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  1. It was so nice of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so nice of you to let us know! I am looking forward to hearing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you for the link! I didn't know about the one to the lyrics and this version of production notes!
  3. Thank you for the advice! I click every day, in workdays from both home and work computers. Both are quite quick, so I was clicking multiple times, if that does not count, I will click only once. But still - the line is moving, isn't it?
  4. Thank you for posting the pictures!!!! They are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is so much better if a good professional photographer takes pictures when GB wants it than if stupid paparazzis try to spy on him!
  5. I hope he is not as superficial as that, and neither should be we. I hope he wants to be a good actor and play in good films, not to be just somebody tabloids talk about. And this does not depend on paparazzis at all. I could live happily without seeing a single picture of him, if they let him work in peace. And if being a producer, director, or anything like that makes him more happy, it will be also OK. I hope we would like to support him (if there is any way we can do it), not just selfishly want to see him on expense of him loosing his privacy completely.
  6. Thank you very much for the link! It is true that he does not look too happy, but, not knowing the circumstances, we cannot say whether he was really sad, or just tired, or thinking about something... So, hopefully, he will have some free time now and will be able to relax a little bit and enjoy his time, whatever it may mean for him!!!! I just wish very much to see him to be really happy!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I think that many of these things are against the law even now, at least in our country. Especially as to not providing a necessary first aid and stealing the phone/camera. As to this kind of behaviour of paparazzis, it could be a civil law case, so GB himself would have to sue a particular paparazzi/medium (in our country there were cases like that, with mixed results) and to can ask for either an apology or a financial compensation (and stopping the activity, if it still persists, of course, or not repeating it - but it would be against a particular person/medium). I am afraid it might be contraproductive in Hollywood, where paparazzis do it almost to all the celebrities, and such a behaviour is almost considered to be "normal". I am afraid paparazzis are too careful not to break the law in a way that would be too obvious .
  8. Songbird, your avatar is really perfect! Where and when is it from? He is just gorgeous! It would be much more tolerable (and easier for us to watch the video) if he did it (at least partly) on purpose (for some reason only he knows). He probably is a kind of adventurer, maybe he considered this to be something like an "adrenalin sport" in these circumstances, he handled it really great, I just hope things like this will not discourage him from being himself ....
  9. I totally agree and I think it was a very good decision to ask everybody to do that!!!!!!! He definitely deserves much more respect and privacy. I would not have written there even without this message, I think we should ignore them. I just do not know if we are not supporting those stupid and disgraceful people by just reading their page (I must admit I looked there - actually, I was quite pleasantly surprised by many of the responses, many readers are much better than they are, I hope they read it at least). If they have a counter there, and they keep track of how much people read it, which they probably do.....
  10. Thank you very much for the link! It is a very nice article and it makes me look forward to RocknRolla even more! And I hope he knows we like him as he is! But (although I think that Madonna's tried hard to really help him) I think that he should have cured properly in summer (if he was still sick in Australia and in New Mexico)...
  11. After reading my last Google Alert (Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings - http://celebrityblackberrysightings.com), I almost tend to believe that for some of the "hunters", it was just because of the phone he was holding. Actually, the nicest pictures almost look like an advertisement for a mobile phone. Which is quite terrible - it could have been done in much more decent way, if this was the purpose!
  12. I felt really sad when seeing the video and the last set of pictures. And if anybody sent him there on purpose (to have more publicity), it is even worse (how disrespectfully they treat even such stars). But he handled it really wonderfully! The pictures were really nice, but he deserves much more respect from people around him (well, I am not speaking about paparazzis, they are disrespectful by definition, I do not believe a honest person can do such a disgraceful "profession")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thank you for the link! It was so pleasant to wake up (with his voice, of course) and see those pictures! Especially those taken outside are just wonderful, and he also seems to be in a good mood (unlike in those pictures from filming - although it is understandable). I hope he did not mind so much having been photographed constantly like that (of course, it cannot be pleasant), I hope he knows how happy we are just to see more pictures of him and to see him to be OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I must say this article (a very interesting one, thank you very much for posting!) really made me worried. I know that he wants to put everything into his roles and I understand him if he wants to do all his stunts himself (and also, he probably has an adventurous nature and might enjoy it), but not at such a high expense! I know that many of you will not agree, but I even do not like him to be an action hero so much! "300" was fine, but I liked most scenes where he acted, not fought (although I know that the second ones represented more effort for him). Also, he is not 20 any more and he cannot play action roles forever. I prefer seeing him in something more subtle, sensitive, psychological - such as Dear Frankie, and I hope he would appear more in roles like that. Although I am afraid he would like to do everything "for real", and even films that would appear quite innocent could be dangerous for him (as we saw in cases of Nims Island, Shattered...). He shoud take better care for himself!!!!!!!!!
  15. The worst thing is that we do not know if (and how) "wild" this side is!!!!!!!!!! All you are referring to are just rumours, well, there are some pictures he actually was (not so often) in certain places, but it does not necessarilly mean he behaved wildly there!!! Do all those paparazzis appear to you more trustworthy than Mr. Butler? To me, definitely not. He might have some bad sides, and I am sure I would accept them if I knew, but I refuse to accept this kind of "information" that is presented to us and will not form any judgements based on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Well, we cannot give an answer for GB, of course (I hope that if they offered him the role he would accept it), but I would just LOVE to see him as the Phantom. I am sure that (if there is a film version of the sequel) it would work wonderfully with the original cast. They would all be a little bit older (it might take some time from now to make the sequel), but so would be their characters, I suppose. Well, now we can just be longing to see it, nothing is really definitelly set, but I am sure it would be a wonderful film and I will be looking forward to it very much!
  17. Zanyzombie, thank you for repeating your beautiful link so often! When looking into his gorgeous eyes, it is much more pleasant to click! But, of course, I wish we reach 300 as soon as possible!!!!
  18. I must say I still do not see anything that would make me respect him less than before. Maybe he is not so enthusiastic as he was few years ago (actually, he seems to be rather tired quite often and it makes me worried). Also, as he got more famous, the paparazzis go much more "after" him, pose him many unpleasant questions (which wasn't before) - I think I would react much more rudely if I were him... I don't believe speculations these disgraceful people usually make up as "sensational" news. And that he was couple of times in clubs other celebrities go? If he spent every night there (which would be pretty boring without a drop of alcohol, I assume), we might discuss it... But he was reported having been there maybe 3 - 4 times in six months, I cannot see anything bad about that.
  19. Posted Today, 09:25 PM QUOTE (framolamdu @ May 29 2008, 12:15 PM) He must have missed her so much when he was in London making RocknRolla and in Australia making Nim's. I bet he had a webcam all set up so she would not forget him. Moira You don't think he took her with him?? Can you not take animals overseas on a plane? I hope he takes her with him, at least for longer trips. I think he even said in one interview he got her a "passport" so that she could travel (there definitely are some special condition for animals to travel, as vaccination, special cage/case, they probably have to be in the area for luggage, but they can fly). Otherwise, she would be too Gerrysick, and it definitely is not healthy for little puppies!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Thank you so much for posting it! Now I can leave my office and enjoy the picture! And you scanned it so clearly, as if I saw the paper in front of me!!!!
  21. I would love to be "trailing happily after him", and I would reach higher!
  22. I am so curious to see it that I cannot even describe it! It is even difficult for me to work now (it is 3 p. m. here, fortunatelly not so busy just now). I hope to see the picture soon!! Anyway, thank you very much for letting us know! I cannot get the paper from here (I have not found it on Internet either), so I have to wait (it will be difficult, but I must survive it somehow).
  23. Zanyzombie, your link is just perfect! Always when I click, I get such a nice reward in looking in those beautiful eyes (I mean your wonderful siggy)!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me click more and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. To me, the scene at the cemetary did make a sense. Erik was "just" a man, not a supranatural creature. When he was in the Opera House, he had an advantage of knowing the building so well, maybe even developing some improvements, but all of this were "just" secret corridors, mechanical, visual and sound effects, trap doors (or other traps) and things like that, that could be explained logically. When at the cemetary, at the open space, he did not have this advantage. He fought well, but Raoul was maybe more lucky... To me, this scene makes Erik more human. Maybe this even was an intention of filmmakers.
  25. The lady at the auction is Miranda Richardson for sure. So I also assume it is supposed to be Mme Giry, not Meg (I have even read it somewhere). Christine probably considered Erik to be her dead father's spirit at the beginning, but not later, when she discovered his face (for the first time, I also think that she was just curious). Before Don Juan, Raoul probably told her what he knew from Mme Giry, so she might have known... Where Erik went hrough the mirror - who knows? In the (orginal) book, he participated in building the Opera House, he knew the building very well, knew all the secret corridors (which the "film" Erik knew too)... He died soon after he learned Christine loved Raoul (out of sorrow - very sad and romantic...) In the film, it makes the impression he practically haven't left the Opera House since his childhood, which would make quite difficult for him to find a hiding place outside it - but he could have stayed somewhere in a secret place of the building that was not damaged by the fire, and, after some time, even return to his lair (and survive there with a help of Mme Giry)....
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