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  1. It was so cute! Well, I assume the Scottish kilt and cap were a homage to Mr. Butler; when the moderator was speaking about Scotland, so he was dressed like that. I do not speak a word in Japanese, but it was apparently a part of the show, and they brought Mr. Butler to give a task to the competitors. I believe English and Japanese are so much different as languages that it was very difficult for them to understand the question. At least the answers looked very differently - although I could not read them, of course - it would be interesting to see the translation, how the task was understood by different competitors. But it was very interesting to see it, although I understood only these few words in English! BTW, do you remember clips from Japan related to POTO?
  2. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks so wonderful again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, for me, 4 pictures did not work, but if they are like these I saw..............................just a dream!!!
  3. Thank you very much for posting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, you complain about having to wait for something more than one month, just imagine that there are people here who will have to wait until the beginning of January (in our country it will be released only on January 8)! But, especially if you compare it with recent pictures/videos, it is visible that he was not well when filming it, especially when he was being interviewed.
  4. Thank you for the article! I also hope that this "beer or two" just implies that he still visits the place like a normal "local guy" (well, he might be drinking a ginger ale or non-alcoholic beer, and actually, this amount of alcohol does not hurt an adult person if you stay with that, but I believe him he stays with his principles).
  5. Thank you so much for posting these pictures!!!!!! For me, it was not a nice waking up (I already have all waking-ups very nice with his voice), but a very pleasant end of my day at work (it is 6 p. m. here and it is raining outside, but when I see these pictures, it does not matter at all!!!!!!) I hope he was at least as happy as he made us happy by looking so nice and relaxed!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I love him so much when he is interviewed by somebody like "Bonnie" (I do not know her full name) or Rebecca Murray! They are (all three of them) so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He seems to be so relaxed here, it is visible that he spoke to somebody he knows he can trust. BTW - do you think that he already knew about RnR box office sales when speaking to her?
  7. BTW, I wonder when and to whom he really said these words. It seems to me to be exactly the same quotations as in "The Tormented Torso", only in different context! But he is soooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Gerard Butler, star of the well-received Guy Ritchie caper, RocknRolla. It is so nice to read!!!!! I wish him so much to have a REALLY BIG success in everything he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thank you for such a good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's hope it will be followed by similar ones from following weeks and countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure they are all happier now!!!!!!!
  10. I just wanted to note that we are speaking about the article about an interview - we did not hear and see the interview itself, only some parts of it, the rest is an interpretation of the reporter. Also, the mood he was in (and could have been described well) might have been caused by various and multiple reasons. He might have still been tired and jet-lagged after the journey. Also, I believe he must have been nervous before the premiere - we know that some people in Britain just did not want to like the film (although finally some of them did). He was an important part of the team who made it, invested a lot into it - emotionally, health-wise, so, obviously, it is very important for him that the film is received well. All the "red-carpet events" in general must be also a very special thing - not only for fans, but also for the stars involved. I can imagine there might be something like stage fever present..... Actually, I would be very curious to know how he really feels before and during events like that. I think it was not the best thing from a reporter to ask him about the future in an occassion like that. He must have been fully focused on the premiere and did not think much about what will be in 5 years (BTW, does anybody of you have a clear idea where you will be?). Of course, nobody will become younger, but there are so many possibilities for gifted middle-aged actors (especially when they look like GB), so I would not worry about that. Of course, the part of the public that still cannot see him otherwise than in a leather codpiece, and does not see anything more than his body, will have to realize that he is a brilliant and versatile actor and will play different roles in the future. I hope that now he is in much better mood (I am just looking at pictures of him laughing at TIFF), and if he has any personal doubts or worries, that he solves them as soon as possible! He has already achieved such a tremendous success, and I believe there will be much more! So I wish him all the possible happiness - both in personal and in professional life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I think the other video was taken from a different angle, so now we can see "the whole picture". It is really terrible how some people can behave, and I wish he did not have to go through things like this - but thank you for the link anyway!
  12. I have just tried to send the money through PayPal - I used it for the 3rd time only, so I hope it works. I would like to order 1 T-shirt (they are really beautiful!), female, XL. If the money comes OK, please contact me because of the postage, it would be more expensive than to the US. If there are problems with the payment, let me know, I will try it again. I wish all the success to all of you personally, and to GCF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I must say I found this article rather superficial. No matter what a degree she might possess, she definitely is not a good psychologist. And she probably was not well aware of whom is she speaking to. Even if she got the feelings about him she describes (and I believe he might have said things that supported it - probably he should not have been so open to unknown people like her), it is not a thing you would write to a widely-read newspaper, especially when a new film is to be released tomorrow and people should have rather positive attitudes (both about the film and the actors) to go and see it. Well, we all know already that he is MUCH more than just "a piece of flesh", no matter how beautiful one, and that he is a very deeply thinking person. I think that no matter how you decide, there are always good and bad things about all your choices (both in professional and personal life), and you will always have doubts whether your decision was the right one. I also believe that such an "unsettled" way of life film actors have, with no permanent place to stay, no permanent group of people to work with, makes it much more difficult to have a normal personal life and does not add too much to its stability. I would not chose it, if he did, there are pros and cons going with that. If he feels like that was enough and decides to try something else, I would be totally fine - I already have DVDs with 18 films he is in, I can watch it again and again. I just do not wish him to be sad and unhappy. It is a question whether he even wants to be completely stable and happy (well, it even cannot exist 100%, otherwise you will not realize how happy you are if you are), maybe he even needs a certain level of doubt as a "driving force", but I really wish him to achieve whatever he wants. I know I cannot help him in it, I would like to, but it is something he must decide himself. And I am sure he will do the right thing!!!
  14. Thank you very much for the link! He is so cute! I love him more and more (well, I hope my boyfriend does not read this)!
  15. He looks so great (well, he always does so!!!). But when is he going to go to Toronto? It is such a short time to go there! Well, it is much easier if you do not drink, but still, you have to have some sleeping!!! P.S. Sorry for double post, it was not meant like this.
  16. I think we still have not enough information of how it really happened. I can understand that even if you do not feel OK you always have a conflict of responsibilities (even in my, much lower level, I usually do go and try to work no matter how I feel, because otherwise, someone else would have to substitute for me for projects already arranged for). In this case, nobody else would be able to substitute for him, so I believe Mr. Butler, knowing his devotion to work and knowing he knew how much money was already invested to get all the people on the site - really tried to do his best to meet his obligation. You never know, when not feeling well, if it is just an ordinary cold that will pass away in few days, or something more serious. There is always a conflict that you will cause problems if you do come to work and might infect the others, and if you do not come to work and let the others work for you, and if your job is practically irreplacable, as it was in this case, I fully understand that he came to work and did his best, and she might have been threatened because she did not know whether the illness could not have been infectious, and she had her family... It is really difficult to judge the others now, after one year. They might have reschedule the filming, but maybe it was the last scene to be filmed in a particular setting... Anyways, I am just looking forward to seeing the whole thing in our cinemas, and I really wish him much success and happiness, and, especially, strong and good health and no more problems while filming other films!
  17. I am afraid it was not "just a cold", at least according to what they wrote after and how he looked like in clips Extra made at that time, it looked much more serious than that. Of course, we do not know for sure, but I think he should have cured it properly then (not just by vitamin injections, even though they were administered by such a "fluent" nurse). I do not blame Ms. Newton for not kissing him under those circumstances (although, like many of you, I would be more than willing to do that).
  18. Maybe his nickname (One Two) answers this question.... But anyway, now we should be looking forward to the first part (after the interview, I want to see it more and more) and not speculate about the others.
  19. It is good they are going to release it! I still think it is one of the best things he was in and his performance is just amazing! I got (after some difficulties) UK 2 disc edition, it is more practical (and affordable pricewise) than those big boxes that existed before (but there was a picture of GB on the cover).
  20. I must say that I watched it really only now (everybody has left, well, if I were in London just now, there would not be a problem to go to Leicester Square any longer, but I am some 1,000 kilometres - and without a direct connection - from there) - and it is wonderful, I wish I could see the film as soon as possible (well, officially it will be on January 9 here, earlier in some surrounding countries), the scene they showed was so funny! I would like to see the whole thing!!!
  21. Thank you for the information! I have just watched it on http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7591501.stm - hope it will stay there! And good luck to all of you who are probably there (in London, I am lurking at Leicester Square web camera occassionally - http://www.camvista.com/england/london/leicestersquare.php3 ) already! I considered the idea myself, but today, I really had to be in my office.
  22. Still clicking! This week, I managed to click 3 times a day (from different computers, of course)! Of course, during a weekend, I will be able to use only mine. But the line looks much better now.
  23. First of all, I know that I would not be the best fit for him, for various reasons. If my presence would really help him, I am sure I would do everything to be with him everywhere (which would require a complete change of job prospects for me), but I think that while filming, he must be very busy and tired, has his circle of people to communicate, so I am not even sure if he would like his partner to be really all the time with him and just wait for him.
  24. Thank you for the update!!!!!!!! They have already announced it for our country as well, for May 28, 2009. I must say that I am looking forward more to other films, but I will definitely go and see it!!!!!!!
  25. I think I am (and will be) a "sure thing" (of course, with the exception of POTO, that "caused" everything). So far, I saw on a big screen only PSILY (7 times) and Nim's Island (5 times), but would not go and see any of them if he was not in it. And I will go and see all films in the future, although some of them do not look like "my cup of tea". Also, I bought all DVDs available in this region (some of the films are available only in Region 1 format, some older ones are not distributed here... And I even have "Lucy Sullivan") - so far, I have 16 of them, and trying to get more. So I think I am a sure thing.
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