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    Reading (paranormal/vampire romance, Regencies, poetry, horror), my cats, certified (or certifiable) TV addict!, my job, movies- horror, silent, B&W, musicals-, wildlife conservation. And of course, our Gerry!

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  1. Personally, I love the longer hair, ( a girl needs something to run her fingers thru after all!) but I really wish he's shave!!
  2. My best wishes always, luv, for knowing yourself and that you needed outside help. As with any addiction, it's stilll "one day at a time". And you know you have armies of supporters out here who are praying for you and sending their best always. Always my phantom, always my love, Karen
  3. Chalk up another "Gamer" and "Law Abiding Citizen" fan here. One of my faves is "One More Kiss". (I still think Charlotte desesrved to lose Sam. )Count me as "Sam's sous chef"! He just gets better and better!!
  4. I think "somebody" decided he wanted to try surfing the Mavericks and found out the hard way that he's not as invincible as he thinks! In a way, this experience is probably a good thing. I'll bet it scared the bejesus out of him. Delene I certainly hope it scared the bejesus out of him. Remember stunt doubles, Gerry? That's what they're for, for crying out loud. He hasn't been surfing that long that he can take on stuff like this, and he's certainly not 22 anymore, either! I love you to death, baby, but sometimes I want to whack you up-side the head!
  5. It's around here in the Washington DC area, but so far only at 2 theatres,one out in Maryland far suburbs, and one out in the suburbs of Virginia. Both inaccessible by public transpo.
  6. [ "I know this may sound radical but I'd give my life to save Gerard, and I know many of you out there would, too." [Patthe GerryKat} I've thought this many times, but was afraid of sounding too radical. Now I know I'm not alone. I sure hope those guards really know what they're doing, and just how valuable he is to us.
  7. This is the most amazing and exciting news! I know we all knew it had to come, but it's here!! membership, nomination, award! He has truly reached the top of the mountain .
  8. Birthday suit ( ) , tar and feathers, or sackcloth and ashes he would still be No. 1 in my book!!
  9. Here, Here!!!! And, OH MY! that hair!!! (Now, if he would only shave! )
  10. Oh my yes! Please sign me up for the drawings for the Leonidas doll and the '07 Men's Health; I have most of the rest. And Congratulations on our 5th anniversary!!!
  11. I thought it looked like she was all over him, too. And of course the rumors are fired up again. One show on E! said they were "caught" necking in the kitchen of the hotel. More fuel for the rumor mill. And I think regardless of what Ricky Gervais's style is, "that bloke from 300" is getting a little tired!! Did you notice how much more relaxed he looked this year? Coming down the Red Carpet last year he looked kind of lost, and mumbled and rushed thru his presentation speech, but this year he was smiling and talking to people on the Carpet, and was much more himself on stage. Yes, we know he's a consumate flirt; we also know he's not serious. God! I love that man!!
  12. E! TV had a program on the other day that listed him as #5 out of 10!! Now that's more like it! It was the 2nd Gerry movie I saw, too, and he beat out Frank Langella hands down!!
  13. Ummm... he could start off in a chicken suit singing "I'm Henry the VIII," and as long as he gets to the striptease, I'd be satisfied! Steph OMG!! I'll lose it just visualizing that one!!
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