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  1. Of course, I am looking forward to ALL the movies he is in, but after I saw all these cute trailers, I just cannot wait to see Nim's Island. I though I would look childish among all of you, but it doesn't look like that, according to the results of the poll. But it is true that we haven't seen trailers to the other films yet. I hope all of the films will be great and successful!
  2. Thank you for the information! It is so nice to read that! And he would deserve the award so much!
  3. I just hope they will not make more changes in the film just because of its "star" and will let us to enjoy the real star of the film!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you for posting it! It was cute, especially the Russian in it! And the ending (if it really ends like this - and one article posted before implies it too), I am looking forward to seeing it more than before! I almost did not mind that our hero had a different voice (and name). Although - they should have learned how to pronounce his real first name.
  5. I fully agree with you that he looks sooooooooooooooooo beautiful and it is impossible to look better (in any respect), but I also agree with SOÑADORA - for me, he is not "just" a beautiful body (although REALLY beautiful), but also an EXCELLENT actor - and it would not show too much if he acted only action roles. I would also appreciate something like the Stranger, POTO, Gerry Kennedy.... simply roles, where his acting talent would be shown as well. Besides that, I do not like violence in films and I am not an action film fan (normally not at all, of course, if he was in it, I will go and see the film, but...).
  6. Thank you for posting it! I am sure the film will be wonderful! I just cannot wait to see it! This trailer is very nice, and also of a very good quality! So at least we saw a little bit more. And HE looks great!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I agree completely! For me, especially the character of Holly was a big disappointment, I still do not know if her character was so much twisted or so wrongly interpreted, but it made a completely different story out of it! The main and only reason why I saw it for 7 times and why I will buy the DVD was Mr. Butler's performance, he was just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you for the information! I hope to see it as soon as possible - hopefully they release it here soon after the premiere! According to what you have posted about it already, it might be a good film - and there is no doubt he will be marvellous in it (as he always is)!
  9. He is so adorable in all these pictures! Ï hope they will post (anywhere) more of them!
  10. Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Butler! You are such a wonderful person, so be happy and enjoy your life!!!!!!!!!!!!! May all your wishes (even the most secret ones) come true - both in your professional and personal life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. He looks nice, although a little bit more bored than in other recent pictures! By the way, I have never heard of a woman called RD! Who is she? Did she ever play in anything that was shown outside of US? Is it her real name, or did she just love so much watching the "Titanic"? She does not look bad, but I have never heard of her before.
  12. Dear Joana: I cannot agree more with you than I alrady do. He is not (I hope that I am speaking for more of us) "just" a beautiful body, but a man who is so gorgeous, carefull, sweet.... And I just wish him to be at least as happy as he makes us to be in both his personal and his professional life!
  13. Thank you! Yes, you exactly knew all the scenes! And he was so charming in all of them, I just could not believe it!
  14. I am sorry for not having replied for such a long time. I was not around for about a week, and then things went a little bit bussier. I also tried to follow your advice and try to post the picture (I thank very much for all of them). If it goes through, this is how I like A. Marek the best (actually, all but one pictures are from extra features, so it is not AM, but GJB I like, but it is probably common to all of us!). I am sorry, the result is not so good, it is my first attempt to do this, but I just loved him in the extra features, how natural he was... Most pictures (including the ones in a dark) are from him watching the scene of the blast in the castle, toghether with his stunt man. I hope my next attempt is better. http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj269/d...08/Gerrinek.jpg
  15. He is so great! And not just the torso! Thank you very much for posting the picture!
  16. Thank you for posting the article! It is very nice - but the author should let him spoken more and, first of all, also try to learn something more about him before. He would not have been so surprised by the type of the role...
  17. I have never heard of Katherine Heigl before, if she is GJB's co-star, and she is acceptable, I will be able to accept her. But if there is any reason I will go and see the film (which is already), it is ONLY his presence in the film!
  18. I am so happy he keeps on in non-smoking for such a long time! And I wish him so much to survive all the temptations forever! Fortunately, I have never started smoking, but all my smoking friends say that it is much more difficult to stop it than to stop drinking. But he is such a wonderful man, and this makes him even more wonderful!
  19. Thank you for the link! Those are probably the most beautiful pictures of the ones from last months! He looks so nice, relaxed... and mature, but he IS mature. I hope that now, when they finished filming The Game, he will finally have some time to relax.
  20. Hi, ladies: I love this character very much too, if it is not too late, I would like join you. On Friday I finally got (3 weeks after ordering it) my DVD, that’s why I didn’t “apply” earlier, so I am enjoying it more and more. I saw the film before, it even was on our TV three weeks ago, of course, dubbed (they tried hard, but it just wasn’t HIS voice!), but now I can watch it over and over again – and when I want to! For me, he IS a real hero of the story, maybe he has even more screentime than the others (now I can count it), without him – both as an actor and as a character with this beautiful love story – the film would lack a lot (and we would, too). I think they should have listed GJB as the leading actor (he wasn’t so well-known then, but he was the most important one). And it is good that at least some reviews acknowledge how good he was. For me, it also (as it was already said earlier) looked strange why everybody addressed our hero as “Marek”, if this was supposed to be a surname (in our country, a first name “Marc” would be spelled as Marek). I wouldn’t be surprised if lady Claire was confused about that (in medieval times, the distinction between parts of name wasn’t so well established; but she usually called him by the whole name “Andre Marek”); what was somehow strange was why the other archaeologists called him just “Marek”. At least as I feel it, if (especially the younger ones) considered him to be their professor, reputable capacity in the area, they should have called him “Dr. Marek,” “Professor Marek”, or at least “Mr. Marek”; if they were already in friendly terms with him, they should have called him just “Andre” (unless they minded that it does sound very French). Unfortunately, I have not read the book, so I cannot compare (but I am not sure if I want to read it, I would compare it too much, as I do in case of PSILY) – just tell me - should I read the book now, when I fell in love with the film character? By the way, how did the others call Andre Marek in the book? And was he supposed to be Scottish at all? I am sorry, but I won’t join your “mandoll” group. For me, it would probably be more difficult to get it, and I do not like those plastic dolls too much anyway. I am afraid my boyfriend would not approve it either. Besides that, no doll can be as handsome as her model, I prefer watching pictures (both motion and still) of the real man. But I can imagine it could be nice to have the dolls and play with them, so have fun! You already added plenty of pictures from the film, it is really difficult to find others; it is also difficult to define a favourite scene if all of them are so nice (for me, probably the scene in the river) I also loved the extra features. He is really cute in a short part with his stunt man in The Nights of La Roque, one of extra features, when they are watching the scene of the explosion. I have some screencaps, but i don’t know how to add them here - but all of you who have this extra feature on your DVDs might watch it yourselves.
  21. I am not sure if she (Lolita) was jealous (although she might have been) - she really does not seem to enjoy her time in the picture. Taking those pictures might have taken some time, nobody really took care of poor Lolita - maybe she was just bored.
  22. Thank you for posting it! The more I read about it, the more I am looking forward to seeing it!
  23. I saw the video before I learnt that the owner did not want the others to see it - of course, we have to respect her will, but she (Lolita) and he (you know who) are so cute together! And we are such curious ladies that we just had to see it (and, at least, I hope we are nice enough not to harm anyone by being TOO curious and will let everybody have the privacy and space they wish to have).
  24. Thank you very much, these pictures are beautiful! And maybe it is even the first "public appearance" of Lolita (at least for me - does anybody happen to have a link to the video mentioned above?)! She looks nice (not speaking about him)!
  25. Thank you very much for this interesting article! I have read that his family has also Irish roots, but I have never seen these detailed information. Well, one more reason to visit Ireland!
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