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  1. I Agree With The AMEN! Gerry, Stay True To Yourself & All Of Us GALS Are Behind You...PLEASE Don't Get Mixed Up With The Glitz & Glamor Of The "NEW" Hollywood Lifestyle....Stay Healthy,Strong & Handsome! We All Are Here Cheering Your Career On...I Just Want You To Know WE Are All Here For You.... Hugs & An Extra Kiss, Mama J
  2. HA! I Totally Agree With The K-Fed Britney Thing!
  3. I Want To Be Bloodrayne...Yeah I'm A Video Game Damsel...LOL
  4. I Agree With You That Gerry Will Hopefully Laugh At This...I'm Def. Gonna Go See It...Even Though I LOVE 300 And I Hate To See It Being Made Fun Of...But No Movie Is Safe Anymore In Hollywood, Eventually All Movies Get Made Fun Of....
  5. I've Seen The Previews For It...Don't Get Me Wrong I LOVE Gerry & 300...But That Movie Looks VERY Funny & I'm Def. Going To See It...Even Though It'll Probably Suck...I Loved The Part Where He Kicks Sanjaya (I Think It's Spelled That Way) In The Bottomless Pit!
  6. Let's See...I Was Born In Scotland...I Smoke...We Both LOVE Dogs...Ohh Gosh I'm Drawing A Blank...Okay & We Both Like Soccer (Football)...We Both Don't Want To Settle Down Yet....That's All I Can Think Of Now...LOL....I'm Sure I'll Think Of Some More Stuff...LOL...
  7. Thanks For Sharing & The Updates Chelle! It's Good To See Him Out & About & That He Is In Better Condition...He's Still Pretty-Darned Sexy...Well Really - Darned Sexy! LOL XO, Mama J
  8. I Love The Finger Salute! I Give That Alot! LOL God He's SO HANDSOME! :tasty:
  9. You're Welcome Pammie! I Loved Your Card As Well As All The Others You GALS Sent! Thanks & You're Welcome!
  10. Ohh Still Looking Sexy As EVER! I Wish I Was Around Him To Bring In The New Year...Ahhh...LOL....
  11. Thanks RezzRN, And A Happy New Years To You Too! And Also To All My GALS On Here! HAPPY NEW YEARS!
  12. mama jupe

    Golden Globes

    That's Crazy! That Movie Was Awesome & The Actors Worked Their Butts Off To Get Into That Shape & Wasn't It Like #1 At The Box Offices For Like A Few Weeks??? That's Crazy!
  13. Happy New Year Gerry! I Hope You Have A Kick Butt Time! And All You GALS, I Hope Yall Do Too!
  14. Thanks Eva Mari! I Hope & Wish You & The Rest Of The GALS A Happy Holiday! Love, Mama J
  15. I'm 5'7...Yeah I'm In The Middle...
  16. Thanks For Posting This...I Watched The Making Of PSILY On HBO Last Night...I Saw Where The Suspendor Hit His Eye But Good Lord Gerry! LOL Gerry Needs A Caution Sign On Him For So Many Reasons! LOL Luckly Hillary Is Okay...But I Care About Gerry WAY More Than Her...I Cannot Wait Till The Movie Comes Out...It Looks So Funny...
  17. Ohh I Love This One Too...Keep On Writing GAL You Rock! This Poem Is Beautiful...I Love It...
  18. Ohh Yvonne You Are SO Talented! I Love This...It Made Me Tear Up...All I Have To Say Is "Beautiful"...You Can Write So Well...I Love This!
  19. Dern! I REALLY Wish I Went...But I Live Too Far Away & My Brothers Ill...Very Ill... I Really Hope All You GALS Had An Awesome Time!
  20. Thanks Stef...That Place Looks SO Cool! I've Always Wanted To Got To Mans But I'm To Far Away! Grrrr.... :grrr2:
  21. That Would Have Been Awesome...I Also Have A Mild Crush On Hugh...Too Bad Gerry's Not Gonna Be In It...
  22. Thanks For Posting The Interviews Up! I'm Glad To Hear From Gerry...It's Good To Know He Knows Who We Are...
  23. Thank You For Being So Kind To Me In This Time Of Trial...

    I Really Do Appreciate It...

  24. Thanks For The Update! He Does Look Tired...Ohh How I Wish I Could Comfort Him...But I'm Glad He'll Be At The Premires, So Yall GALS Who Are Going Can Meet Him! My Best Wishes To You All Who Are Going To Meet Him Sunday! I'm Still Jealous Though! LOL BTW...Even Though He Looks Tired He Still Looks Pretty Dern Hot!
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