected seashells, slipped on a rock and got my pants a nice green colour , took about 200 pictures *g* and had the most stupid smile nailed to my face all day! At the end of this wonderful day I went to the "Chocolate factory" and had a scrumptious *g* hot chocolate whilst sitting in the most comfortable couch in this world and watching the stormy sea and sky outside.... *sigh* [more to come...]
  8. Aawwwww, so nice of you Donna! *brushing off dust* But wow look at you, you got to press your cheek against Gerrys!!! I'm sooo jealous! How does he smell like? How was the convention? And L.A. in general?! So many questions.... And off course thanks to Sue, Charlotte and Linda for the warm welcome!! Good to hear about wee Linnea! (But unfortunatley I don't have the password for the thread... ) So many other news and stories I have to catch up with. We should come up a system: you tell me something - I post some pictures and stories in return..! JUST KIDDING! I'm sorry that I didn't post anything up to this day, but I had a cold AND had to work...sooo, not to much time for the internet. But I PROMISE I'll write something about my vacation tomorrow and post pictures!! Most of the pictures may be boring for the ones that haven't been to scotland, but there are at least some semi-juicy stories to tell... I have to go to bed, I'm exhausted.. Hope you're all happy&healthy!!!
  9. HIYA!!! I'm back my beautiful GALfriends! Seems like forever I've been here... I catched a little cold in my last two days over there, so give me a few days to sort my pictures and write some of my adventures down... BTW Sue: your prayers worked! I only had 2 days of rain in scotland! (I mean real rain), the other 14 days were soo bright!! I've met so many nice people over there, and had the greatest time since... I don't know, forever. I will soooo gonna go back there! But how are you all??! Seems like loads of great things happened...right Donna? Catch me up a little bit please! Cheers, Adel
  10. Hi there all my wonderful GALfriends, and anyone who cares! Soooo, tomorrow I'll leave my beloved Augsburg for 3 weeks to go to Paris (4 days/5 nights) and then to Scotland.. I hope Zeus, Thor, Aceio and Dagda (gods of weather) and also St. Peter will be a little kind to me and send me at least a little bit sunshine to be able to make some nice pictures so you all will be very jealous of me All fun aside, I'm really gonna miss you all!!! I hope some of you will miss me too and keep me posted about the important (and funny) news, because I surely won't be able to read everything you'll be writing in the meantime! In return I'll post as soon as possible some pictures of the highlights of my journey in this thread, hopefully already during my vacation! Said enough, I have to go pack...Keep you fingers crossed for me so that everything goes well (because I'm traveling all by myself) and especially to Charlotte, Donna and Eva Mari Adelheid
  11. Island Girl - CHARLOTTE annieday - ANDREA Lady Elissa-Elissa Good Sport- Bill (Elissa's better half) Poppy - Linda Susan~Sporran - SUSAN (well, duh) but I answer to Sporran as well when among Gerry fans. Swansong -Swannie (Bonnie Anne) Charliwantz - Charli NordicGirl - Eva Mari Midnight Diva - Diane or Di Framolamdu - Moira - aka Super Mo to her friends Gypsy - Loni Adelheid (well that's my name...)
  12. Thanks EM and Sue!! I don't know if I can sneak in here too often until I leave for vacation, because I still have so much to do... *sigh* washing, packing, panicking... and to all the new GALS!!
  13. Hi Charli! EM: By tuesday I'm heading to Stuttgart to visit 2 friends of mine, and on wednesday I'm going to Paris by TGV (french high-speed train)... I'm soo excited to finally get to see Paris (My friend lives there since September, she'll be a great city-guide for me). Then on monday (17th) I'm flying to scotland for 2 weeks... *geez* I'm so nervous being all by myself in scotland; but kind of in a positive way too.... I guess time will fly by...I hope I get to see at least 1 castle... *lol* Wow Eva Mari, is it baby-time yet?! I'm hoping so much that everything comes off well!! I'm expecting to see a lot of cute pictures from a proud gramma by the time I get back!! Big to you too!!
  14. OMG!! All those new pics!!! :drool1: ..have ... no .... time.... dang it! But thanks for those EM/phoenixgirl!!!!
  15. Well I DID miss you! :) But soon it's my turn to go on vacation... Hopefully I 'll be able to post some nice pictures here!!


  16. Big to Eva Mari!! Glad you're back! (although I thought you would be gone till after easter?!) How was Spain? to the "This is spartaaaaa" spoofs!
  17. muhahaha... anybody seen the simpsons episode with Patty, Selma and MacGyver aka Richard Dean Anderson????! :rofl:
  18. ....that's really spooky... I'm listening to the song Please (from the band Staind) just right now!!!!!!! *shivers* Sorry to interrupt ladies!
  19. THANKS DONNA!!! He looks really good, love his big grin! ...and the bird...
  20. Hmm, I love the Dear Frankie and P.S. I Love You soundtracks, but there are also nice melodies at the Cradle Of Life and One More Kiss score... and I would do .... not anything but very much for having a Beowulf score released!!!
  21. I agree with you!Katie, Sue and Hobbes ... you're yooo right (with your picture choices!) What about my favorites?! All in my Photobucket!
  22. MUHAHAHA! Oh Donna, I LOVE YOU!!! (TNLW of course!)
  23. Okay, I think I narrowed it down to Canon IXUS 70 ; Kodak M853 ; Sony Cybershot DSC W55 ... any suggestions,comments about those?! I really appreciate your posts!
  24. Donna I'm so happy for you!!! I knew they liked you!!!! :hug99: Tss tss, that would be a really bad excuse for starting again, Sue! I know the reward seems to be in the faaaaaaar future, but the better it will be! But I'm glad you're already lasting two weeks!
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