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  1. I keep clicking! It is so nice to see the line moving, although it is still long way to go! But it will serve a good purpose!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dear Joanna: I totally agree with you! And this is what makes me worried if they want him to became just a tool to promote a certain brand of clothes to sell better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I must say I really do not like the idea that much. Money is a nice thing (and I really wish him to have A LOT of money!), the fact that a famous fashion designer noticed that he has a beautiful body is a nice thing (well, who would not?), but he is much more than that! Even now, everybody speaks just about his body, not so much about acting, I am afraid this might get even worse. Also, I do not know how much it adds to an image of a film producer. To me, it looks like those people are giving away a part of their personality (and are becoming a part of a brand they advertise).
  4. When PSILY was released, I was already addicted. I saw it seven times in the cinema (I still have the tickets), they showed it only for seven weeks in our area. Now I have it on DVD as well, but it is difficult to count, because I tend to watch only selected scenes. Of course, I like very much all the scenes he is in (should have been more), but, similarly to many of you, it is the scene of him playing "Love You Till the End" that I loved most.
  5. I am afraid I cannot send such a big file as a PM here. Could you write me a message and send me your e-mail where a file of such size could go through? Or to other people who have it. I am just sitting at a computer and it is there, so I can send it just now.
  6. I have it as a MP3 file (sound only), I do not remember where I downloaded it, I have it on my phone for about a year. It has 438 kB. Maybe it is even here in the Gallery, if not, I can send it somewhere, if you tell me where.
  7. Still clicking every day. It is nice to see the line so close to 200!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you for retyping the article and the interview! They were both so interesting! I cannot wait to see RocknRolla!!!!!!!!!!!! And GB is a wonderful person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thank you very much for the scans! The pictures are wonderful!!!!!! I will have to figure out how to read the text, but even looking at the pictures by itself is great!!!!!!!!!
  10. I still keep clicking every day from both of the computers. I hope it helps. And happy 4th July to all US GALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well, so far it looks more like a rumour. But I am not really excited about this idea, if it is true, and the notion of "Scottish playboy" in the article does not make me happy either. I think he does not have to sell himself to sell somebody else's clothes. He is good enough to be famous because of his own achievements.
  12. I hope he will be able to come to London! I have just started thinking about it - it's not so far from my country, and the beginning of September is not so busy for me yet.... Well, it does not depend on us, so let's hope....
  13. To tell the truth, I am not very enthusiastic about the idea of the prequel either. It would be extremely physically demanding (as Leonidas would have to be younger in the prequel), and I prefer him acting, not only fighting. Also, I think they should not have been so specific as to where his mother lives and what is her name (although at least one British tabloid has already done it). I think he should have a place where nobody can find him. Hopefully, he can enjoy his family and relax now with nobody annoying him.
  14. First of all, Bonnie Donna Jean, I wish you very much that everything goes well and you recover very soon! I am not a religious person, but I will keep my fingers crossed and think of you!!! Good luck!!!!! As to the trailer, the films looks very thrilling and definitely worth seeing. I am looking forward to seeing it (although it shoud be released here only in January 2009, I hope I will survive it). Also, I think that my boyfriend will enjoy it and will not go with me just because of me, but because the film itself (and, with him, more male audience as well)! It is true that there should have been more GB in the trailer, hopefully, there will be more of him in the film. We will see, maybe it is not just one-star film, so they possibly try to target the trailer on different groups of audience... In our country, it is (if at all) presented as Guy Ritchie's film with Karel Roden in it (he is a Czech actor, an excellent one, by the way, so people know him here - he is even visible in the trailer, he is the blond man wearing a white shirt, once also black jacket and a builder's helmet, probably representing a Russian "businessman", well, we will see how big his role is).
  15. Well, among those bored (and boring) schoolboys and compared with what they were wearing, nearly everybody would look like a style leader! And he is a real man, and it shows, whatever he wears (and he was dressed very nicely, and looked great in it, it is without any doubt!) I hope he will not follow the fashion line that was presented there!!!!!!!!!
  16. I hope he finally can do what he really wants to for some time. It somehow does not seems to me he really chose himself to go all these fashion shows, at least he didn't seem to enjoy it that much (who would? This is a pure business... Especially if the models were so pitiful as those in the spot). But it is a prestigeous event, if he was invited, and there was even a party in his honour... It was probably very difficult to refuse, even if he might have preferred to be in Scotland instead....
  17. It makes me so happy to read that he is (hopefully) at home again!!!!!!!!! I hope he can stay there and relax as long as possible in a way he prefers!!!!!
  18. Well, I have already voted, and stay with my choice from those characters that were in a poll. But, after seeing Nim's Island, there would be another favourite choice - Jack, the father. Because it not just the kiss and sexiness (which, I am sure, would be there), but overall impression of the person, that he is somebody you don't want to have just this kiss in common, somebody you can rely upon.... Thre way he treated both Nim and Alexandra (in the very last scene), it was somethin a really desirable man should be (well, I have a very nice relation, I don't complain, but this was such almost unimaginable ideal)!!! I think Jack was sexy not only because of his body, but also because of his behaviour.
  19. Thank you for the good news! I hope they start as soon as possible, and with HIM, of course!!!! He has already waited so long and (I hope still) wants so much to be in this project! And I would wish him really very much this to happen!!! And unfortunately, the age is important. Now it is just perfect, but if he continues working so hard (I am afraid he has grown older more than necessary in the last year or so - I would say since RocknRolla), and if they postpone the filming again, it really could happen they would consider a younger actor for the role (especially if there is a very acceptable choice in Scotland available).
  20. Unfortunatelly, I had a very limited access to Internet for the last week, but I started clicking regularly again! It is a pity only one click daily counts.
  21. Well, he looks great in everything, but in these pictures, he looks just wonderful!!!!!!!! Thank you for the link!
  22. So I finally saw Nim’s Island! It was in Germany, it was dubbed in German (and I understand German quite little, but it was the only possibility to see it), but I saw it!!!!!!!!!!! I could have enjoyed at least the picture (as far as I can tell, the dubbing was done well, the actor had a very pleasant voice, but it just was not HIS voice), but even that was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, there were not many people, except of me, several families with children, but it looked like everybody enjoyed the film very much. In our country, they will release it only next month, I am afraid it is very likely that it will be also dubbed.... but I am looking forward to seeing it already! BTW, Alexandra, if you read it, the „German“ Alex was Rover, too. I wonder what it will be like in Czech (so far, I only know that the title is translated as „Forgotten Island“ (in German, it was „The Island of Adventures“). I probably don’t have to say whose acting I loved most. It was great, how he was able to distinguish between those two characters. They were really two different people, different from him, and both very believable. Well, I must say I would have liked the film even more if they had put more scenes of Nim interacting with her father (NOT in that cold water, just talking, doing some safe things in the island - they were so nice together!) instead of the whole episode with pirates.
  23. Thank you for the link! He looks soooooooooo wonderful in these pictures! I hope he finally takes some rest - Italy could be a good location for it!!!!!!!!
  24. Thank you very much for posting the video! It felt almost like being at the Convention with all of you! Unfortunatelly, not being a native speaker, I really did not understand much, frankly speaking, almost nothing, but it was sweet to hear his voice. I am looking forward to the transcript so much!
  25. Well, it is true, you don't have to fill out practically anything in your profile, if you don't want to, so it is not necessary to fake the identity. Besides that, you can see most of the threads even as a non-member, not being logged on at all (although they would not be the most interesting ones). So anybody can see the discussions, not only him. I don't know about the others, but I did read this site before I registered here, and I do read other sites as well, so anybody else can do it.
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