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  1. Mary L

    Videos from the Convention

    Thanks for posting the video/call, Alice. Like many others I couldn't understand much, but did catch a few words here and there. So glad to know he's headed to the U.K. and perhaps a bit of R&R. I wonder if he took Lolita with him? Mary
  2. Thank you so much for the download links! I love this interview with Gerry. He's such a lovable goofball. "I'd like to order roomservice... but from the Hilton!"
  3. I agree with you completely (and especially on Gerry lookin' so fine )! No offense, to Heigl but I don't consider her acting expertise as above and beyond any of the other younger female stars of the past several years. When she's made a few more films, then I'll decide if she is the featured star of a movie. But, at this point, Gerry and Katherine are equals at best. Although, I can see the Gerry Butler fans as the ones to make the film a financial success. (And I would say that even if I wasn't a fan.) Mary
  4. Welcome to the sickness, darls! *rubbing hands together with feverish delight*

  5. I agree with you 100%, Emily!! Gerry is a big, strong, rugged man... I think he looks great when he's filled out some. (Yeah, you, babe! ) There is no love lost for me with all those skinny boys in Hollywood. I like my actors tall, dark and handsome like Cary Grant or Harrison Ford! (But really, I’m all-about the Gerr-Man!!!) :mrkilty: Whoop!! Whoop!! Mary L. (My very first post! Hi GALS!! )
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