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  1. Well, I don't care what the critics say That's their job. True some of the work he's done lately has a lot to be desired. Could it b he is working back to back so he can start "BURNS" I so want to see him in that and I understand it will take a lot of moolah, The scripts may be bad but he's getting paid. I think MGP will be an exceptional film. The last film I really cared for of Course was P>S> I LOVE You" A CHick Flick but hey Hilary and Gerry did a great job..it was a great story
  2. Well, I haven't been online in a long whil e. I must agree with the older gals. How can you consider these boys Sexy???? Johnny Depp and Gerry stand out on their own. But you know "Madison Avenue" caters to the young set and that young set gets younger and younger. Anyway LOve to All Nanci
  3. Howe do you girls do it with those Fabulous moving pics of Gerry. Is there a special program(software) or can you photoshop Anybody??????
  4. He is such good medicine for a bad day. That smile just "Lights Up MY LIfe",when things go wrong
  5. Does anyone know what character Gerry is Playing???? ANYONE
  6. It is bizarre !!!!!!what is it with GUys preoccupied with Comic book Characters and the turing them into IconsDon't get me wrong "300" was a Different story re History. ANyway as you say Zack Snyder and His Wife Debborah are Icons...Notice I said His wife DEbborah who acts as producer GBH
  7. Have any of you ladies seen Pictues of Dubai, Let alone "the Palms" This city is only for the wealthest of the wealthy..I hope they all enjoy cause it was built with the $4.80 a gal we paid for gas. Any way look up pics on internet,you'll be dumbfounded!!!!!!!! GBH All
  8. You know ladies,I'm kind of giving up with these popularity contests, as far as I'm concerned, Mr. Butler does not have to be compared to anyone. He's just a nicelooking talented guy living his dream. Everything else is superficial and nonsense. Everyone has diff tastes. We know who we adore and That's that!!!!!GBH All Nanci And you know what...I bet he feels the same way
  9. Can someone Tell me What she Meant BY"even if he is a Lowlander" Any Scots can get a meaning
  10. ladies, In my opnion, not fair to judge both are excellent actors even though we all are inclined towrd Gerry.And as far as" LOOKS" Every Gal has different tastes. We l don't know too much about Daniel Craig or I personally have not seen any interviews with him,He seems a diff type than GB Gerry's personality is the tops..
  11. Gerry, Time to regroup and go HOme if at all possible GBH Nanci
  12. First of all, does anyone remember his face when Angelina Jolie was on top of him on the boat,That was a Man ready to...............In LCTR Nanci
  13. ridiculous, He is much too sensitive for the business
  14. Mr. Butler is approaching 40yrs and that would make anyone stop and think. His life is a fastpace of movies preims and the like. He may be tiring of it. I can name one gal that would have been perfect for him,but she is taken. Hilary Swank and Gerry got on Beatifully,you can tell by the off camera interviews.What a great Couple they were. He hops from one end of the world to the other. Can you imagine the airplane time Whew!!! I've traveled quite a bit and it really gets to be "old hat" I really feel sure his lady love will not be in the business or maybe someone from Home. Previou
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