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  1. I wish to you all the most beautiful and peaceful Christmas time, good health, much happiness in the next year, and a lot of wonderful GB experiences!!!! Dana :party: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smiley-tree.gif :party:
  2. Many happy returns of the day!!!! Good luck and much happiness in everything you take up!!!! Dana :party:
  3. Happy birthday hun xx

  4. I must confess that I did not like the story that much either (as I wrote before, I really liked the music, bought the DVD and listen to it often, but the story....). To me, they were different characters than those from POTO. As to the night of their encounter, they sing about it in "Beneath the Moonless Sky" - Christine somehow knew where the Phantom was hiding after the fire and visited him the night before her wedding, if I understood it right.
  5. I saw it!!! It was on Friday night, and I was impressed so much! The music is beautiful! I cannot tell how much it has improved from the original version (the libretto in a booklet that goes with CD still shows the "old" version, so I read it, but it is different from seeing it on stage). I am just listening to the songs (unfortunatelly, I did not hear Ramin Kamirloo but Tam Mutu in the role of the Phantom, but he was good as well, and now I am listening to RK on CD). I think GB would be excellent in this sequel, I think that "The Beauty Underneath" (when he was showing Gustave his "realm") would be fantastic with him (and the other songs as well). :pointy: :wave:
  6. May your birthday be the most enjoying day among people you like!!! Many happy returns of the day!!! And all the best to all the other days - both in your professional and personal life!!!
  7. Please, register me, too! And have a wonderful time in Vegas!!!
  8. Well, first of all, I think those details are not the main thing the article was about. And secondly - what we really know about him for sure? I suppose the "Trainspotting" thing is not precise - when the film was released, he had to be in London already - but, again, we do not have exact dates (when he left for London, etc.). I think he saw the film version as well (but probably later). As to his leaving the law firm - what if it was like the journalist implied in his article (that they told him they would fire him unless he resigned himself, so he did so)? If he ever wanted to continue his legal (or similar) career, this would look much better than being fired from the job officially, so they might have agreed on this solution. None of us really saw the document ending his job with the firm, I suppose.
  9. Donnie

    Gamer DVD

    I like audiocommentaries as well - even if he does not speak there, they always say at least something interesting regarding him and filming... Unfortunatelly, in European version the audiocommentary is missing (or am I wrong? - I speak about normal - non-BlueRay - version from the UK).... There are only "Inside the Game: Controlling Gamer" and "Cheat Codes" extras, and English subtitles. But it is nice to have it at least as it is...
  10. I don't think it is that short (at least, not that much shorter than other plays of Shakespeare). I saw it in out theatre (some thirty years ago, they did not stage it since then, and read it as well at that time) and was impressed very much (then). I have already downloaded it and definitely will read it again. But they always play it as a full-length performance, it is really not that short (also, the characters do not just speak on stage, there is also action - fighting, for example, in this case). From what they write about it, I am afraid, it is almost certain that it will be a modern version. I think the play deals with a moral problem (of the main character) that can appear in any period. So I can imagine the story to be put in a different time period without losing its power. In that case, a modern language would better fit. In any case, I am really looking forward to this film. So far, neither Mr. Butler nor Mr. Fiennes (especially Ralph, but it could be extended to all the family) have ever disappointed me, so it definitelly will not happen this time either.
  11. Well, luckilly for us. I think that if he really tried hard (which he possibly did not at that time, for many different reasons) he could have had a job in an area of law where he would be able to be an actor as well - and might have become the best deffence attorney in Scotland, which might have been even fulfilling for him, but not so many people would have known him!!! BTW, I really wonder for last at least two years (there were some threads about it on other sites as well), if the DLitt is not a missprint, I know that our ex-president has this degree as well (from the University of Glasgow), but he is a distinguished playwright and got it as a honour degree. I still miss the LLB degree in GB' career record, but he had to have gotten it, if he ever started a legal career (and, apparently, got a Diploma in Legal Practice)!!! And he studied in a very nice campus. Have you seen it in reality?
  12. Well, this is what we all know already (I think it was Morton Fraser office in Edinburgh). My point was that it might not have been the career he chose (his favourite/preferrable), but the one he had the opportunity to start. As I understood it, they were supposed to do some legal practise and "looking around" careerwise between graduating from law school and finishing the Diploma (in his case 1992/1993, or one year earlier?), but it was probably the year he was in the States (was supposed to have an internship, but was two weeks later, then did "wacky wire" thing, it might have been even the year when his father died...). So, finally, he was lucky enough to get a very prestigious placement, but probably not in a legal area that he would have actually preferred...
  13. That is obvious (more precisely, solicitors and advocates - in Scotland). But my understanding is you specialize/practise... after the law school, depending on the fact where you get the trainee position (which is very competitive - and when he passed his exams, not many choices were left, as the interview for Esquire mentions)...
  14. Well, I suppose that as a student, he had to study all areas of law, at least to a certain extend. In several interviews he mentioned the law firm he practised (and was fired from) - among others, the intervirew in Esquire last year, the interview with Bonnie about Dear Frankie - it looked like he went to this position (although a very prestigious one), because he was late and had not much other choices. I can imagine that a civil law area was not too challenging for him (althought by itself it is), I think he would be wonderful in a court room - a DA for criminal cases for example, especially in your system, when an attorney has to be an actor in a way (much more so than in our system).
  15. Donnie

    Gamer DVD

    So I finally watched (at least selected) extras from DVD, I will definitelly see more tonight and over the weekend. "The little lady" was nice sitting there!!!
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