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  1. :pointy::wuv::woo:

    But there is still a part of me that is :tissues: ... it looked so good last year, and I'm bummed a little I didn't get to see him with the long hair (I saw him in Santa Cruz, but it wasn't that long). But mostly, I'm very happy he's cut it. I have missed this beautiful face.



  2. My Dear Gerry ...

    Look at all these beautiful letters of love and support. Look around Facebook and the rest of the internet and see how many lives you have affected just by being you. You are so loved and cherished - and not for your looks or movie star status. You are loved because you're YOU. With all the craziness that comes with being a Gerard Butler fan, there is nothing in the world any one of these ladies, and some guys, wouldn't do for you.

    I'm a recovering drug addict; been clean 25 years as of last January. What you did takes every ounce of courage one can muster, and I am more proud of you today than I have been in the past 5 years of supporting you. I am proud to call myself one of Gerry's Girls. It affords me the luxury of making mistakes and being okay with it. You are one of those rare men who people can look up to for being real. Don't ever change. Don't let the pressures of your career and those "whaevers" that surround you make you feel like you have to live up to anything other than who you are.

    We have a saying in the fandom - we love Gerry because he's perfectly imperfect. Baby, that has never been more true than today. Take time to heal and take care of you. The next movie will always be there, and so will I. Sad to say, but you can't get rid of me.

    I do love you, and I respect you even more. Keep being perfectly imperfect. Stay true to yourself, and know that you are so loved.

    Always in your corner,

    Lisa Duncan

    Porterville, CA

    Posted Image

  3. Jon, first let me say that you are so courageous to come here and be so open with us. You have nothing to be ashamed of. :) And I totally understand. I have found myself attracted to a few female actresses over the years (Olivia Wilde?! HELLO!). Attraction is just that - attraction. I personally have no issue with sexuality, and I'm a pretty open book.

    I also think most of us will agree with you that there is a VERY soft side to Gerry. Not feminine, but the soft side of a man. That's part of this crazy pull to him that people of any gender, age, race, etc. have to to him. Gerry transcends it all. We have said for years that Gerry is a little boy wrapped in a very manly package. This fact makes him so much more attractive than any other man I've ever met.

    I am a teacher, and many of my male students really admire Gerry. I don't know if any of them have sexual feelings toward him, but it would be completely normal if they did. I think there are WAY MORE men who are attracted to Gerry than you know. Even if they're not out and gay, like I said, it's ok to feel an attraction to someone of the same sex, and I would bet money it happens more often than not.

    Gerry is an amazing man. I have been blessed to meet him, and he has male and female fans who greet him at personal appearances. Gerry also has many gay friends. Gerry's manager, Alan, married his long-term partner, David, a while back. I believe this is one fandom where gender and/or sexual preference doesn't mean a whole lot. All that matters is that we all love and respect Gerry. :)

    I'm really glad you're here. Eventually you'll find your comfort level with your sexuality, as well as figure out where you're at with it. In the meantime, enjoy your feelings for Gerry and you have a bunch of silly girls who get it.



  4. Welcome to the crazy world of Gerry Fandom, Jon! It's so great to have such a diverse group of fans. I'm not sure if there are any other vocal gay PALS here, but hopefully you being so open will help them share.

    Either way, there are plenty of us GALS who will gush right along with you. We're all very much in love with Gerry, so you're in the right place.

    :hugs: and :hearts:


  5. Just to add my two cents - this is 100% his LA home (not the Malibu house). That's the Los Angeles skyline behind him in this STUNNING picture.


    Lisa, did Gerry buy another house in Malibu?

    Barb, as always ... you are wonder woman!!



    A few months ago. We have quite a few photos from the paparazzi at the house. It's believed, but never confirmed, he's renting it but who knows. We even have an interview that a Dutch interviewer (female with long brown hair - forgot her name) did at the house. It's really beautiful right on the cliffs of Malibu. :)


  6. OK, everyone, let's calm down now. We have seen pictures of Gerry since the accident. He is enjoying himself with his family and friends in Scotland and seems hale and hardy. He will be appearing on the Graham Norton Show on BBC One on January 6, and BBC America on Jan 7, and I'm sure Graham will ask him about the accident. Let's wait to hear Gerry's side of the story and not listen to any more wild speculation from the papers and tabloids, OK?

    GALS will be posting clips of the Norton show as soon they become available.


    MOD Squad

    Oh I'll chime in ... Gerry is alive and fine. That's what matters now. We can't keep focusing on what did or didn't happen. We weren't there, and we know how the tabloids love to sensationalize things. There is one fabulous article that someone here already posted the link to that, I believe, explains what happens truthfully.

    All we can do is keep Gerry in our thoughts and prayers and hope that Whomever is keeping him around continues to do so. Gerry enjoys living his life to the fullest and he should keep doing it. That being said, I also believe this accident probably had some sort of spiritual affect on him. My gut, and the fact that Gerry is still with his family, is telling me that Gerry probably has a tad bit more respect for his own life right now, as well as his Guardian Angels. LOL

    I truly hope he talks about it on the Graham Norton show. It will be great to hear the truth from his own beautiful lips. :)


  7. I agree, also.

    The poster is very generic & I think it pushes the focus to all the women & my impression was that a lot of the focus of the film was actually his relationship w/ his son.

    You get nothing like that from this poster. It looks like he's a player & this is a romp.


    Totally agree. From people who have already seen it, the movie really DOES focus more on the relationship with his son - that it's more like Dear Frankie in that sense. Once again, American audiences are being told we're too stupid to want to see a movie that isn't about sex and stupidity. Luckily, WE know what the movie is about and we can share that with everyone we know.


  8. Agree with NordicGirl and Lady Elissa...not the best pic of HIM, :doh: but it's great he's included in this gallery!! That's quite an honor!! :yay:

    Kathy G.

    Don't get me wrong ... I'm proud that he's in the gallery, of course! I'm just not happy at all with the chosen photo. It doesn't look like art to me, and I'm very curious if he had to approve it or not - probably not. Sorry ... JMHO.

  9. Not the best pic of him in my opinion but...

    There's no account for taste etc :unsure:

    Posted Image

    PtrSc from www

    "....This photograph was part of a portfolio in which Steven Spielberg

    looked back over the last twenty years and picked his favourite movies and actors...."

    That's the photo they used?? It barely looks like him. I didn't' like that photoshoot when it came out.

    Nope, don't like it either. There are HUNDREDS of so many gorgeous photos of Gerry. I wonder if he had to approve which photo was used by Spielberg. I guess it's "dramatic" or whatever, but I'm disappointed.


  10. Happy Birthday sweet Gerry. Thank you for making my life a little more exciting and adventurous. I hope you have a day filled with laughter and love, and I wish you all the continued success in the world.

    All my love and respect - and cupcakes - always ....

    Posted Image



  11. My two cents...

    I loved The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and had a crush on BOTH actors. It was a classic and very well done.

    I doubt Gerry would do it, and I don't care for "remakes," but if Gerry did, it he would do it well.

    I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER see any film by Tom Cruise in the future...he doesn't deserve a single penny of my $$.


    Leslie, does that mean if Tom ever does a movie with Gerry you won't be seeing it? ;) Personally I would love, love, love to see Tom and Gerry in a film together in the future! Of course, TC would have to wear elevated shoes! :spit:


    I think it'll be a cold day in hell before Gerry and Tom Cruise do a movie together. There's no love loss there. :rotflmao:

  12. Who said Kate's is closing? As busy a restaurant as they are they would be hard to believe unless like the Gardens it is a lease issue. Their website still says they are celebrating the 25th anniversary there in March 2012. I've texted Alex (the manager) to ask if there is any truth in it. They do have another location, in Woodland Hills - hopefully if any is closing it is that one and not Beverly Hills. I checked there Facebook page and saw no indicator - in fact a recent post by them referenced their 25th year there.

    Maybe it is the other location. I'm just reporting what someone told me. I'm sure you'll find out what the truth is.

  13. Lisa, you didn't like Mission Impossible? There's a third one coming out you know! Must be doing something right! ;)


    It sure is ... appealing to mindless spoon-fed American movie audiences who can't see past what they're told they should like. Doesn't mean it's good cinema.

  14. NO NO NO NO. Please no ... I personally have an aversion to remakes so my answer is NO.



    Well "Mission Impossible" did pretty well for Tom Cruise! So far that's three to the "yes" and one "hell to the NO"! :D

    Thanks for your always honest and pure un-sugarcoated input, Lisa! :spit:


    Did you expect everyone to agree? :) And your response of Tom Cruise and MI ... well, pretty much proves my point. :rotflmao:

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