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  1. The person who wrote it apparently has no respect to anybody... „Zack Snyder was already being described as an ascending talent after he delivered a white-hot action title that earned back over twice its budget with $58.9 million worth of box office. Snyder had already captivated audiences more after one attempt than Headey and Butler had managed in over 70 combined projects.“ .. and in addition to that, he it not only lacks any trace of politeness and logical thinking, but cannot count at all! Even if we take his simplification, and assign all box office sales to the star who is in the film, just the three films with Mr. Butler he lists here (by the way, in Timeline he even was not listed as a main star, although, in my opinion, he was) had total box office sales over one hundred of millions! If he wanted to compare sales/budget ratios, he should have stated it. By the way, how (except from not being excessively demanding) can a star affect the budget of the film?
  2. Thank you for the interview! I liked it very much, I must say that if I liked (almost loved) somebody else than GJB in PSILY, it was first of all JDM! He is an adorable boy, too! Happy new year to all of you!
  3. Just few last 2008 comments (it is evening here already and we are leaving to celebrate the New Year): To Ainaran: We do not really know how long did the illness take (or, to be more precise, how long did he know about it, it might have existed unrecognized for years, and when it was found, it might be too late to cure it), and if Gerry even let his parents know about it (he might have written to them too late, when his father already was ill so seriously that he could not have traveled, his mother might have needed to stay in Ireland to help the father)... We just do not have enough information to judge it. To Lopes: His look in this scene of the first meeting was different, but I would not say „deformed“. But – he was supposed to be a 25 year old good-tempered Irish boy with a lot of common sense, daily working on the fields of his father, so sun and wind left traces on his face.... It was only natural they met somewhere in the country (it is without doubt that this beautiful scenery was chosen deliberately, but he might have walked there for some reason). He was meeting local people, so had his style of behaviour – I think GJB played it excellently, he really looked, behaved and sounded like a completely different person than himself after 9 years of living in New York. When I saw the film for the first time, I just thought – was it really him? And I liked it, but I can understand that not everybody liked this different look. To Swannie: I think this is our forum and each of us can tell her opinion, if she is not really offensive. I think the purpose of the forum should be to explain different points of view, not to pretend we liked something we did not. I am sure all of us like/love Mr. Butler and want to support him (otherwise we would not be here), and we might be ourselves perplexed if we did not like something as much as we expected, so this is the moment help of the others, not denounce is needed! Or could there be a “close” forum, not visible for the others, so that we would not, as a group, seem to support negative comments, which we do not want to, do we? To Songbird: Thank for your hint, next time I go to see it, I must have a look at the picture! I would also guess that Holly and William did not meet by a pure chance, but who knows? Wishing all of you a happy and friendly 2008 year (and all the years after), strong health, good luck and success! Dana
  4. And do the “relatively uninformed” reporters realize at all that one actor, however good may be, does not create a film (it is somehow directed, there are other people in it, the story, settings, it has its “technical” parts, especially camera ...), that the box office “success” is not always made by the film itself; each film has also some promotion, distribution, otherwise people would not know it exists... The “tone” of reviews might also affect the attendance. Then the time of the year it is introduced, which other films are introduced at the same time.... There are so many variables to this... So the box office sale is not solely a success (or a fault) of the star of the film. I can understand that it is important to know if the money “invested” in film is made back, but they cannot put it like this! It is oversimplification! Anyway, ladies, we will not let this spoil our New Year Eve celebrations! Happy 2008!
  5. The more I watch it (I saw it for the fourth time yesterday), the more you appreciate the character of Gerry (Kennedy), and, of course, the way he was presented on the screen. He loved Holly so much, in spite of her immature, self-centered behaviour (the would-be intellectual chatting in Ireland, her “plans” and blaming everybody else for her life in New York...) – at least, in the film there was no hint that those scenes were just exceptions (just the opposite, Gerry indicated in an opening scene that their fights were almost a rule) – that is why I missed at least one scene where Holly would be nice and kind to Gerry... He knew very well that she needs an “anchor” in her life, and he became one. He knew well that she would be lost without him. He was actually leading her through her life when he was alive and let her think she was the responsible one (which only very few men would do – I think, in general, men tend to be too proud for doing that). And he felt responsible for her even for the time he will not be here any more, so even though he must have felt miserable because of the illness, he did it all for her. It is really a beautiful character, and, after seeing the film, you just want to be better to all the people around you. And Mr. Butler was really great as this character, he was the real hero of PSILY, without him, it just would not be "the right think". By the way, it probably would not affect American box office sales, but I have just seen our box office sales for a week when PSILY was released only in limited number of cinemas (mostly in CineStar) - for the weekend started on Dec. 20, it ranked 4th (BEFORE Alvin and Chipmunks), but in our country and that weekend, it means 5 723 people and 38 thousand USD, I hope next week it will be better (if we have to speak about money, which we almost should not in case of such nice films!) Happy new year to everybody!
  6. Thank you so much for the link! And happy new year!
  7. This is really terrible! Who is "relatively unknown" according to them? OK, we live in market economy, but the market measures only demand/supply relations, not the quality! And when speaking about art, we should not measure only by money. We all know it, but.... Anyway, happy new year, ladies!
  8. It is difficult to place the song to an exact point of the musical, but, in my opinion, there are three important boundaries we have to have in mind: 1. Eric refers to the fact, that Christine saw “his solitude”, that means this should definitely come after “Stranger Than You Dream It” 2. We can see in the background models of the scene of “Don Juan Triumphant”, so, probably, Eric was just working on that (it might have been later, when he already finished the opera, he probably did not clean his lair too often, but not too early) 3. Eric still hopes that Christine will love him. After “All I Ask Of You”, he must have started feeling that Raoul was a serious threat. Maybe then he still hoped... After “Masquerade”, it was even more obvious, and Eric was becoming more and more jealous, so he would not sing that song like that. But then, Don Juan was already written. So I think that the scene should come either directly after Christine left the Lair (somewhere between the “Notes” and “Prima Dona” – but it probably would not fit so well musically) – before “Il Muto”, or, which would be even better, after “All I Ask of You”, but before the “Masquerade” (where there is an intermission in stage version of the musical, and even in the film, we should probably realize that there was a time distance – should have been 6 months – even Eric could not have written an opera overnight...). But only the authors know. Maybe that is why they did not finally put it in the musical. I have read somewhere that it was because of the length, I do not think people would mind the length (at least we would not, especially in this case), it could have been put at least on DVD (as "Directors Cut"). The song is beautiful, but it is true that under final credits, "Learn to Be Lonely" fits better (and it was good to give Minnie Driver a chance to sing at least something).
  9. Of course, as “modern women”, we can continue, if Christine could have somehow managed both her career and family life. If those two parts are personified in two men, it seems impossible, but... It sounds cruel, but if I were Christine I would probably have chosen to marry Raoul (it is true that he did not behave so well to her as to Don Juan, but at that point, both boys were quite jealous already and neither behaved really well), but would persuade him to help Eric. Because Eric did not love only Christine, but also music. And he was a genius in composing (and not only this). And here, Raoul could have really helped him. Raoul had money and knew the right people, he could have arranged for his music to be played more publicly, which would have brought more recognition to Eric (if nothing more, Eric might work for the Opera Populaire – compose the music, design costumes and stage settings, suggest some improvements of the building he knew so well). And if Eric already was a well-known composer, people probably would less mind his mask (at those times, plastic surgery was not so advanced, so if people were burned or otherwise injured on the face, they had to solve it like this anyway), and he might have found another love (especially if he was otherwise such a beautiful man we think of)... At least, he would not be so terribly lonely; he would have at least some friends to talk to. But it would have to happen earlier - first, before they both became almost mad, and second, before Eric became in fact a criminal (before Eric “managed” to kill the first person or even burn down the opera house – well, it was not an intention, but if you let such a big chandelier fall down to the auditorium full of people, you must be aware of the fact that something might happen...). We all know how desperate he was, that if he could have been accepted “normally” by the others, he would have never done things like that, but he did it. The fact that he killed the man who abused him as a child would be probably statute-barred, after all, he probably was not legally responsible at that age anyway, but (if there was nobody else in-between) those two murders we saw in the musical would cause a serious problem for Eric if he wanted to live like a “normal” person and not to hide in his Lair from the rest of the world all his life (probably still better than be in a prison where the other prisoners might mind his face...).. Well, but it would have been a different story and it would not have been so tragically-beautifully romantic...
  10. It is difficult to add anything more to what the ladies already said before. But I must say that you created such a character that will always stay in our minds, somebody so nice and self-sacrificing that it is even difficult to imagine, your character just steps from the screen and makes us all try to become better people. And the character was so much alive! I wish you to have such people around you not only in coming 2008 year! Dana
  11. Hello, ladies, I just wanted to wish all of you a nice celebration of New Years Eve and especially the most beautiful 2008 with many, many good movies and successes and nice information of Mr. Butler! Dana P.S. I have just been to our multiplex to see PSILY for the fourth time and feel so nice after it! Now I will wait a little bit before I go for the fifth time (I really want my boyfriend to go with me, and, after seeing it for four times in a little bit more than a week, I started to look too much to details, and you have to keep the whole picture.... And, besides that, our Christmas break ends on Tuesday...). All the young kids who work in our CineStar wore black T-shirts that had a pink sign "HS GB P.S. I Love You" in the front, and a yellow one "P.S. We Love You, CineStar" at the back. It was cute, I almost felt like undressing one of them (but they all wore considerable smaller sizes that I would need). And on Wednesday, Timeline will be in our TV (unfortunatelly, on a commercial channel and in Czech, but it might attract some new fans)! Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. From the point of view of this story (and if we consider certain people as those two characters), it is obvious that Eric would be the only choice. On the other hand, if you take it as "real" decision of the young girl, speaking pragmatically, would she be willing to live in the Liar for the whole life? What kind of future could Eric prepare for her? Or could she change him to go "among people"? On the second DVD of 2 disc version, ALW speaks about the music (or was it in another part of that disc, I do not know exactly and I do not have it here) he actually presented this problem as a decision between a career and a family. From this point of view it would not be so straightforward. It is true that Raoul loved her and could give here comfortable and respected life, family, but probably would not want her to be a signer any longer.... Life is sometimes difficult.
  13. This was a great interview! Both inspirational and funny (not speaking about the very end, you have already commented it enough, I just imagined the scene with Lolita and talking about his accepting the role....). Thank you so much! It is wonderful to have it downloaded! I heard it so many times already!
  14. I would add some of PSILY, too. But you have to know the context to really appreciate them. Actually, the "strip-tease" scene might have been there.
  15. Thank you for posting the list. At least some good information, although, I would be also interested in hearing what they did not like about it.
  16. Thank you very much for the link! It is so cute! I wish I could download it somehow!
  17. I hope I am about 5 ft 6, but I have no conversion table here (168 cm), so I hope was more or less close.
  18. If he enjoys it and really wants to do it.... But I think it would be wasting of his talent! I agree with you, he should play in something showing all sides of his talent, not "just" the beautiful body! And besides that, acting (if we can call it acting) in those films must be extremely physically demanding. He should rest a bit.
  19. This is exactly how I feel (and I think many of us). He is gorgeous and charming (if the character is supposed to be like that) in every film I saw him so far, but Phantom is still the best!
  20. Thanks a bunch Susan for the info. Although I was disappointed by the box office, I think it will pick up steam and I know once the dvd comes out, that will help with sales a great deal. To me it was #1. You can watch movies all day every day about treasure and pirates and robots and so on, but it is only once in a great while that a good love story comes along. To me, it was refreshing and uplifting. Tojo I am not sure how it works in your country, but I saw the film three times, once after Christmas (yesterday), and there were much more people there - the theater was almost full (it was one of the smaller ones, about 100 people, but they play it three times a day). There were mostly young people and they reacted spontaneously. The lower attendance first week might have been caused by the time of the year – people were still shopping for Christmas, the whole multiplex was quite empty.Also, in our country PSILY was released on December 20 (they always start showing new films on Thursdays) in one chain of multiplexes (CineStar) which has 7 multiplexes in the whole country (we are quite a small country) while in some others it started only yesterday. So “first weekend attendance” would not say that much. I will try to find out some “local” reviews and statistics (so far were not available). But if it worked like that in more countries, then it will be difficult to compare weeks of showing it. So far, I have read only one very positive on the Internet.
  21. He was trying so hard, and when you watch the film, it is just such a short moment when his hands playing the guitar are even visible (in an Irish pub).. And I am sure everybody watched his face, not the guitar, it is true.
  22. I am looking forward so seeing Nims Island so much after seeing the trailer! Unfortunetelly, there are no small girls in our close family, so I will have to behave like a little girl myself. I hope they will show it in our country in reasonable time after the premiere (I have not seen exact date yet). But I am sure Mr. Butler is again wonderful in both of his roles, the short part with Alex Rover in the trailer is wonderful!
  23. I have just returned from my third seeing PSILY. As you have said, it is getting better and better, you always notice some new details... I even started liking Hillary Swank in this role, especially at the end of the film. But still, the "soul" is somehow missing in her performance. I wish DVD appears as soon as possible, our multiplex is quite far away and I wish to see it more often then they show it! Especially certain scenes - you know which ones.
  24. I have seen the film twice so far and I liked it, but what I really loved was the role of Gerry. He played it really adorably! Each moment he was seen, or at least heard, added so much to the film! The others acted well, but without Mr. Butler it just would not be the right thing! You feel his presence not just from the screen, it was like if he stepped out of the screen, and just wish to have a man like this, somebody you can fully rely on, who would reassures you as he did his widow... Every woman can just dream of such a man (of course, alive). Just the opening scene – can you imagine a man being so cute and calm when the woman gets emotional so much? I cannot (and I have a wonderful boyfriend, believe me). Or the scene with him playing a song in her bedroom – it was adorable. He was so comforting.... The scene of their first meeting was just lovely! And then, when she was finishing reading it, the way he leaned his head on her shoulder! And all the others he appeared in. As to the book, I have read it too, and, as always in cases like that, you tend to compare, may miss the scenes you liked in the book.... even if the film is more faithful to the book than it was this time. The same apparently happened to the reviewer. I am sure all of us would appreciate “more Gerry” in the film (for an obvious reason), although he is present more in the film then in the book. All the scenes where Gerry is already ill (the deathbed scene, the one in travel agency and the one when he sends Holly for ice cream to finish the last letter) were moving in the book and two of them were at least indicated in the film. I am not sure I would like to see him changed by the illness... When speaking about the changes compared to the book, what did not work for me so much was the change of Gerry into this kind of easy-going (at least at the first sight) boy – although the role of Gerry was very nice (and played in a wonderful way) like this, for the whole story it makes less sense (in the book, he seemed to be the responsible one even alive; but this way, it comes as a more of a surprise to find out later...). There might have been more flashbacks, also showing sometimes Holly to be nice and kind to him when he was alive... There are more changes compared to the book, of course, there might be different opinions as to whether they helped or not, but basically the idea and the message remained, which is important. I am sure I did not see it for the last time. I will write more after I see it for the next time (hopefully later this week).
  25. I have already read before that the opening scene lasts 15 minutes, but when I watched the film, I did not notice it at all (I did not dare to look at my watch, but I was almost tempted to do so as I thought it must have been much shorter). It definitely did not lose its pace. You really can watch it for ages again and again and just think if Gerry is a man or a saint....
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