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  1. Clicking every day! I had to skip one week because of vacation, but now I am trying to find more computers to click from to make it up!
  2. He is so wonderful to us, is not he? You wanted to see him in shorts - so he did. What else do you want him to do? He is just gorgeous! It is so good that he takes care of his health, too. And now, we have to let him to enjoy his time, to work freely, if he wants to.... He is such a cute boy, isn't he?
  3. I am clicking again! But, because of different time zones, your click was at 4:40 AM our time, so you were the first!
  4. In the film, Enniskerry was supposed to be Gerry's birthplace (Holly was asking William to take her there to see Gerry's parents). Also, the logo of the firm appeared in letterheads of all Gerry's letters, and also on coffee mugs they had at home (it was nicely seen in the scene where Holly "brought" Gerry a cup of coffee and put the mug on the urn). I noticed it when I saw the film for the second time (but it was easier for me, as I saw it subtitled, so I saw the name of the place written).
  5. I got my presents today! I was so happy to get it! Everything is so nice - the keychain, the bookmark, the card and "Gerryfetties"!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! You were so nice to send it!!! And the postal service worked perfectly, too (it was sent on Thursday, and on Tuesday it was here).
  6. I do not know how they did it, but there are three screencaps on GB Angels (http://pub3.bravenet.com/photocenter/album.php?usernum=257612822&album=35669). As you can see, there really was not too much of him to be seen. I must say that I tried to watch carefully when they showed the film on our TV, but did not notice GB in the film at all (maybe it was also because the film was dubbed, so one feature, that could have been very distinctive, was lost this way). But he was listed in final credits.
  7. I agree with what Moira said, but ladies (some of you at least), please, don't torture yourselves because of pure speculations! What can we see in the pictures? Well, GB was walking in NY and met a lady he knew and saw also on January 1. I personally do not consider this to be a solid proof of a serious engagement. Don't forget that these are paparazzi pictures, so even if he did not know the lady at all, they would make it look like completely differently. The only thing we could somehow take for granted is that he is in NY (or, at least, was when those pictures were taken). And his personal life is his personal life! I am afraid, we do not know him enough to give him a relevant advise (although we might feel like knowing him well after reading and listening so much about him), so we will have to leave it to him. If we speculated about every woman that appeared around him (and he happened to read it), it would not help him too much.
  8. Unfortunatelly, I am still waiting for the DVD (I ordered it together with Nims Island), so I cannot join your discussion about the film - maybe later. But, according to IMDb, the award was a "Certificate Of Bravery" from The Royal Humane Society. In some sources, they write he saved the boy during the filming, somewhere else I read it was a year after it, when GB went with his mother to the filming location (and stayed in the same hotel - maybe he even told it in one of JL shows?). Also, I do not think it was a Hollywood film, it was British, but it was the first film he appeared (if we do not count "The Bodyguard", where he appeared as a sort of extra). If this thread goes on, I will join it again later when I see the film (which might still take some time, Nims Island DVD is supposed to be released in UK on August 25).
  9. Still clicking regularly!!! The goal is closer!!!
  10. This comment is all being taken out of context . . . here's what happened . . . She came up to the mike and was on the jumbo tron. Gery DID laugh and say, "You're fooking nuts!" Then he re-canted or something . . . I barely remember. Her face did fall and she was in near tears, but he realized what he had said was not nice. But you know what? Everyone has stupid moments, and just because Gerry is famous doesn't mean he's immune from making mistakes. What's also funny is that there has not been ONE picture of her yet! I know what she looks like, and so do the GALS who were there, but no pictures are being shown yet. Interesting. She really wasn't that bad, to be honest. But he probably wasn't used to seeing someone dressed up for something he's involved in. Ah, forgive him . . . he's just a dude . . . Lisa Was it the lady starting at about 1 min. 12 sec. of ?
  11. Thank you very much for the link! R. Murray is always so great when interviewing him (it is a pity they did not have more time, like in 2006 ComicCon)!
  12. Thank you for the link, these pictures are beautiful! But it really says that they should not be posted elsewhere without permission. BTW, if you go to the main page of www.gerardbutler.fr (there is a very nice picture of him!), it confirms that those pictures are from March 12 just before leaving for Nims Island (press events?). Gerard was on his journey to India (to find himself again? My French is not very good either). But thanks a lot! I did not know about this site!
  13. Thank you for posting it! It is so wonderful to see and especially hear him! And if the camera stood closer and from the front (to see his beautiful eyes.......)
  14. I don't think it is shaved. It is just not so visible, when he is so nicely suntanned. But if you enlarge the pictures a little bit....
  15. Thank you for the link! It was so different from the others. The camera was well placed (in a different angle, and, especially, closer to GB), so the impression was somehow more immediate.
  16. Still clicking daily! Hope we will reach the goal soon!
  17. It is nice to read - I was so happy when I saw him so relaxed after having been at home, it would have been sad if his things had got lost (I can imagine how tired he must have been after the flight). Another "proof" that his fans really like him (which is good and he deserves it so much!)
  18. Still clicking! I had to skip one day, but otherwise I keep clicking every day, sometimes more times (if I can get to more computers)!
  19. Thank you very much for the link! I will watch it as soon as I get home (which will be on Saturday, now I am in Internet cafe)! I suppose it will be very interesting to see (I accidentally got to the ending of it when I was looking for something else, so I already know that it will be different), although I do not have to say who will remain the best Phantom for me!
  20. Luv, I did not know about the TV adaptation. I saw only some older films based (sometimes quite loosely) on the book. It looks like this was more after the Leroux book (although not completely, according to the dialogue with the father). I will try to see it somehow (there are more clips from it on YouTube, but not the whole thing). And yes, Gounod music is beautiful! The final scene of Faust is breathtaking, especially if it is well performed (which it was in a clip), it brings tears into my eyes always when I see it! But I liked ALWs "operas" as well - the first two were nice parodies of opera cliches. And as to "Don Juan", especially the PONR, well, it is not necessary to tell anything, I suppose.
  21. 1. The Point of No Return 2. Music of the Night 3. No One Would Listen If there are more possibilities, I would also add The Phantom of the Opera, which was my favourite even before - but there is more Christine's part in it. It is as to singing - as to acting, there would be other "favourites".....
  22. I have read Leroux book, and did not have an impression that they really made love. For Erik, it was enough that Christine did not run away when seeing his face (I did not explain her "being kind to him" as being THAT kind). By the way, the Leroux book can be found on Internet, if you do not have access to a "paper" version of it, for example on http://www.readprint.com/work-716/Leroux-Gaston By the way, the idea of Erik having a closer relation with Mme Giry (in a musical version) seems quite possible, but if it was true, Erik would not tell Christine that: "That fate which condemns me to wallow in blood, has also denied me the joys of the flesh." (so it seems that Erik was totally unexperienced in that area).
  23. I have "Fanmily" button and magnet and "Don't ask "Gerry Who"" T-shirt from CafePress. The magnet is permanently on our fridge, as to the others, I wear it occassionally. The T-shirt (black one) is of a very good quality, and the design is very tasteful (although it mentions only "older" films).
  24. Still clicking! The line seems to move so nicely!
  25. Thank you very much for posting! I have not read the whole thing before (I knew some of the information, but probably from different interviews). It is very nice and informative.
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