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  1. Delene: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/198998_203815196315320_185363828160457_693113_6058564_n.jpg
  2. Lucky girls! They got pics with both Gerry and Jessica! What a fantastic experience for them! Thanks, Barb. Great find! Lisa
  3. I LOVE Chris Pine. He's one of my favorite new kids on the block. However, in my opinion, he doesn't have that sweet look to him that Jay had. He's more worldly looking, like Gerry. But that's just me.
  4. Thanks, Sue. I thought I was invisible for a moment. And yes, the first slide says Goodbye Brad and George. I also don't think there is any ranking at all. It's just a list of 14 new leading men in Hollywood. I'm just glad that Gerry is on the list. I was really glad to see Idris and Chris on the list. Sam Worthington is cute, too.
  5. Like I said earlier, this was a poll for the NEW leading man. Actors like Depp, Bale, Crowe, etc. won't be on it because they've been leading men for a very long time. JMHO.
  6. I agree, lol. He is creepy. I'm glad to see Gerry on the list, but of course as all of you I think he should be numbero uno. I don't even know half of those guys on that list. I've heard of Brad Pitt and George Clooney (who hasn't.) I've also heard of Bradley Cooper; Robert Pattinson; James Franco; Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine, but all the other ones never even heard of. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chris Pine! I think he has a great career ahead of him. And I don't really consider him to be a little boy like I do Pattinson. Same with RR. But Chris Pine is on my Top 10 list for sure.
  7. This is a list of the NEW leading men. Russell and Hugh have been leading men for a while, and Alex is a TV leading man. As for the stupid RPatz thing ... it's the fact that Hollywood has this stupid obsession with youth. They demand the stars look as young as possible and they pander to the younger audience as well. Alex, Russell and Hugh However, all that said .... Gerry is FINALLY in the Top 10 of something like this. I don't normally give much credence to silly lists, but this is from something on CNN and so it has a tad more relevance. Of course he's #1 in our hearts and minds. And he's moving his way up the respect ladder in Hollywood. I've said before that the slower it takes, the more lasting power he'll have. I'd much rather he prove himself and take his time than becoming another flash-in-the-pan. Cuba Gooding, Jr., ladies - always my example. The guy has a buttload of talent but he burst onto the scene too fast and now he's doing commercials. I'm so proud of Gerry, and what a ride it's been so far. Only gonna get better.
  8. Sorry Delene, but both of those links are from February 6, 2008 which is why some of us are very confused. It's the same car he's always had.
  9. Where is there a sticker? It's possible what you saw originally was a parking stub from the restaurant's valet? I'm pretty sure this is the Beemer he's had for years. Also, at least in California, you can get away with only the plate in the back. There are many cars that don't use the front plate. Lisa
  10. Delene, unfortunately there was a full-on photo of Gerry's passport that has obviously since been SMARTLY removed. Dumbasses - I can't believe Zimbio would do that! It's not only invasive but a potential danger to Gerry, his credit, his money and his working status in the US. Just absolute total irresponsible on their part; and I hope whomever the photographer was gets fired.
  11. Is THAT what the beanie is? I couldn't resist ..... I bet you're right, D. I'm sure there's so much work for him to do as producer before production begins. Should we take bets on how long it'll be before he starts finding all the best clubs in Shreveport? Lisa
  12. I didn't see them either, Barb. I know we don't always want a thread, but I think many members ONLY check the threads or the side of the board for pic, and I hadn't seen them over there today. No biggie ... I think most of us saw them anyway. Thanks, T. Lisa
  13. Gerry won the bike with a beyond generous bid of $25,000. Kevin Evans is the photographer and he is a very nice guy who generously shared his photos with the Facebook world. Sam also posted Kevin's photos on the MGP Reality Series FB page. This one is beyond beautiful:
  14. Yeah sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's not - being 3 hours behind the rest of the country. I don't try to usurp; I just like sharing the wealth.
  15. I'm sure our photo mavens are grabbing the pics from JJ and Zimbio, but here is a link tot he MGP Reality Series FB page with a GREAT pic of Gerry and Sam that I've only seen on that site: Here's the link: http://www.facebook....18319&aid=56387 Oh I have to add one: ROWR - damn Gerry ... Source: http://www.daylife.com/search/photos?q=gerard+butler
  16. Both from recent sighting's at the Roosevelt Hotel club. Cheryl My understanding is the pics on the phone are of him going into Teddy's, and the video is of him leaving.
  17. It looks to me like he didn't want to be bothered.
  18. I told you he was a smart cookie. Wonder where he is on the way to. Maybe we will see when he lands.Sandy ETA: To correct myself .... that photo of Gerry with the Chinese Crested was taken February 1st. However, there have been many FB and Twitter sightings of Gerry currently from Hawaii.
  19. Buff, I don't think you offended anyone, and I totally respect your opinon. But not everyone is going to agree with everything posted here. I think "tone" isn't something that comes across very well in emails, posts, etc. You can't hear tone of voice so maybe something that struck you as not said with love actually was. I still see nothing wrong with being honest and stating if we don't like something. I love my sons more than anything in the world, but I'll be the first one to tell them they did something stupid - always said with love, of course. And you're not weird but if it's not your thing to not say anything then you are free not to, just as others are free to say whatever they feel, within the guidelines of the board. Everyone loves differently, and everyone shows it differently. I don't think it's fair to criticize others for stating their honest opinions about Gerry or his choices. I would liken this to reading the things said at Just Jared. I never read it because it's all negative garbage, and thank God that's not tolerated here. But I really don't see where anyone has said anything that bad, and so long as it's all within the guidelines I'd rather people share their honest feelings. Again, we don't know everyone's "tone" or where they're coming from. We just have to accept things at face value on the boards because that's all we have to go by. You may not read the love in some posts, but some of us do. And really, it doesn't matter. For me, as long I worry about my own posts I don't have to get upset about anyone else's. Took me a LONG TIME to learn that lesson! LOL Buff - Love you! Lisa
  20. I have to agree with you, Delene (don't fall over). I think there's a difference between being constantly negative and being honest about not liking something. I think the board would be VERY boring if everyone threw flowers at Gerry's feet about every little thing he does. He's human, not a god. There's no backlash for not agreeing with decisions, and it doesn't make anyone any more or less of a fan if there are different opinions. I don't kiss arse at my job; why would I do it here or to Gerry? He sure as hell doesn't! LOL As I said, I'm happy about the casting of Jessica, but not Uma. I just don't like her, but I have to trust that Gerry knows what he's doing, whether I like it or not. Lisa
  21. There was a Tweet earlier from some guy who said he was on a plane with Gerry heading to Hawaii. These pics are confirmation (in my head) that's where he's at now. Thanks, Barb!!!! Lisa
  22. I hope this wasn't a planned photo op, but really, how would they know to find him at a gas station getting water and a Coke? If not, why can't they just let him live his life? We don't need to see every little outing of his. Oh well, he looks great! As always. Lisa
  23. New man bag? I miss the brown one; I also miss the c*ck hat, but I do love seeing his beautiful long hair. He looks great, yes very healthy and I really prefer seeing him like this, a regular guy on the street, than the whole movie star thing. Lisa
  24. Damn that man's smile just makes it all better. Thanks, Cheryl! Lisa
  25. Just to chime in .... Our theater is the only one in town so they can pretty much do what they want. The next biggest town with more than one theater is about 40 mins away. Anyway, our theater charges $7.75 for matinee and $9.75 for evening shows, non-3D. Add $3.00 to each of those prices for 3D movies (and hell yes for that price I keep the glasses). They have snack packages like approx. $22 for a large popcorn and two large drinks. Crazy!!! So most of the time I'll bring a bottle of soda in my purse and just buy the popcorn (cause I love it). Movie food and school textbooks ... two of the biggest rackets in the world. Lisa
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