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  1. I believe that it must have been a terrible feeling! Poor Mr. Butler! Fortunately nothing serious happened and everybody knew that it was just an accident, that he did not want to do anything like that. But he is so cute, honest and modest! "Then you almost kill one of the most famous and talented actresses of all time." This is a bit of exaggeration. She is not a bad actress, but he is much better actor than she is!
  2. It is wonderful, you were wonderful and especially Mr. Butler was wonderful!!!
  3. The more I read it, the more I am looking forward to seeing RockNRolla (there is also one excellent Czech actor in it)! „No dyed hair, put on abs, strange beards or makeup: just pure and natural (and all the hotter because of it) Gerard!“ But – what is so unnatural about dying hair? I do it for more than 20 years, and all men are equal, aren’t they? Especially when somebody looks so great in it! But it is true that he looks great as he is. As to muscles, I also prefer it natural (not requiring so much effort as, for example, in „300“). The strength must go from the inside (which it definitely goes in his case).
  4. Thank you so much! You really are so wonderfull! And he looks great! Will you write some impression of the film as well? I cannot wait to see it! Have a wonderful time and take care!
  5. We already know how versatile he is! And I wish him (and us) to have only the most wonderful films with him! And to „Burns“ to be started filming very soon (of course, only after a REALLY GOOD rest of our beloved man)!
  6. Dayna, you were so wonderful! Really, the best questions and the best way of asking them. I am so happy to be on this site! And it was so nice to hear him again! „And I was amazed how much he trusted me and let me work with him in that so, that was pretty cool.“ – he should not have been amazed at all, I do not know whom else should the film directors trust more! There are not many actors who are able and willing to put so much of themselves into the roles they play! I am so happy he quitted smoking at last! It ruins health terribly! And he even did not tell before! „P.S. I Love You“ was filmed some time ago (almost a year or so?), so it must be already some time he does not smoke (or did he stop later?). Anyway - so good for him! He is such a good boy! As to ‘Gerryjuice’ – he should not be so surprised! He used it himself at 2006 Convention (I was not there, of course, but it was in the transcript). Oh, I wish I were a billionnaire, I would give them all the money they need to start filming Burns and not to have to solve problems like that! I am sure the film will be worth it! And, of course, we know very well who is the only and the best person to play Robert Burns! I hope he is really better as he said, he still looks very tired. He already looked tired on both of the short clips from Extra in summer („'300' Star Gerard Butler to Settle Down?“ and „Guy Ritchie: My Life with Madonna“), so we know the reason now. I wish a gorgeous evening especially to those of you who are heading to the premiere, and be nice girls!
  7. Yes, he looks tired but still gorgeous! I hope that all you, ladies, that are going to the premiere, will be nice and please him at least at a distance! And write to us, less fortunate ones, about the premiere!
  8. Thank you so, so much for the transcript and for such nice questions! I have just downoaded it, I will listen to it later, but I was really happy to read the transcript and such good news!
  9. I just hope he is better now, or at least that he has everything he really needs (love, care, rest, medicaments...) and gets better very soon! Some of you might see him on Sunday - I am looking forward to your comments!
  10. But should not he have stayed in bed instead of going to VS show then?
  11. I believe that filming roles like this must be really very physically demanding, we probably even cannot imagine how. And if he was not in a perfect condition (no matter whether the article speaks about now or the time one month ago) they should not let him play at all! I know that it costs money, but health (especially his) is more importatnt!
  12. Well, I hope you posted nice questions and we, the others, will be able to enjoy the answers! This is one of many things I really love about Mr. Butler - his ability to answer practically any question he is asked so promptly and nicely (this is a skill I lack completely, so I really admire everybody else's capacity to do so). As to the article itself, I have just one comment - "not just the millions of rabid Gerard Butler fans who, I discovered, can be both impressive and a little terrifying in their loyal devotion to "Gerry."" - what is so frightening about us? (Unfortunately, we cannot make all the world to behave itself, the only thing we can do is to be nice girls ourselves, which, I hope, we already are.)
  13. It was a very cute story. I must say that myself I cannot say (and to know – even less so) how I would behave if I really saw him in person. How to express the admiration and respect and not to be annoying at the same time... There must be such a thin line between both, and to find the right balance must be very difficult. But I am afraid I do not have to worry about that anyway..... I think that the author of the story handled it quite well at the end – did not she? (I am afraid I would probably have been much more clumsy). Mr. Butler deserves to have his privacy whenever he wishes so and I hope he knows that whenever he needs (or wants) any kind of support or help that we could give him he knows that we are here and we are ready and would be more than happy to do that!
  14. More and more good news about the film and its music.. I would prefer a disc Mr. Butler would sing himself (at least partly), but anyway, I cannot wait to see and hear the film!
  15. I wish you all who will be there to enjoy it! I have just found out that in our country it will be released on December 27, so at least I will see the film quite soon. I am looking forward to it more than to Christmas itself! And I am also looking forward to reading your comments on the World Premiere!
  16. Dear Mr. Butler, It is difficult to add anything to what was already said so nicely before. I know that you love your work and you do it so excellently! You said once that it was your dream to become an actor that came true. Only a few people are so lucky and we all wish you more and more success. But it is necessary to rest sometimes too and to enjoy your life. Do not let you dream overwhelm you! We cannot tell you how you should live (and you probably would not listen anyway); but I just wanted to tell (I hope that on behalf of everybody, at least on this site) that we all love you as you are and we all would like just to see you happy!
  17. Dear Mr. Butler, When I bought The Phantom of the Opera on DVD, it was not because of you (sorry, but I did not know you then) but because of the story and the music (I had read the book before, I knew some melodies of this musical and some other A.L. Weber musicals which I liked). When I played the DVD I was so enchanted that I had to play it again and again, and for several weeks did not watch and listen to any other DVD. Everything was so gorgeous, especially the singing an dthe music! Only later I realized that I had seen you before in “The Jury”, but it was only after “The Phantom” that I started searching the web and tried to learn more about you, to see more films you are in, etc. And I think that this was not only me, it is the case of all of us, the “newer” fans (or almost all). There is something in your voice that is difficult to define which makes it so special and "catches" listeners so strongly! You really have a beautiful voice! When I heard the songs from “The Phantom” sung by others, even the most renowned voices, I felt that something was missing there. Probably the feelings and their urgency... But it is something that makes you listen to it again and again (I had to play it even now when writing this message). The clip on YouTube is so beautiful, it is just a pity that it cannot be downloaded and played over and over! I cannot wait to see you and hear you singing in “P.S. I Love You”! If there are people who do not like your singing (which I do not understand), let them be. You can never please really everybody. But be sure that there are so many of us who love your singing (and not only your singing)! All those people all around the world cannot be wrong. Please, sing, our Angel, sing for us (and for all the good people in the world)! "Donnie"
  18. I will be even farther than you all, but in my mind I will be there and hope that the film gets here as soon as possible. So enjoy it and write about it!
  19. I think the whole idea of the article is oversimplified. Any film is a teamwork, and although the main star might add much to its box office success, if the film as a whole is not good, it just does not work! I wish Mr. Butler to be only in very good films, because I know that he will always add so much to what the others contributed! But it seems to be quite crazy to compare, for example, Mr. Butler and Mr. Pitt just by means of box office sales. I like them both (as actors, of course), and I wish them both much succes, and if it must be expressed by box office sales, so of course I wish the films they are in as much money as they can make!
  20. Dear Joanna, I agree, but probably if he decided to do movies like "The Game" (it probably will be for another type of audience than I am, but I hope that there will be many of them), it just have to be so exhausting. And if he put less in it he might not be so good and it might not bring him so much satisfaction. I would prefer seeing him in roles less physically demanding and more "subtle" (like Dear Frankie), but it might be more exhausting emotionally. I would like to see him less tired and more happy, hopefully, it is compatible for him. Hope your weekend was nice, mine was (except for the weather, but it is normal in autumn here). Have a very good time! Donnie
  21. Thanks for the article and the picture! It would be nice to see more and more of them - and more complex ones(biceps are nice, but there are many others - and more interesting - things about him).
  22. It was really very nice to read the article. I watched "The Gladiator" again just last night, it is a great film, but we know which other films should be seen! I think that no matter what some lists might be, all reasonable film directors should be more than happy to have Mr. Butler in their films, because there are not many actors (maybe none) who would be willing to put so much into their roles!
  23. Dear Joanna! I fully agree with you and I am worried for him myself as well. But, on the other hand, I do not know this profession so well and I do not know what is - and to what extend - important for a future career etc. I just wish him to be happy, whatever it might mean (because I do not know this). He did not seem to be as happy as that in more recent pictures, it is difficult to say whether he was tired, sad, bored, annoyed, or what the reason might have been, I do not know which events you just "have to attend" to get some publicity, I just know that whatever role he acts, he puts all his strength and heart to make it just perfect, and I just hope that all the films he is in will have a great success and this effort will be worth it! I wish you all a very nice rest of this weeekend! Donnie
  24. The picture is beautiful as the others from PSILY are! I cannot wait to see it (although it will be very sad as well, I know). Of course, we all dream of being on Hillary Swank's place. But, frankly, can you imagine how many volunteers fot this position there might be? Let's wish him only nice things!
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