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  1. I am now always clicking 10 times whenever I get to a computer. To me, the line seems to move quite quickly (quicker than before)!
  2. I also think he is too busy to be regularly on this site (and the others). But if he really wanted, he could have done it inconspicuously, even without administrators knowing about it. Just keep in mind that we are to a big extend a virtual community, there are just relatively few of you that really know each other in person. And each day, you can see so many new members coming (which is wonderful)! Would it be a problem to register, say, as a woman in a typical (of course, over 18) age of users of this site, post something neutral from time to time (not to draw the attention of the others too much), reach the required number of posts, ask for access to the forum.... Well, I think it is not like him, but it is possible.
  3. Well, this year it looks like he was too busy to go to Cannes, but otherwise, I think that it a very important event in the film "industry". He has already been there more times - two films he was in were shown there (Mrs. Brown and Dear Frankie), and this definitely brought him more recognition among filmmakers. I think there were some paparazzi pictures showing he was there last year. I think it is an important festival for people who are not interested "just" in box office sales, but also in really good films and filming, which he (especially now, as a producer) hopefully is.
  4. It seems to work! Thank you for the advice! I clicked ten times and will do it at least this way every time! I hope we soon reach the target!!!!!!!!
  5. I didn't get that from the article at all. Gerry isn't American. :lol: We know that he is not an American, but they do not have to know. As to the "mysterious American", I think that if they had ment GB they would have mentioned it in the paragraph speaking about him, to me it looks like they speak about two different persons (I assume we refer to the article under the first link in the post 1). But who knows?
  6. I am also clicking when it is possible. By the way, the red line seems to be moving faster than before - or is it only my illusion? Is there a time limit by when the goal has to be reached? I wish so much it is achieved soon! And thank you for repeating the link, it is so much easier to click!
  7. I must say that I also find it quite normal if an adult person buys a mountain bike and rides it. And he looks wonderful, it is healthy, riding a bike will keep him fit and in shape (although it is hard to imagine to be even more in it than he already is) - so could we want more? And if he really means it (to ride it regularly), of course, he must try which one fits him best (I am not a sportswoman at all, but I know it from my friends). So I can only wish him to enjoy his new bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure he will find a nice place for Lolita to join him!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. This interview is just adorable! He is so cute! And his eyes! I watched it on YouTube and had the same feeling - that I had to have it for myself. Thank you very much for making it downloadable - and for giving the link, there are so many treasures already in the Multimedia, that it takes some time to find a particular thing!!!!
  9. I am still clicking, too. It even looks like the line is progressing a little bit quicker, doesn't it?
  10. Thank you so much for posting this clip! I have read it already, but it cannot compare to seeing him really, he was so enthusiastic about his roles! I could watch it for ages again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations and enjoy the weekend (and all the years to come)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. There is a question if he stays there all this time. Of course, it is very interesting to be there and also very important "business-wise" - you meet many important people, see interesting films... I have just looked at the festival web pages and haven't found his name among actors present today (but I may speak of a different "today" then the article cited above - it is Saturday 17, 11.27 a. m. here). I haven't found where and when RocknRolla is showed either - it probably will be in some "closed" part of the festival. On Thursday, there was a film with Rodrigo Santoro in official selection (Leonera), so it would make sense for GB to be there, but it wouldn't make sense to go so far for such a short time........
  13. It is nice to see the red line moving, but it should be quicker! I wonder how they really count it, because no matter how often I clicked, it always said that my click had been counted, so I hope that at least two a day (one from home, one from the office) really were.
  14. This is great (I mean the "combined" picture)! I had to laugh so much! Thank you for sharing it! :wave:e But can you imagine they really were twins (or, better, quadruplets)? It would be sooooooooooo cute!
  15. I also click as often as it is possible, the red line even seems to be moving, but quite slowly.
  16. I must say this definitelly is not my style, and, especially, I cannot imagine something like that on Manhattan. It would be something different just to arrange old pieces of furniture into a modern environment (which could be very nice), but to pretend the whole place is several centuries older? It would look too fake. If an old building was furnished like that, OK, it is a little bit darker for my taste and I cannot imagine to live really in this, but if he likes it... Also, not too much personal. Is it really his appartment?
  17. Thank you very much for the post! It is such a nice interview!!! I have not seen the film yet (I just do not understand why they release it so late in some countries), but it was very nice to read about his relations with Miss Breslin! I hope he has such a wonderful daughter (s) one day!
  18. Although I was quite slow (I have never done a puzzle on Internet), it was fun and it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And such a beautiful picture!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much, it was a great idea!!!!
  19. As to Sarah Brightman, the reporter really messed it up. ALW actually wrote the musical for her. They even speak about it in the interviews (ALW and Joel Schumacher), that it (already existing and successful musical) was almost ready to be filmed with SB and MC, but then ALW and SB splitted, so they waited many more years (probably until ALW himself was ready to film it). Even the original clips (they are as extra features on DVD, at least on 2disc edition) are with SB and MC - so we can compare. Michael Crawford sings very well, but I did not feel the emotions. And Sarah Brightman is also an excellent singer, but even at the time it was supposed to be filmed she looked much older than Christine should be. Well, as to "underplaying", I do not think it is even worth commenting. The reporter apparently watched it very superficially and did not get the main point. If they used the kind of "overplaying" usual for stage production (as it appeared from the clips, I have never seen it "live" - the stage production must be very demanding and expensive, it was also seen in these extra features, so I do not think they will ever play it here), it would look even funny on a screen (when you have shots of the face being all over the screen, so you can see every detail of it). It really needed more subtle performance (and also prosthetics) to seem more realistic. And I do not have to tell that POTO (as a film) is just wonderful as it is and the role of the Phanthom just could not have been casted better!!!!!!!
  20. Thank you for posting it! One more reason to be looking forward to seeing it!!!!
  21. First of all, "winning a date" would be somehow strange to me - if it should work, both must really want to! But, if I had a possibility to spend a week with him, I would definitely choose Scotland. It is a place he knows, he likes, so I hope he feels nice here. He would probably even know about quiet places that the others have not discovered yet. And, hopefully, the paparazzis are not there either. I have not been here yet, I suppose he would be the best guide over this beautiful country. I would probably prefer this to be such a quiet, nice, relaxing week (he needs a rest very much!). And I would be very happy just to watch him and talk to him (with his intelligence, it would be wonderful for me..... well, in my age I even would not want more).
  22. It is a pity I discovered this line only now. I thought the link to Amazon works only to US Amazon, so I ordered through Amazon UK and Germany directly. As to films with GB, I ordered only 7 DVDs this way, but it might have added at least something. Only now I discovered (after your suggestion) the link at the very bottom of the page, when I tried it, Amazon immidiatelly recognized me, so this link would have worked! Unfortunatelly, the films I still do not have are (usually older) films that either are available only in US format, or are not for some reason sent to our country, but now I will know, so in the future I will use this link, I promise! I have also bought a "Don't Ask Gerry Who?" tee-shirt through the Boutique (and "Fanmily" button and magnet), it should be somewhere in the way, I am looking forward to getting it.
  23. Thank you for the article! They chose really very nice pictures, I hope the article is nice too. I do not speak Japanese, but they seem to like him very much in Japan (which is wonderful)
  24. I saw it 7 times. In the beginning, I went to the multiplex about every other day, then I realized that I needed breaks between the shows, so I went about once a week (it was on only for 7 weeks, otherwise I would probably have gone more times. But I am really looking forward to the DVD, I hope they release it in our country as soon as possible (I do not want to buy one abroad unless it is absolutely necessary - that means if they did not release it here at all - I want the rest of the family to enjoy it too, and without at least Czech subtitles they would not). Of course, I have some favourite scenes, and on DVD, you can play it all the time!!!!
  25. Me too! Actually, I am usually woken up already and just waiting for the voice - which sometimes drives my boyfriend crazy, especially if he does not have to get up yet. But I love it!
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