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  1. Thank for the article! The opening scene was really one of the best parts of the film, I wish I could already have a DVD, I would play it again and again!
  2. Thank you so much, it would be so difficult for me to follow all the news about him without you! And merry and peaceful Christmas time!
  3. After seeing PSILY twice I like it more and more. I will go for the third time only after Christmas, but already am looking forward to it. I will also try to make my boyfriend go with me, especially if you say that your men liked it too. Now I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas, may it be for all of you time of enjoyable peace, happiness, with all your beloved people around! It is my first Christmas with GALS and I am really happy to be here with you all!
  4. Thank you so much for posting is so quickly in downloadable version! I cannot listen to it now, but I can take it home! And Merry Christmas to all of you (in our country, we celebrate it tomorrow)!
  5. Yes, he is adorable! And also this is a perfect answer to all the questions of his "settling down". It is only his business!
  6. I saw it yesterday at 3 p. m. in our distant far-away country. It already was a second day of showing it (I really could not make it from work the day before), they show it all the week 3 times a day. The theater was about 1/3 full, usually young couples and a group of teenage girls. I liked it, especially he is just charming (which could have been expected)! I am now going to see it for the second time, so maybe some more comments after. If I will not write by then, Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks for being here!
  7. You are so amazing and natural as you are! I like very much listen and watch interviews with you again and again! I doubt your "advisers" are as intelligent, witty, sensitive and thoughtful as you are. Do not let them to spoil you!
  8. May your Christmas be the most wonderful time full of peace, happiness, understanding and nice people around you. I wish you the same for all coming 2008 (and not only this) year, hope you will spend it in good health, with much good luck, time for both challenge and relaxing, much success in everything you do, and just all your wishes to come true! P.S. And thank you very much for the beautiful Christmas present you gave to all of us in P.S. I Love You! You were again so wonderful!
  9. I have just seen PSILY, he he is so wonderful in it! It must be seen! Thanks for posting this article, it is so nice to read it after seeing the film!
  10. Adelheid, thank you very much for the advice! It so, so much nicer to hear it than just to read it!
  11. The gallery is great and so are the updates! Thank you for managing it so well! Today I could not believe my eyes, the pictures from Nims Island are so wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing the whole film (although I am not the "target audience" any more)!
  12. He is working so hard! It is necessary to take a rest sometimes as well! I bet his performance was perfect even before practising so much. I hope to see the result very soon (in our multiplex PSILY opens this week!!!)
  13. Being single or not is not always a matter of choice, and if somebody constantly asks you why you are single and when you will married, it gets quite annoying (I have some experiences with it, and, as I understood, a lot of you do too). Besides that, his profession really makes it much more difficult both for him and for her. Either constant travelling (and probably giving up her own carrier completely) or just long-distance calls for long periods of time and waiting at home alone, various tabloids being interested in you... And, lets face it, even the fact that so many women are in love with your boyfriend/husband and are potentially jealous of you probably would not be so pleasant! Will you wish all that to somebody you really love? I wish he could have more privacy (and his beloved one - no matter if now existing or in the future - too).
  14. But ladies, this is solely his private thing. Love does not come on command. I am sure that when the right one comes, they will solve it somehow. I just wish him a really happy private life!
  15. Thank you all for the comments! I am looking forward to seeing it more and more! Unfortunately, they still did not release the programmes for next week (not speaking about the weeks after), but I will try to see it as soon as possible!
  16. Sorry, MOTN from "softly..." But it works very nice!
  17. By the way, I also downloaded from a webpage I do not remember now two parts of the Phantom (POTR from "no use resistin----before us" and MOTN "slowly---cannot fight") and use it as ringing tones. It is also something! But I am not sure if it was officially downloadable at all, it just happened, I still have it saved somewhere, so if you want....
  18. I loved so much the two videos - one with the reporters and the one from/with the fans! He was so natural! And, as usual, had always readily and wittily answer to any question! It is also visible that he really enjoyed himself, it was kind of cute how they had to lead him away (both from fans and from the reporters). Oh, I wish him so much many, many moments like that and to all the films he is in so much success!!!
  19. I have already downloaded it from somewhere about six months ago, and since that time, my waking up is a very pleasant thing! And surprisingly enough, although it is quite silent, I have never overslept!
  20. I fully agree with you. To me, Mr. Butler and Ms. Swank do not seem to be a balanced couple either, but maybe the film will be a surprise in this respect.
  21. Good news (that the review was so good)! I hope I will see the film as soon as possible. They wrote they would release it in our country on December 6, so far no news about it, but as soon as DVD exists, I can try and get it, and if it takes too long to see it in cinema, I will have another possibility. Of course, I would like to have both DVD and experience of having seen it on a big screen!
  22. It was so nice again! I wish I could see that Guiness commercial! I suppose he must have been very young and cute in it! Does anybody know if it is available anywhere?
  23. Me too, and so much! And Rebecca Murray has always very nice interviews with him! He was so cute again!
  24. Dear Joanna! You are so much right! He is so masculine and sensitive at the same time. I cannnot tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing this film! According to what I read about it, this will be exactly the "side" of his acting I love most! Have a wonderful holiday (if we will not "speak" before it)! And, of course, the same to all your beloved ones, and to all good GALS!
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