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  1. I cant remember when I have seen Gerry this relaxed and happy. Going home does the man REAL good. And so glad to hear that so many of his friends came out to support him!! This is definitely a fabulous 40th for Gerry! And the outfit, oy vey!! HOT DAMN!! I cant wait for BETTER pictures to pop up so I can blow one up and put it on my ceiling!! hehehehe *Sarah
  2. Thanks Moira and Lisa for the update!! I cant wait to see all the pictures!! *Sarah
  3. Wonderful news Susan!!! I am so glad we are helping out the forests in Scotland and the City of Hope!! Well done everyone! *Sarah
  4. There's nothin better than a great lookin man in a great lookin suit!! *Sarah
  5. This is one movie I wont be getting. LoL Too hard to watch. *Sarah
  6. I am planning on going this time!! I have missed the last 3 conventions. Woot. Cant wait!! Better start saving up!! *Sarah
  7. Gerry, no drinking and riding!! He is so darn cute!! *Sarah
  8. I loved the song in the trailer! I hope I can find it on iTunes!! Thanks Barb! *Sarah
  9. I could write a whole novel about why I love Scotland but I will say this..... I never knew I could feel so at home in a place I had never been to. And I never knew I could fall deeply in love with a country. There are times when my heart literally aches to back in Scotland. *sniff sniff* *Sarah
  10. My sister is obessed with the Twilight series. She is on pins and needles for the next book to come out and for the movie to come out. I think I will started reading the books just to see what all the hype is about! *Sarah
  11. Lisa, what a great question!! And there is no need to apologies over getting emotional. Its what happens when you are near the G-man. Remember what happened to me at the PSILY premiere? LoL. I am so happy for you and I cant wait to see your pictures! Love you lots!!! *Sarah
  12. If only I could join him!! I miss Scotland so much!!*Sarah
  13. LOVE the pictures!! But does anyone know why there was an event in Gerry's honor? *Sarah
  14. Thats funny! *Sarah EDIT: I cant believe Brett Michaels is on the list. LoL.
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