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  1. I like your picture!!!


  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and ye wee one!


  3. What the....wha...HEY!! :poke: :boink: :push: (if I could make these bigger, I would) So you're denying that the gutter brings forth your inner cavewoman?
  4. I just love when he gets a role that displays his incredible sense of comedic timing. He's naturally funny and you can see it just oozing out of him in this performance. I am soooooo looking forward to this movie! And I'm so happy he's really stretching his acting legs by going for all different sorts of roles so he's not typecast for any one particular genre. I'm so used to the gutter that when I try to have actual intelligent discussions with GALS, my head starts to really hurt. But I was really excited about this so it was worth the strain on my brain.
  5. Fabulous interview and I find it so incredible that he takes the time out of his schedule to sit down and do this. I don't know of many celebs that would do so. I'm really excited to hear how dedicated he seems to be in regards to the Burns project and I'm hoping more than ever that someday, somehow, this film gets made.
  6. Ladies thank you so much for the transcription of this interview. While I did have the opportunity to hear the call (thanks to both Holly and Dayna!), seeing it on paper just cleared up a few things here or there for me. You ladies are wonderful! Cheers!
  7. Hell yes and thank you for bringing it up Holly. I've always preferred him out of a suit myself. Don't jump into the gutter just yet. I'm just saying that he appeals to me when he's in a more blue collar fashion. The suits usually tend to cover up some of the ruggedness that's underneath-not always, but there are times when I do feel that way. From the looks of it, I'm thinking (hoping, praying, I'm on my bleedin' knees here!) that he can't wait to yank that tie loose himself. Someone mentioned his eyes in these pics...well that's definitely one of the positive things about the suit he's
  8. Ugh Landa, my heart goes out to you. Bronchitis is evil. And honestly I did notice a change in his appearance but I'm not worried. I think it all boils down to just being overworked, and now add the stress of quitting smoking, getting sick and having no down time to recoup from any of it. Well it's all abit much for any person to handle. But I know he'll be okay because he has common sense and he tends to use it quite often compared to half the idiot celebs out there. I still love him and he's still got that gorgeous smile to show everyone. When that fades away then I'll be worried.
  9. And I just noticed that one of my Gerry babies is giving the finger-totally unplanned but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. So I'm thinking that Satan has definitely saved me a seat right next to his. I hope it's like a fancy director's chair with my name on it. I've always wanted one of those. :dance: Anyhoo, god bless The Gerry and I hope he takes a nice vacation when all is said and done.
  10. There is nothing biblical about what I'm thinking right now. Going straight downstairs now!
  11. YES! I was thinking the same thing when I saw it. The way he moves his hips.....oh god I can't even finish the thought without dying right here as I type. Hearing him say "The Gerry Juice" had me screaming like a little girl. It's never sounded better than when the words are coming right out of his mouth.
  12. That pic of him singing is too much! You can see how every muscle in his body is taut while he belts out whatever note he's hitting. His abs are tucked in real tight and his biceps are just bulging. They're going to need paramedics to stand by outside all theaters playing this movie. Seriously.
  13. Congrats to the lucky ladies that are actually goig to be in his vicinity. Just wondering, does anyone know if the premiere will be aired on any TV entertainment programs? I know E! sometimes does half hour premiere shows of certain films. Wouldn't it be beyond wonderful if they did one for P.S.? All they need to do is just show him for the full half hour and my life is complete.
  14. Hope your Thanksgiving was as yummy as The Gerry.

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