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  1. I will have to watch it once more, but I do not think that Sam's wife was such a "doormat". She married a man she loved, they started a business together, as they probably planned... We do not know enough about life ot that couple before Sara came, it might have been perfectly happy, she apparently did not know his past, I suppose he loved her too. In mature age, all of us have some ex-friends, we can feel sentimental towards them (especially to the very first sweetheart), but life goes on, and it would not be fair to the present ones just to leave them if the previous one appears. BTW, was not Sam the same "doormat" for Sara? I myself considered Sara's behaviour extremely selfish, the only excuse for me was her illness. I can better understand Sam (it is a question whether he still loved her so much, or just felt sorry and wanted to make her last moments better...). Yes, we shoud pursue our happiness, but not at the expense of others...
  2. I found the page I ordered the DVD last year - it is http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/798571, and now, it is AU$19.97 (I did not have time to look it up when I wrote previously, as I had to hurry to my work).
  3. I bought it last year directly from Australia, it cost less than 23 USD including the shipping (but it is true that the rates of exchange could have changed quite a lot since then). The payment was via PayPal, the delivery excellent, the only problem (which you have in any case) is that it is a different region DVD. But I can only recommend this way, at least, you are sure that the DVD is new and original. I do not remember the web page anymore, it was just released (it was June/July 2008), and advertisements were everywhere. I am afraid that so far, it was released only in Australia, so even if you buy it in the US, you will buy (in better case) the same thing.
  4. From his earlier films, I would definitelly suggest One More Kiss. It will not really cheer you up, but it is a good film (and he is there quite a lot, and he is very young there). Mrs. Brown is a really good film, but he is not there enough. I liked Harrison Flowers, but not just because of him, he is not seen there too much, and his character is not so important to the film development. I think that you already have the best ones (or the ones I liked the best - POTO, DF, and The Jury). I think you will enjoy Lucy Sullivan. What I would really suggest, is Wrath of Gods, it was re-issued lately with an additional scene. But it is just my opinion, the others will tell you as well.
  5. Good for him! He is such a nice boy already, but this will keep him in shape even better!!! He is so adorable!!!
  6. I saw the trailer with the sound, at last!!! It is really exciting!!! I wish it is here as soon as possible (they have not announce the date yet). I am just not sure, if they do not reveal too much in a trailer.... But it is going to be a really great film!!!
  7. It is soooooo undescribedly good!!!! I cannot put the voice on now, but at least I can better concentrate on eyes!!! I am looking forward to seeing the film so much, even more than before!!!
  8. It might not be just from this brief description, some time ago, the whole script was available for downloading, he might have read it. I am REALLY looking forward to this film very much!!!
  9. My book (“Piano Vocal Selections from The Phantom of the Opera: Includes material from the movie.”) has arrived!!! It is so beautiful!!! And there are so many beautiful pictures!!! I am so happy to have it!!! Thank you very much!!!
  10. Although I am not really a fan of action films, I am looking forward to seeing Gamer very much, too. In our country, it is going to be released the same day as TUT (Sept. 17), so I am tempted to go and see both films in the same day!!!
  11. I think his trainer is too strict with him. He is very slim, almost skinny now, so why shouldn't he eat a little bit? There are other people (for example, my boyfriend and I) who would really need an assistant to remove excessive food from a fridge!!!
  12. He should know that we love him for being himself, and should live life he enjoys, not just to please anybody else!!!
  13. Thanks for posting the article, it is really a very good one!!! He must be so terribly tired these days! I believe it is rewarding as well, but his schedule is too busy now. It was nice to hear that LAC is "put together" already (if it can be screened, even for a closed group of people). I am really looking forward to this film very much (and for those that will come before as well, but maybe for LAC even more so).
  14. I love GB!!! And I love Bonnie from the Tribute - I am still playing again and again their interview to Dear Frankie, but this one is also very cute!!! I wish it was available for downoading!!!
  15. Thank you so much for the link and especially for the promise to put it for downloading!!! Both the interviews were so funny, and he seemed so relaxed, I would love to watch it again and again!!! It has been a long time since we saw him like this!!!! I am more and more looking forward to seeing the film!!! It will be almost two more months here, but I am sure it will be great!!!
  16. Well, DVD and a big screen really do make a difference!!! In our country, they are supposed to release both TUT and the Gamer on the same date!!! I would like to persuade my boyfriend to go with me and watch this multiple pleasure together, but he still seems to be a kind of reluctant to do that (for me?). But there is still a hope - the release date for both the films in our country is September 17, so I have some time left...
  17. I must say that although I liked all the interviews in "The Wrath of Gods" very much, I cannot approve of the behaviour of the inteviewers in it!!! They knew how much he must have been tired, but they kept on interviewing... As to LAC, so far, I remember just very brief interviews and an article about that. On some other website (I now really do not remember where, I just downloaded the thing) I downloaded the whole script of it, and it looked really interesting!!! I do not want to give any spoilers for who did not read it there, also, according to the article where GB spoke about it (how he liked, as a co-producer, to modify the script), I do not know if the script was what we will see, but I am longing for the film very much, because I hope this would really be something!!! And I really do not think he is not serious any more in the inteviews!!! Of course, there is a difference between an impromptu question in the street (which I would not be able to answer at all), and a seriously meant inteview, where he gets much more serious and introspective.
  18. I fully agree with Andrea. I got my DVD last Friday, and still cannot get enought to listen to these interviews!!! He is really amazing!!! The DVD is definitely worth having!!! Of course, there are many wonderful interviews (practically all his interviews). He did also very nice interviews about Dear Frankie. Becozy even made a special thread of them for Con/Virtual Con where they are all together. I love especially the one with a reporter named Bonnie.
  19. I cannot express my thanks better than the others already did, but I would like to join you - it was GREAT that Virtual Con was organized this way, we could feel as if we were with you, really connected!!! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!
  20. This was the most beutiful morning surprise for me!!!!!!!!!! He is sooooooooooooo nice and sweet and adorable!!! And you are, that you brought the transcript so soon!!! I wish all the possible happiness in the world - especially to him and to you all!!!
  21. I just wanted to say that I got my DVD yesterday (of course, ordered via the boutique, and in less than two weeks, which was much earlier than they estimated)!!! I am so happy to have it!!! Both the interview and (especially some of) extra scenes are really worth it!!! But I must say that I felt very sorry for him, too. Even in the "long" interview it was visible how terribly tired he must have been, but he still was so nice!!! Who knows how long they would have interviewed him if the tape had not run out. Not speaking about the "Mud Interview", of course. So was the "You're in the Movies" thing the new addition? So I am glad I have this version, although I must say again - poor little boy! And he is such a sweetheart (as we already know, of course)!!!
  22. Thank you so much for keeping us updated!!!!! He is such a wonderful man!!! I cannot wait to hear/see his call!!! I wish you - and him, especially - all the best, not only for this weekend!!!
  23. Thank you!!! I will try to post it, as it is. I do not know if you can call it really a story, but this is how I always thought the story "behind" Dear Frankie and after the film story was, in an ideal way. Forgive me, I am not a native speaker, so some expressions will probably look clumsy and/or unnatural for you, but I hope the whole idea is understandable. Thank you once again for your wonderful work, and I wish to all of you a beautiful party in Vegas!!! Dear Frankie - (Before and) After the Ending April 7 Johnnie has changed a lot. When Rose left him, it was as if something died inside him. He left London and returned back home, to Glasgow. Marie found him a job in a port. He liked his job – and all these sailors from different ships coming and telling stories from all over the world – he felt as if he sailed with them. He did not want to get involved with any of those treacherous women any more! Well, his sister Marie was different. She was always so nice to him! Actually, it was a big surprise when she called the other day – after such a long time... At first, he hesitated a little bit. “Becoming” a sailor? Well, this should not be a problem. Actually, he could quite easily pretend working on “Accra”. He even knew some people there. But the boy – how to deal with the boy? He almost hated those noisy kids, especially when he wanted to sleep after a night shift! But Marie asked him so nicely for it... And it was just for one day... When he went to meet Lizzie, he was very nervous, so he put on his usual mask – “a tough guy”. He was really touched by her love and devotion to Frankie. And she was so lovely, in her own way! He read the letters she gave him again and again. He should probably buy the boy a present, but had no idea what to buy. He went into a bookstore... Waiting for Frankie was endless (if only they did not live with her mother!). When Frankie hugged him, he was moved so much!!! Of course, he could not have showed it. The money – he did not want anything, but Lizzie seemed to be less nervous this way. He started loving them both, and he wanted desperately to see them again – and he was so proud he succeeded in arranging it at least for Sunday!!! Now the weekend with Frankie was over. He held the wooden seahorse in his hands, and he felt lonely. He was sure Frankie would like to see him again. He did not know about Lizzie, but there was a hope. He reflected for some time. He decided to write a letter to Lizzie. He did not want to be the stranger for them anymore. He wanted to tell Lizzie who he really was. Well, his job may not be as appealing as being a sailor, but it is a decent job, well paid... He can support a family. They could meet again – he could tell Frankie that he has just now decided to change his job to be more with his boy. First they could meet from time to time, and if everything works, every weekend, every day ... April 17 Lizzie was walking down the street. She did not want to stay with any other man after what she went through with Dave. It even was not possible when Dave was alive. But now Dave is dead. And Frankie needs a good father. That man was so nice to him (and to her, too). And when he kissed her... and his eyes... and this beautiful voice!!! But these sailors ... a woman in every port, that is what they say. Is there a way to contact him? The ship has left already. But Marie arranged for the meeting before the ship arrived, so there must be a way they communicate. Should she ask her? She got inside the building, opened a mailbox. A letter for her? Jonathan Donne from Glasgow? Who is he? Lizzie finished reading the letter. As if he read her thoughts!!! And he is not a sailor and lives so close!!! How comes they have not met before? Lizzie started writing a letter to Johnnie. May 4 Frankie was excited – it must have been his wooden seahorse who helped him (when he was giving it to the man, he wished so desperately he would come again). So he will see him tomorrow!!! And he would take him to the port! And his mother bought a new dress and went to a hairstylist! He could not even sleep; he was looking forward so much!!! November 7 Marie was leaving the wedding agency. Everything is arranged now. Finally the three people she really cared for - Johnnie, Lizzie, and Frankie - will be truly connected!!!
  24. Thank you very much for the post!!! When I read that: "My friend reports that he was the sweetest and nicest celebrity she has ever seen on a game", I started loving him even more than I do already!!! He is soooooooooooo sweet!!!
  25. I just wanted to know how we will find out that the thread is opened. I know that I might seem to be restless - because of the time shift, it is Friday afternoon here already, so I do not know if it is not too late to join.
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