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  1. Sorry for the typing error. I wish all of you a really HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We in Europe will have a regular (hopefully nice) end of a working week. So enjoy your time and your beloved ones!
  2. Yes, he does look quite tired,especially in some of the pictures. I can imagine that filming such a movie as "Game" is must be very demanding physically, and if the event took place during the filming, and they started filming the "Game" so soon after "Nims Island"..... When was the time to have a rest at least a little bit? He should take a better care of himself! But he is an adult and intelligent man, he surely knows without telling. Also, there is a question if the Fashion Show was really such a fun for ist participants. Anyway, I wish to all you Americans happy Thansgiving, and to Mr. Butler much success, good luck, an also some possibilities to relax and really enjoy himself!
  3. "Gerard Butler. It seems there's two kinds of people in the world: people who adore Gerard Butler and people who have no clue who he is," really, it is so much true! Of course, we all know that he IS sexy, and very much so, but also much more than that!
  4. The whole idea of controlling somebody else's mind just for fun is frighteninig! I must say that I am scared to go to see it (when it is on) and I hope this all will have a happy ending! But especially I hope it is a great success, because I know that the leading character cannot be played better than it already is. And let's hope it will not exhaust him too much for other beautiful roles. It looks it must be a very tiring job!
  5. I must agree with the "minority". For me, it was rather sad to see that the movie is so of an "action" nature. I would prefer to see our idol in more "subtle" and "substantial" things. If there is not a really powerful story beneath, it looks like one of many action movies that are around already. I know, that he will put all the possible effort and humanity into it and I will go and see it (if they show it here), but it is probable that my boyfriend will enjoy it more than I will. But he is such a brilliant actor, not "just" a stunt guy! I am happy he likes filming it, but - the imaginary "swear box" is being filled again, and - did they at least let him to enjoy his own birthday?
  6. Beautiful years full of joy (at least as much as you give to us), love, happiness, success, good luck, and everything else you may wish - and not only because it is your birthday!
  7. The article was very cute, but I myself felt in some interviews that his vocabulary got a little bit less refined after "300". I am not a native English speaker, it was just a feeling, but if this little girl helped to make him even more perfect than he already is (which is almost impossible), and, at the same time, the money went for a good thing, what could we want more?
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