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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! *hugs*

  2. Happy Birthday my sweet friend!



  3. Captain Anne Roberts Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Two things complete your pirate persona: style and swagger. Maybe a little too much swagger sometimes -- but who really cares? Arr!
  4. I have been observing the development of this, and I am simply appalled by that guy's behavior. I am lucky enough to not have received any letters, but I still feel for those other GALS who were unfortunate to receive them. When I read a copy of one of the emails on this threat, I automatically detected so many red flags on it. To those that actually fell for that guy's trick, it's not your fault, it is easy for those types of individuals to take advantage of your trust. I have to be specially cautious of such things since after a friend of mine was being stalked by an online stalker, I know how scary and horrible that can be.
  5. Well, I'm 18 and I gotta say that being part of the Gerry fangirls has made the last 2 years fly by....It's true, one minute I was 16 and now wow....I feel so old
  6. Well the whole Gerry-Fandom effect has actually done me much good. Before I knew that Gerry ever existed I had a completely different outlook on life. My dad wasn't exactly the best male role model and I felt very lonely. I had a similar fandom but it was for Japanese anime, and it only served as a way for me to escape from my unbearable reality back then. When I saw him in the Dracula 2000. trailers I didn't know who he was but his charisma made him very interesting to me. It wasn't until after I saw Dracula 2000 and Tomb Raider 2 that I decided to research more about "Gerard Butler". As I continued to read more and more about him, my art style changed as each interview gave me more and more happiness.I was slowly getting out of a dark abyss which would have eventually let me to end my own life. It felt as if his optimism somehow transferred over to me and gave me the strength to face the harsh reality of living with an alcoholic and violent prone father. By the time The Phantom of the Opera came along, I was already a member of .Net and actively participating in some of the conversations there. Being part of the "fangirl" crowd was not that appealing to me at first, but as time passed I met many wonderful people who really care about me and what I do. I consider some of the people I've met here more close friends than those I have at school. All I can say is that being a Gerry fan changed my life for the better. Now looking back, I realize that I was in a very deep depression and if it hadn't been for him, I would be dead right now, since I was a bit suicidal at the time. During this time as one of his fangirls, my art style changed a lot, just as I was changing my outlook on life. I used to think all men were like my dad, but thanks to Gerry I realize that my old assuption was incorrect. I've met many wonderful people and actually got a life thanks to him! How ironic is that?
  7. I found Gerry in Dracula 2000...the trailers for it actually. I got a quick glimpse of him in the trailer and when the movie came out on dvd I got it and started to research who the "hottest Dracula of all time" was LOL
  8. Hello my fellow lair GALS! It's been awhile since I was here, but Erik was calling out my name Anyway, I had this really cool, but strange Erik dream last night. I dreamt that I was up in the nearby mountains with my family and some other people. When this one guy showed up, a very dense fog would cover everything and wouldn't go away until he was gone. When he left, me and a few girls flew over my hometown. I don't really remember what we used to fly but by the time we got back to the forest, everything was dark. I then went out to explore when the fog came back, and I bumped into someone. When I turned around I was shocked to find Erik standing there, as if he'd expected me to come to him. We then started talking and the scene changed to me and him in my room. I heard my bedroom door being unlocked by my parents(they gave themselves away by talking loudly). I then pushed Erik to the side of my bed, putting all of my bedroom blankets on him, then laying down to "sleep". My parents came in and they saw that I was "asleep" and locked my door once more. Finally, before I got to see Erik again my clock radio woke me up! *sniff* I have to say that this is my weirdest Erik dream I've had...LOL
  9. I had to go with Erik.....since my loyalty is for him *sigh* :erikicon: luv you erik!
  10. Thank you! I obviously had to thank Gerry, I mean, he is my MUSE after all.
  11. Yeah! I'm just pushing myself to the point where Gerry will see my art! It would be such honor if I had the opportunity to do his portrait! The idea of him modeling for me is like the best dream ever for me :yippee:
  12. Yeah! I am...I mean this has been by far the most important year of my life, with my blossoming into a full blown pro artist to graduating. I couldn't be happier.....actually I could if I could see Gerry again LOL but alas, I have to wait till he shows up again near my neck of the woods.
  13. I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!!! I am so proud of myself. I would like to thank Gerry for portraying the Phantom, because without him, this painting would not have been possible, and thank you GALS for your patience, I know I had you all waiting in suspense. Details of Painting
  14. Hello fellow Lair GALS! Wow, haven't been here in awhile all thanks to my upcoming high school graduation and finals LOL. Well, as promised, here are the pics of my POTO painting. Details of Painting Maiden of Creativity- Guardian and Keeper of all the master's fine art masterpieces, And his artistic apprentice
  15. *I walk inside, carrying a bunch of painting materials, and looking at myself all splotched with random paint colors. I look around and don't find anyone here. I set the painting supplies down and start doodling random pictures of the master in a sketchbook* I'll be back later with pics of my painting! Aya- Maiden of Creativity, Guardian and Keeper of all the master's fine art masterpieces, And his artistic apprentice
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