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  1. Oh DOH, Just saw Michael avatar! POOF!!!!

  2. F****** Hell, your siggy is hotter then Sin. Love IT!!!

  3. I miss my Chey, Chey.

  4. I love you ever so much!

  5. I miss you Chey, Chey.

    Mommabear hugs

  6. Awweeeee Amy look at you go!! It's great love!! I'm so proud!!
  7. Having hosted this doll for the Star Wars Weekends march at Disney World in Florida, these things can take on a life of their own. I know when I hosted Jack MacRover, I had grown men that toted him around on their shoulders dressed in their stormtrooper gear. Once people learn it's for a charity cause, it's amazing what they'll do to reach out and assist. It was a grand and memorable time that gave an awareness to a very worthy cause.
  8. Did anybody else notice the dress for sex article on Hobbes pic? I think Gerry was the appropriate poster man for that eh GALS?? :drool1:
  9. Damn those pesky radical PeTN's! Can we have more where those came from?
  10. I like the radicals, they'll be bringing BIG BIG changes to this! All 17 inches of them at the 3am raids.
  11. Can we also call PeTA? Someone said that it may have been the bear that Johnathan Ross gave him. UUmmmm...but the bear is already stuffed... Who do we call for that? Oh wait! I know! SANTA! He can fix the bear!
  12. Somebody call Greenpeace! There's a Numpty tree molester in our midst!
  13. In watching this transpire over the last few hours, I've been struck by something. Is this as important as world peace? Will this end the cycle of domestic violence that the shade tree deals with everyday? Will this find me my cure for cancer? Will this end the suffering of the many other small trees, or stuffed animals from reaching the same fate in the hands of a college frat boy who will constantly try to amuse his friends by copying this? No....it was a snippet of a moment in time where a man, made of flesh blood and bone was punch happy and tried to find amusement in the small
  14. While I admit, this might not have been the wisest choice of parody for Gerry to choose, if he even gave it a thought before he made the motion, but such is the way of things. One thing this man has in common with Micheal Jackson was that he too, is a perpetual peter pan. Even Michael Jackson found the move amusing, toying with the razzi when he held his son out the balcony window in jest, and look at the backlash that poor man received. Did it mean he didn't love his son to the depths and breadths of his soul? Of course not, but the razzi jumped on it and became the piranha that they are and
  15. OOOOO OOOOO! Is this like New Years Deb?! Do we each get to wish him a Happy Birthday in the specific time zones when it hits midnight in the US?
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