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  1. I have just tried it, but I think it does not count the votes any more. During the weekend, when the vote was counted, there was a notice about it when it came back to the page with the results, but if I tried it more often, nothing appeared (no warning that the vote was not counted). The same happened now. But the main thing is that the poll ended as it should. Although, in this case, I like the other two men as well, but only one can be the best - and this is clear who.
  2. Thank you very much for the information (and I can try to practise my poor Spanish a little bit) and enjoy the film ("enjoy" probably is not the right expression, but it definitely is a very interesting film and GB is very good in it)!!!!!!!! By the way, in our country they released it on DVD only about one month ago, also with quite a strange translation of the title ("Club of Blackmailers"), although they could have used the Czech translation of the line of the Pope's poem (BOAW), it is translated quite nicely and it would have worked in this context.
  3. In any case, thank you for finding the news! One more reason to look forward to RocknRolla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have just tried do send some money(by credit card, by Pay Pal) , I am not sure about my future financial position, so I want to sent money according to my possibilities, hopefully it will be more. Especially if this really works and it is as easy as that! I hope it helps! For us "from the distance", it is the best way to contribute, DVDs are in different format, so although I use Amazon, I must use European branches, the postage is very expensive and I do not want to support postal services providers, but you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for keeping this site so great!
  5. It would be my guess that the interviewer interviewed Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn). Viggo is famous for being bare-footed all the time. Maybe that was what he was referring to. GJewel First, thanks for the interview! It was really very cute! As to LOTR, of course, we don't know all the details, but all the Hobits were supposed to walk barefoot (and they did in these films), the actors had special prosthetics on their feet, so maybe he did an interview with some of them.
  6. Thank you for letting us know, but it is sad to see how disrespectful and untactful can some liars be (both to GB and CD) and still call themselves "media" and still not be liable for that.
  7. I finally figured out how to vote, and I will go on voting, let us hope it stays like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for letting us know!
  8. I am afraid filming does not work on nine-to-five five-day-week basis. They just prepare the set and film when it is necessary - during the day, at night - according to the situation, what time of the day and weather is supposed to be in the film.... Also, when everything is on set, it would be probably too expensive to stop everything for two days just because it is weekend. So, I think he works at weekends as well if it is needed. Unfortunately.
  9. Thank you for the link and for the information! Let's hope to see it as soon as possible! But the "Variety" should keep more accurate information.
  10. But there is no evidence that "he is at Villa a couple of nights a week"! Even the paparazzis saw him there three times in past couple of months (or just a little bit more)! Besides that, I hope it cannot hurt his reputation, I am sure the film directors know very well how tabloids work and how they can believe such "news".
  11. The worst thing is that those tabloids develop this impression, although it might not be "partying and love life" at all. What we do know? That he was walking a dog/went for a dinner with a woman (if he was seen with a man, they would claim that he is a gay). And that he visits certain places from time to time. I think many people live much "wilder" than that. But they are not interesting for tabloids. I would really kill all those "sources" of theirs! I am sure much of it is just going on in heads of some hunters for sensations (no matter if they are true).
  12. Thank you for the post! He looks great, I hope it will be a nice film! I believe that Ms. Heigel enjoys herself (who wouldn't?), I just don't understand why they present it as a gossip or "insider information". The information that the two of them would be working on that film is around for a long time.
  13. I was thinking for a while and my choice is: 1. Lady Claire - despite her being in medieval times, she looked very modern and independent, also very brave 2. Andre Marek - he was so romantic, but also faithful and responsible! He looked like somebody you can really rely on. I would definitely prefer him as a life partner. And I wouldn't date a man I wouldn't consider to be a potential partner. (Otherwise the choice might be different, maybe the other men would be bigger fun to be with). As to the other "leading candidates" (in order of my preferences): - Johny Donne still was not over his problems with alcohol, there might be a danger he starts again, - the Stranger - actually we do not know if he was going to come back (although we hope he will), we don't know how responsilbe and reliable he really is, - Erik - I am afraid he had his own big problem, his partner would have to be very carefull not to offend him somehow.... - Gerry Kennedy - I think he wouldn't be a perfect person for me (although for many other women would), for a life-long relationship I would prefer somebody calmer and more supportive. Thank you for starting this discussion! It was a great idea!
  14. Thank you for all the links, at least we know what is going on. And he does look great in all of them. Hope to see the film soon. As to porta-potty pictures - it is difficult to find words to describe properly the stupidity and disrespectfulness of those paparazzis, this is really too much!!!!!!!!!!! I know that I am just repeating what most of you have already said (here or on the "paparazzi" thread), but I really could not believe my eyes when I saw these pictures.
  15. Well then I shouldn't feel bad if I am helping the world go around. Oh I love bonnie clip where he sings on On The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of the whatever.I can't remember it, but I love his voice. Speaking of this is totally off topic, but here is 11 seconds of Gerry singing and it is to die for Click Click. Such a sexy voice. Love ya, Tracy They were banks of Loch Lomond - one of the most famous Scottish lake (and song). Each stanza ends with these words. He is just adorable in this interview!!!!!!!
  16. Thank you for the link, I somehow missed this interview, it was great as always! Wasn't it the same lady that made my most favourite interview with him (about Dear Frankie, her first name is Bonnie)? Well, he might seem somehow rude at the beginning (I assume that this wasn't supposed to be a "public" part of the interview, similarly to his singing of "Loch Lomond" in the interview I mentioned above). But, on the other hand, if he agreed to give an interview, everybody was already prepared to shoot it, he knew how sensitive the microphones could be, I can understand that he did not want anything to interfere there. I suppose he knows his manager well and knows what kind of interaction he can "afford" not to offend him (which he probably didn't, if they still cooperate), but state clearly that he minds certain things. It might seem disrespectful to his manager, but if they had to start the interview again because of background noises, or they left it with them, it would be disrespectful to other people.
  17. I fully agree with you - and that is why I feel guilty when looking at these pictures. I feel he really does not like it and they should not do it to him. I do not think the film business will die if paparazzis are not around. And if tabloids - no matter if in there printed and internet form - are out of business, I will not mind. In my country, I do not read them at all - actually, the only ones I read are those pictures/videos we are talking about.
  18. I must say that I bought the Reign of Fire just because its price was reduced and I was ordering more DVDs at the same time. Otherwise, there are better films he is in. From what I have at home (so far 14 films), I like POTO, the Jury, Dear Frankie, Timeline, .... it would be difficult to rank them all, but if there is something I do not like so much, it would be the Reign of Fire and the Shooters - in bheoth of them, there is one scene worth it - and this is probably all. Of course, it is a matter of taste, but my boyfriend did not like it at all, and he is otherwise quite a big fan of sci-fi films and things like that.
  19. Thank you very much! The pictures are wonderful!!!!!!!!
  20. I must say I feel guilty when watching the pictures and clips (but I do, he looks so great in them, especially in some of them) - if the paparazzis knew there is not a demand for their "work", they would not do it. I do not think Mr. Butler is such an exhibitonist that he likes to be photographed like that. You can see it - when he is among his fans, for example at premieres of his films, he is totally a different person, he comes here also to meet his fans and he really likes it. But in a private life? OK, he visist well-known places, but (I assume) not to be photographed there, but probably to meet some other people there (for a production company to work, you must see certain people... ). Does it mean he should sit at home alone (or "just" with Lolita) if he does not want to be bothered like that? So far, he handles those situations very well (I do not care for "flipping the birds", in those situations, we did not see the whole scene, and we already saw how other situations were disinterpreted by the paparazzis.. .), but I do not think it necessarilly means he likes it (or, at least, does not mind it so much). They should be nicer to him!
  21. He really looks so wonderful!!!!!!!!!! But the stupid paparazzis should let him be and live his life as he wants to (although these pictures are really great)!
  22. I fully agree and recommend! (In our country, they released it just one month ago, without any publicity and any extra features - with a different cover - like "Shattered", but at least something).
  23. Thank you very much for the interviews! Especialy for the second one! Our idol was just wonderful, Rebecca Murray was perfect as usual, and Mr. Levin was so right! So what can we wish more? (Maybe to have it downloadable). THANKS AGAIN!!!
  24. Thank you for the gorgeous interview! I think it already was in one of the clips, but it is much better to see it like this, just in front of you!!!!!!!!!
  25. Thank you for such a good news! If I were closer, there would have been even more women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can see that American women have a good taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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