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  1. Hello there ladies, Once again I am in the dark and feel so stupid since I can not figure out how to apply one of those lovely trading cards to my page. Who may I ask to help me make one of these cards? Again I'm sorry for sounding so "green", it's just that I'm still so very new to this....thanks so much Gals..Love you all!! Blessing and love, Elizabeth AKA Ballerina
  2. Hi there Gals, I'm pretty new to this site and I'm trying to work out the kinks. I've noticed that a lot of you have Gal Trading Cards of various actresses. How can I load one on my site and where can I find theses pictures? Sorry for sounding so dumb..LOL...I just wanna be one of the Gals!! LOL!! Love and Blessings!!!!
  3. Oh I just love that song ......Take me out!! I have that on my Ipod and workout to it as well! *Sigh* Gosh...Gerry looked so cute and sexy when he did that little jig....adorable..just wanna grab that little behind!! LOL!
  4. I love that Gerry is not a phoney and that he is himself in all situations and circumstances. I love the different sides of him, both the tougher side and as well as the softer side....Dang...he is just a beautiful human being that we all love and adore.....Gerry don't change for anyone Darling..you are perfect just as you are!! Love you!!!
  5. Oh goodness...I love to see Gerry in everything and nothing...LOL! He is absolutely the most sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on and honestly he is a feast for my eyes. I believe that he looks fabulous is that blue shirt....work it Gerry...work it Baby!!!
  6. OMG...is she nuts? Who could or would ever stand up this perfect speciman of the male species? She must have had some strange issues...Like ummmm...no taste in men!
  7. I just adore Gerry....and I do think that they make a very cute couple!! http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg219/g.../irishguy-1.gif
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