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  1. Hello, everybody!!! It is amazing to be contacted this way!!! I have just got up (it is Friday morning, 6.30 a. m., here), and I am getting ready to work. I feel like having a really good "Americano - Strong", prefereably in a right environment with the right company (well, I have already made a cup of strong coffee, but a different one). Have a nice convention, those who are there!!!
  2. Hello, ladies!!! I wish you to enjoy the Convention!!! If you were not so far away, I would have come for sure, but we can be connected at least this way!!! Dana - Donnie
  3. Thank you for your answer, and especially for all the effort you put to GALS activities all the time!!!
  4. So is there still time to register? I don't want to miss it, if it was opened just for some time (when it could be night here)!
  5. And how should we register? There were not any clear guidelines given.
  6. But it does not make a distinction between the articles and the other words!!! BTW, I have two questions: 1. Can anybody take part, or is it necessary to register before somehow (I tried to write something, and it is almost ready)? and, if the answer to the question 1 is positive: 2. What time and how the thread will be opened (because of the time shift)? Thank you very much!!! :wave:
  7. Actually, I cannot see anything inappropriate in his behaviour. To go to places, meet people - and also be seen by others - is a part of his profession (especially as a producer). It might have been a coincidence that there were more events like that in one week - there are other times when we do not read of any "party" he went for several months!!! The fact that he attended a social event does not necessarilly mean that he stood long hours there, behaved wildly, or anything we normally understand as "partying"!!! And yes, he looks wonderful, no matter what some stupid people say!!!
  8. Actually, I find it quite sad if he has to reply to rumors somebody else had invented without any reason... Of course, we all know how witty he is, I personally am looking forward to TUT very much and I am not willing to connect him to any of his characters, I just wish him a happy personal life!!!
  9. Thank you for posting!!! I would hate to live in a world like that, and I hope we can prevent it to happen!!! Acutally, I was freightened that the "Gamer" might turn out to be just one of the ordinary action films I would never be willing to go and see (well, if GB is a leading characters of it, I might go and see it, but I would be an exception of the circle of people I know would go to see a good film here) - but from what you are posting here, it looks more and more interesting!!! I might even persuade my boyfriend to go with me (who, for some reasons "not comprehindable for me" does not like GB too much, but, otherwise, is a big action hero "coach" fan)!!!
  10. I must say I am just happy to see him to be OK (at least, this is what the pictures show)!!! After what I hear reporting from France now, I do not care what T-shirt he wore in LA and why (might have been because of too much hurry, or he was somehow sentimental to this particular T-shirt for some reason...) I just love to see him to be safe at (one of his more, but anyway) home!!!
  11. He looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the pictures!!!
  12. Thank you so much for the information!!! It shows how wonderful this man is!!! Hopefully, he feels better now (as we saw from the pictures)!!!
  13. Thank you very much for the link!!! This looks much better than the "Italian trailer" that leaked before. Hopefully, it looks like it is going to be much more complex than just a pure action film. I kind of start being looking forward to it!!!
  14. Thank you for posting the picture!!! This is really something so different from what we saw so far!!! I am looking forward to seeing it!!! I somehow hope his character will not be really a "genuine" villain, that his anger and desire for vengeance that we see from the picture will be understandable from what had happened to him... Well, let's wait and see. I have really very high expectations as to this film....
  15. I must say that I love Mr. Butler as an actor, I believe he is a wonderful man, and I wish him all the possible happiness in his life!!! And if there is any way I can support him in his career, I would be more than happy to do so!!! Also, I believe he would be a perfect friend - but just a friend (to me). And I really wish him to find somebody to be much more than that to him (if the person does not exist already - in that case, I just wish much happiness to both of them)!!! I have also my real boyfriend - he has his birthday just today and I am anxiously waiting for him to come home - and I will never do anything to dissappoint him. So far, he is, of course, well aware of the fact that I am a GB fan as well - but he knows he is the "real" one, and even if GB appeared here in person (which is highly improbable) and he wanted me (which is practically impossible), I would not betray my Martin!!!
  16. Yes, he does look gorgeous!!! But I am not really sure if he was so happy to have been photographed again... In any case - thank you for the link!!!
  17. I cannot wait to see the whole thing!!! Thank you for the link!!!
  18. It is nice to see him at home again! We can only speculate if he was tired or not while these pictures were taken - both of them are "staged" a little bit, especially the first one, but I hope he enjoyed his time!!!
  19. They definitely play with the words; reminder to "Citizen Kane" is clear also from the "rosebud" remark (referred to in another thread here). I must say that my first conotation of "Citizen Game" title was "the game of citizens", meaning that apparently decent and respectable citizens of that time play with lives of other living people... So, I did not understand the title as referring to GB character, but to the others that are able to do that - especially if we knew that GB characer was, in fact, innocent (actually, if that aspect is present in the film, I will be more than anxious to see that, otherwise, it would be "just another" thriller that definitely will be interesting for me as GB fan, but its value for the others might be questionable...).
  20. I must confess that my GALS started exactly in the same way! It was some 2 years ago, I bought POTO on DVD (2disc edition) and liked it very much, then I watched the extra features, and then it happened. Those shots with him having the prosthectics made (and then smiling), the big respect and passion he showed during the interview, these were things that really impressed me (and still do if I watch it again).
  21. Thank you so much for the link!!! I was able to download it only now (it was busy before). I haven't seen the shots from filming before - and he is soooooooo cute there!!! I think I have already seen the last section (him with fans), but only a part of it.
  22. I have always thougt that that was a point of the film - that we do not know his name, real profession, etc. Of course, a real "Stranger" had his name, I would keep all my fingers crossed for them (him, Frankie, and Lizzy) to get together and form a perfect family - at least at some point in the future!!! Anyway, Dear Frankie still belongs at least to three best "things" I saw with GB (together with POTO and The Jury).
  23. I received the DVD today!!! That was quick!!! The "European" (UK) edition is on a single disc, with a commentary (G. Ritchie and M. Strong), a deleted scene and "Guy's Town" (as those of you from Europe know already). I had to watch all the extra features immediately, now, I can slowly enjoy every single scene again. I like the film (and especially his performance, of course) more and more!!!
  24. I pre-ordered my DVD in Amazon UK (they offered 1 disc edition only), and I have already received their e-mail that it was dispatched!!! If I remember it right, the official release day in UK is tomorrow, it will definitely take some more days for it to get here, but I am already looking forward to it so much!!!
  25. I went to the page and (I hope) casted the vote. (Who should play.../Vote for... Robert Burns). I looked at the total number of votes, and it really increased by 1 after my vote, so I assumed it worked. When I voted, GB had 78 per cent out of 134216 votes. So I hope the opinion of people is clear....
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