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  1. Thank you for the post and for a good information!!!!!!!!!!! Although money is not everything, it shows much - and let's just hope Nim's Island is a big success!!!!!
  2. I know that we are all very curious, and I cannot deny that I read all this information from tabloids you gathered (and thank you for making this available), but in a way, it really made me sad - such invading into someone else's privacy (including his mother - why did they have to write her age, surname, place where she lives....)! There definitely is a lot of speculation (and misinterpretation, I am sure) in all those information, but it could be in the same way in many rumors that appear about Cameron Diaz. Do you really know her so well? I am quite indifferent in respect of her. After all, it is not us who is suppose to date her. And even if all this is true, I just hope she does not want just to "use" him (as one of the posts suggested), otherwise, I only wish him to be happy with whomever he choses!!! (The question is if he could chose anyone at all, if those stupid paparazzis are spying on him all the time).
  3. King Leonidas had a son (and their relation was shown), Attila was supposed to have a lot of children (but we did not see them), the main hero of the "Game" had a daughter (we will see)... I have not seen all the films he is in, but there are some with children already... Thank you for the link (and also the first impressions), very cute! I cannot wait till it gets here!
  4. I thought we all were confident and intelligent ladies, and wouldn't let a single piece of information of such a "insider" perplex us so much! What we know is that he was sitting in a bar with Cameron Diaz and they were talking and having a good time - so what? We already know how witty he is, so no wonder Ms. Diaz was amused. Should he just stay at home alone so that nobody could make any gossip? (If he goes out with a man, he is a gay, if he goes with a woman, he already dates her...).. And, besides that, he is adult, he finally has some free time before he starts filming again, and we could not comfort him (all at the same time) anyway (at least, it probably would not make him too happy)....
  5. Thank you for the link! The other one that is in another place is too long and boring (to watch all the others). I think he managed it in a wonderful way. And don't be so cruel! You would really charge him for swearing in such a situation? I would swear even more (and I am not Scottish and I am a woman)! If only the paparazzis made their living in some decent way!!!!
  6. I am not sure if all the Scottish men necesarrilly swear, but if you imagine being sick, all the time in cold water, being enthreateren by pelicans and other wild creatures, no wonder that from time to time a word appeared that was not really the right one - we are speaking of 2 - 3 "wrong" words a day, maybe even less, not always said by him, not always in front of Miss Breslin (as he told in one interview - she heard everything, and other people reported her what she did not hear). And there might have been some other "overpayments" except of the one that is being mentioned everywhere. He did try hard not to swear, as he told himself. But it is good (of her) to educate even grown-ups, and it is nice that the money went to a good purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Me too! I would like to see Frankie sequel! (Although there might be a problem, it is several years, the boy must have grown a little, but the story needs ending!). As to 300, I can imagine a "prequel", but if he was not in it, I would not see a reason to go and see it. There might be nice sequels, but they are usually exceptions. So I agree - no sequels in this case!! Thank you for posting the article!
  8. I liked this part: "Literally, as I was filming with her, I thought, 'Okay, I could have a kid like this," he exclaims. "This makes me want to settle down and have kids. Generally, when you work with child actors, they're very smart, they're very talented." Otherwise, you are right that many articles repeat the same things, but not everybody reads them all. So thank you for posting the article and keeping us informed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes, exactly! Actually, I think that for a filming lasting for at least several weeks (and, as it was written, with ALL the crew contributing to the box, not only HIM), I think it is not so bad, he is a nice boy, after all!!!!!!!! We must not be so strict with him (when he is himself)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I could not see the video, but I really do not see what the problem is. It looks like he spent a nice evening, it is all we can wish to him. It is (unfortunatelly) the work of paparazzis and tabloids to find all possible "sensational" explanations, but are we really as stupid as to accept it? In that case, we would only support the "work" of the "media".
  11. I cannot agree more with you - thank you so, so much for the article, it was one of the best I have ever read. But he should not work so much and learn to relax as well!!!!!!!!!! (I hope he learns through the meditation). I love all the films he is in, there are not so many actors that are able to put really everything into the role, but not at such a price!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thank you for the great iterview! But, as to the groups of fans, I do not think it is a matter of when they became fans, but why (most people I know became his fans because of POTO, no matter when they saw it for the first time). Dating older woman - does it mean we still have a chance (just joking)?
  13. Thank you very much for this article! It just shows that nice and intelligent people could be good and stay themselves no matter what happens - otherwise we will not respect them so much, won't we?
  14. Thank you all for posting those beautiful pictures and sharing your impressions!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thank you for the article! It was so cute! I hope now he can have at least some rest not threaten by marine creatures!
  16. Thank you very much for the article! I hope it will have also a film version with the same actors!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Thank you very much for the link - and especially for making it available for downloading! I have it already on my disc, so now I can enjoy it repeatedly. He is really great!!!!!!!!
  18. They should have more spoken about the main main double hero, it is true. They probably thought that in his case it would not be so surprising that he did such a scenes too (as they are seen in a trailer) if he does his stunts in other films, but it is not an excuse, a very important information is missing here!!!!!!! But thank you for the article!!!!!! I wish I could see the whole thing as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Thank you very much for the link to the interview!!!!! I have not seen it before, unfortunatelly, it is not on a DVD I have (I do not know if it applies for all European versions, or just the one I have from Germany). He is so sweet and genuine and excited about his role!!!!!!!!!! But it is true, that at that time, he was younger, it still was one of the first film he played a bigger role in, people probably did not annoy him too much..... But it is so nice!!!!! As to the accent, I am not the right person to take part in the discussion as a non-native speaker, but even with "our" accents - it seems just natural, that if you live for a longer time in a different area, you start loosing your "home" accent... In some films, the authors wisely let him be Scottish or of a Scottish origin, in some others we do not know... For me, it does not make such a difference which accent he speaks, but they should not force him too hard into something that is unnatural for him.
  20. To Monica: Thank you so much for the link to the article!!! For me, The Jury was actually the first film I saw Mr. Butler in, but then I was so silly that I did not fully realize it - I liked his performance very much, but I was more interested in the story itself, and especially in the description of the jury system, which is not used in court procedure in our country. I even did not see all the parts (it was several years ago, they showed it once a week in the afternoon....). I got real GALS only after seeing POTO (a little more than one year ago - then I waited to see if it is permanent, before I registered here). But - it was just yesterday, when a friend brought me The Jury on DVD from UK (they made also a 2 disc edition which is not so bulky and costly). I was so happy!!!!!!!!! I had to see at least the first disc (first three parts) yesterday and am looking forward to see the rest tonight!!! It definitely is worth seeing both as itself and, for us especially, because of HIM. He is so undescribedly wonderful in it!!!!!!!! To JustCallMeTracy: Unfortunatelly, I am too far from you, I will need the DVD for some time myself to play it more times, and, I am afraid, it is even in different DVD format that you probably need. But it really is worth seeing.
  21. Well, I hope the comment about fans was just taken out of the context. The author of the article does not seem to be informed too well about him anyway, it looks like he just grabbed some information from other sources. I cannot disagree more with his statement about POTO (at least in our country, it was not promoted very well, so many people even did not know about the film... But it is not whart the actors shoud take care of).
  22. Well, even if his character was among them, we are already used to it, aren't we? I look forward to seeing it (although it will come to our cinemas only in January 2009), even if somebody told me the whole story before. There will be always a lot to be looking for!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Thank you very much!!! Really wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. To me, he looks great as always. He was not at a fashion show and everybody (especially the photographers) should respect his privacy. And as to the comments - people who write something like that are usually pitiful immature idiots - no matter, what the topic is.
  25. Thank you for posting it, it is a very nice picture! I was just wondering, what Lolita was doing - whether she travelled with him all the time. But they both look just great!
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