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  1. I spent about a half of year in D.C. in 1993 and I just loved it! BTW, it was when president Clinton was innaugurated for the first time, and, although I am not a US citizen, it was really a big experience to be there just at that time and see and feel it! I believe it has been even more so this year. So I fully understand him that he had to be there, and I believe he enjoyed it!!!
  2. I have seen the film just once by now and liked it, but it should be noticed that the distributor did a really poor job in this case, there are many countries (including ours - and it was announced and expected here already, also because of Czech actor Karel Roden who plays Uri in it) where the film was not released yet, or just got a limited release - how was it supposed to make money if people did not have a chance to go and see it? BTW, worldwide box office sales are USD 22.5 million, which is not so bad, if you take into account how it was "distributed". And, as was already noticed, I believe that DVD sales will add to the total (I have already ordered mine from UK).
  3. It is nice to see him like that (on a beach), of course, if he was coming from the frost like the thing we have here, he must protect himself, so he is dressed more than people living there continuously might have expected. I hope that by now, he had recovered from the jet lag, and he is happily preparing himself for this night (we have 2009 here already, you will have to welcome the New Year yet), and I wish him and all of you to see only nice and pleasant things in 2009, to have much success and happiness, and may all your wishes come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you for the link!!! He does look great in this shirt, and I love this hairstyle on him, but - I also think he should have stayed at home for a longer time!!! He does look tired, which would be understandable, and I also think he was not so happy about being photographed again - couldn't they have left him spend his private time privately? Anyway, Happy New 2009 Year to all the GALS!!!
  5. I've just played it for 5 times. It is nice to see so many positive words together (so far, I played this game with pictures only)! I am definitely going to play again - I hope it helps!!!
  6. Dear Mr. Butler! I would like to wish you - and not just for your birthday - much happiness, love, good luck, and everything nice you can even think of!!!! I hope only nice and supportive people are always around you. You have achieved so much so far, and we - all youf fans around the world - will always keep fingers crossed for you to have much further success and joy (at least as much as you bring to us) both in your personal and professional life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. My T-Shirt has arrived on Thursday and today I had it on for the first time (in a gym)! It is really beautiful!!! Well, it shows my belly more than I would like to, but it is just one more reason to do something about it (the belly, not the t-shirt). On the other hand, the design is really beautiful and would not be so nice if the t-shirt was too loose... BTW, how should I send money for the postage? The same way as the payment for the t-shirt?
  8. Well, it is too early to evaluate it, we do not know the whole script, and we do not know how the director will approach it. I still feel that the change of directors did hurt the film somehow (I think that, at least in our country, the name of Mr. Darabont itself might have drawn more people to cinemas). As to switching the roles - if those two characters would be "leveled players", I am sure Mr. Butler would be excellent in both roles. It still looks like a very interesting project for me, it seems like neither of them is going to be "black" or "white". I wish much success for the project and am looking forward to see the "outcome" very much!!!
  9. I have downloaded the video from somewhere more than a year ago, I am not sure where from, it was a time when I searched the web quite randomly, there also was one Spanish page with a lot of downloads that does not seem to work any more. I really do not remember any more, I have downloaded it for myself and did not want to refer to it publicly, as it was not mine. But I have already sent it to some of you, and I think that somebody has already reacted they had it too (there were several threads on this call around already). But it is just the video clip that was seen on YouTube, not the video inside the phone.
  10. Dear Mr. Butler! I probably would not have written to you otherwise, I am not such a good writer, and, as a non-native speaker, also the "feeling of the language" might be lacking. But I just wanted to tell you that - based on the impression you made on me both by your characters and numerous interviews I have seen or read - you have impressed me very much, and I believe in you (and always will), I am sure you always do the right things, and you will always have my full support!!!! I wish you much good luck and all the possible happiness both in your professional and in your personal life!!! And hope everything will turn out well for you!!! Dana
  11. I am afraid all we can say about the video would be just speculations. I personally did not see anything inappropriate on this video itself. We did not hear a word of what they really were speaking about, we just assume certain things (taking into account how TMZ commented on the video). But - does the fact that he visited a bar really necessarilly mean he went to spend a "wild night" there? What if he just went there "on business" - to meet certain people important for his project coming. What if the young woman was just one of these people (they could have started the conversation before, inside the bar) and all this was about her possible involvement in LAC? Well, it would look like a typical excuse that "people from THE industry" would make to relate to young pretty girls, but it may sometimes really happen. I do not say he is a saint, maybe he did want something else - after all, why not, he is single and adult and can do whatever he wants, but maybe this all was totally innocent.... Just remind the gossips that were made about him and Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston.
  12. Donnie

    Our Gerry

    As to IMDb message boards, I must admit that I watch it from time to time (for several months already, but never have registered and/or posted); of course, we even cannot agree with everything that is written there. But, first of all, that is not a fan site - so people posting there necessarilly have much broader range of opinions than we do - there are fans there, but there are also people much more critical (for different reasons, I assume), there are posts openly provoking.... But I am sure you all know it from "normal life" as well. There must be thousands of boards like that on IMDb (of all the films and people...), there are critical (or even "ugly") comments on the other boards as well. By registering at this site, we all openly admit we have GALS (probably of different strength, but definitely we all are somehow "positively biased" as to GB). We must admit that not everybody is like that, and, unless the posts are really offensive (which is - even over there - only a minority of the posts) there is not much we can do about it, I am afraid.
  13. In this case, I think it was a mistake, but not of IMDb, but that of the producer of DVD; unlike other films, IMDb explicitly states "as Gerald Butler" - I understood this as their implication that something was wrong with his name in this particular case. I have not seen the "real product" I do not have this DVD, and, unless there is a very favourable offer, I even do not want to get it - Chekhov, and especially this particular play, is so notoriously known here, the role of Yasha is relatively small, and I believe the relevant scenes are on YouTube anyway (so I have seen them, of course) ...
  14. Still clicking!!! It is nice to see the result, at least for a short while!!!
  15. Still clicking (usually twice a day)!!! BTW, does anybody know how far we are?
  16. Thank you for the post! In our country, there is a project inspired by "Big Issue" to support socially disadvantaged people, I buy it from time to time to help them (actually, it is usually quite interesting, because, unlike most magazines, they are really independent). But this was in another country.... As to the article - it looks like he really had so many interviews in connection with London RnR premiere, that we even cannot imagine how tired he was (no wonder the author of the "Tormented Torso" wrote what she did). It is a pity - I have always thought that for him, the premiere is a reward after working so hard, but it looks like he was not able to enjoy it properly this time (I hope that normally he does). I believe that he found enough time to relax at least after that - after all, it is more than two weeks we have not heard about him.... As to the cloning, I do not support the idea so much, he cannot be substituted by anybody!!!!!!!!!
  17. Thank you for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I still cannot help it - he is so irresistibly sweet and cute, and, first of all, such a great versatile actor, I think it is wasting his energy to make him "just" an action hero (I know that it is physically very demanding, but the critics will not appreciate it anyway), which probably MH wants to do, he can show so much more as a real actor, I hope he will (or already did, we just have not seen it yet)!!!!!!!
  18. Still clicking every day! The change of the site is quite confusing, but as long as they count the clicks, I think we should continue in it.
  19. Still clicking!!! The page somehow changed, I cannot see the line now, I hope they still count it!!!
  20. I looked at the original page, and it gave me this translation: Gerard Butler to the popular rock model? DAっYOKAっsexy and cool and a lot of famous people have called, like so many people. 稲尾's like the old. Like Beckham, Yon-sama,大黒様, like Benicio Del Toro Toro, and the dove-like. The Phantom of the Opera, the popularity of the 300決定DZUKETA at the Gerald Butler 10, 2007, TOHO Cinemas, Roppongi Hills was held at the U.S. movie, starring AIRAVUYU PS (Director Richard RAGURAVENEZU, published October 18) Japan's Premier, made greeting stages. The film, the beloved husband (Butler) can not accept the death of his wife (Hilary Swank), based on the story late receive a letter from her husband. Butler said the main character suffer and feel, "when I was a child, in PENPARUKURABU have been well-written letter. Was in Paris when his girlfriend, a long, long have sent a love letter .切NAKU now thought to be a pretext, "a declaration of love in the past. On the other hand, the model of special guests, was given a bouquet from Keiko Mayama, "it's a very nice person. I fell in love," was very shy. The next day, 11, 2007 at a press conference held on a two-time Oscar-winning co-star Hilary Swank and all the way over to the "most wonderful thing in this movie, Hillary. Glad to be together," Butler. The day was also真山as a guest from the rostrum will be given a bouquet, "I fell in love today," he said. 真山, "The movie played in the Butler men's and women's perfect for anyone. Butler's real, and I'm really like. I kind of a unique". Butler, described the unique and seemed to be subtle, but "this work, as well as women and men was very sympathetic. We also enjoy the emotional story with us," said PR . This is a subtitle of the picture of GB holding the camera: "I borrowed a cameras catch me in the interview," while shooting the reporters gathered elfin Butler appeared. 2, 2007 to continue to rock the model's smile真山 But it needs very badly a nice Japanese GAL to translate it properly, so that we know what exactly the article says!
  21. I am also still clicking! So some more clicks are necessary! At least, it is over 250,000!!!!
  22. I can see the same thing from here since last night (which is since about 8 hours ago). Still clicking anyway. I suppose that there would be some kind of a notice when all the "clicking" should be ended.............
  23. Still clicking every day, if possible, from more computers! I hope it helps!
  24. Thank you for posting it!!! Really great and wise advice! He is such a wonderful man!!!
  25. I agree. I have no experience with a relation where money would be the only (or a very dominant) issue. Well, now (if nothing changes for worse) I am financially quite independent (I cannot say I have tonnes of money, but I can afford what I really need), also I am too old for having children (and considering the fact that you will lose your income for some time). So, for me, definitely not. A different issue would be whether I would marry for love only if there were really no money (or almost no), because you need at least something to live on.
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