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  1. Shelle!!!!! I hope so too. I love seeing pics of Gerry par-taying!!!
  2. Where did you see the photo and how do you know he's in London? Got a link to share? Delene Not that are within the GALS guidelines. And see my above post - he's in LA. Thank you, sir. May I have another? I totally deserve that.
  3. Where did you see the photo and how do you know he's in London? Got a link to share? Delene Not that are within the GALS guidelines. And see my above post - he's in LA.
  4. Nope, just stating that the article doesn't use that terminology. (at least I didn't see it) Two LA Starbucks sighting in the past hour. He's in LA. Probably either old pics from when he was there before Berlinale or came home. Sorry about the heart attack.
  5. I didn't say that. I'm just stating the fact that he was in London last night. That's all. The rest is all guessing and speculation on my part. We'll find out tomorrow. And really, the article doesn't say he's co-hosting it. Just that he's on the list to help the party. At least that's how I read it. Like I said, we'll know tomorrow for sure.
  6. FYI - Gerry was photographed at a London club last night so it's very possible he's NOT going to attend this party. If he's still in Europe, sounds more like he WILL attend the Serbian premiere of Coriolanus. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Lisa
  7. I haven't! Really? That's great. I'm a huge Family Guy fan, though. LOL I'll have to find where I can hear him sing. I never would have though that from him. Thanks!
  8. And I do not believe Sandra Bullock is the quality of actress as Jodie Foster, Hilary Swank, Emily Mortimer, Vanessa Redgrave..... I guess we all have our opinions. Hello! Sorry, jumping into the chat here! Gotta agree with you here. Hilary Swank is a truly amazing actress. Vannessa Redgrave too!! And Jodie Foster, well what can you say!!! Sandra Bullock may be at the front of everyones minds right now as she the fresh oscar winner, but these guys have proven themselves for years now!! They are SB's equals - at the VERY least surely! IMO Hey! Great to see you posting! Don't apologize; everyone is welcome and everyone's opinions are important! Thanks for contributing. And you're right - they have proven themselves for years. I think what we want to see from Gerry takes more time than many of us want to wait LOL
  9. I've never heard of her before. LOL I'm glad she loves our man.
  10. Weird. It worked earlier, but then when I tried chud.com it didn't work either so not sure if it's the site or not right now. Here's the article: See? My excerpt didn’t lie. There she is. She wants you to read this. And girls / gay men, I didn’t forget you. I know I didn’t have to lure you in (we all kind of want to read about Gerard Butler on some level), so look for your skin pic at the bottom. Despite all the promise of Mavericks, I knew Gerard Butler had another awkward rom-com up his sleeve. I knew it was called Playing the Field. I just kind of hoped hey, if I don’t report it, he’ll keep surfing. He’ll have to. You have to have a lot of training to play a convincing surf mentor. I was wrong. Variety reports that Playing the Field has what it needs to go ahead: Ladies. Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel, respectively. Playing the Field has Butler playing a former pro soccer player who agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an effort to reconnect with his kid and ex-wife. But oh no! All the soccer moms saw 300 and want that well-chiseled butt in their beds, so his plans get all crazy and complicated. What is a studly Scotsman to do, anyway? Biel will play his ex-wife, and Thurman will play a fellow parent. I think that translates to “lusty single mom”, actually. Gabriele Muccino is directing. There will be a thousand stories speculating Butler, Biel, or Thurman have hooked up, possibly in one giant three-way, and it will be ten times more eye-rolling than all that giggly gossip of The Bounty Hunter. I’m honestly not sure if this is Butler glibly poking fun at his Don Juan persona, or completely buying into it. The fact that he’s also the film’s producer does nothing to clear up that mystery. Oh, Butler. I miss the old you that played broken men in things like The Jury and Dear Frankie, and not the 21st century Warren Beatty. Still, I guess you can’t blame him. He looks good. The photos are one very sexy one of Jessica, and Gerry walking in Hawaii without a shirt - we all know which pic. LOL Oh, the initials: In A Totally Lesbian Way - most people use NOT in front of it.
  11. I have to say that I would have hated it if SB was cast in this. She's cute, not sexy and this isn't a "cute" movie. And not everything she does is golden (didjya not see the second Miss Congeniality or that one with Bradley Cooper?). I think what makes a movie is the script and execution of it, not the people in it. Jodie Foster has made some duds, has has EVERY actor, Gerry included. Here's a blogger's take on it, and her final paragraph is, I believe, discussion worthy. Oh by the way, Jessica Biel is crazy hot, and I think I do mean that IATLW. http://www.chud.com/38957/gerard-butler-uma-thurman-and-jessica-biel-sign-for-one-movie-and-a-thousand-tabloid-pages/?utm_source=C.H.U.D.&utm_medium=twitter
  12. Agreed. I got the word "cougar" from another article reporting it and for some bizarre reason, it stuck in my head. Scratch it from everything.
  13. Totally agree. And I think they will. She is very sexy, like you said, in a quiet way and I really think they'll be good together on-screen.
  14. I'm making a headline prediction now: "Justin Timberlake Jealous of Gerard Butler" or "Jessica Biel Leaving Justin Timberlake for a Real Man" I'm predicting many set visits from Mr. N'Sync. She'll be 29 and I really think she can play older. I don't see a problem. I can see Uma really playing it up as the "cougar" after Gerry's character (what was his name? We had it and now I forgot already). I'm pretty confident Jessica can pull this off. I think she's a very good actress, and hopefully this will help her career a bit. Jessica is also involved with Kids Kicking Cancer: http://www.cambio.com/shows/cambio-cares/cambio-cares-gerard-butler-jessica-biel-and-friends-help-kids-kick-cancer?a_dgi=aolshare_facebook
  15. Never mind! The two leading ladies have been cast!! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35491
  16. Looks like the Italian news was right last week: Exclusive: Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel have signed on to join Gerard Butler in Nu Image/Millennium Films' soccer comedy "Playing the Field."Gabriele Muccino is directing from a script by Robbie Fox ("So I Married An Axe Murderer"). Butler stars as a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son's youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy. Biel will play Butler's ex-wife who is engaged to be re-married, while Thurman will play a fellow parent who sets out to seduce the coach. Butler is producing with his Evil Twins partner Alan Siegel, as well as Jonathan Mostow, Kevin Misher and Heidi Jo Markel. Nu Image/Millennium's Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort and Trevor Short are exec producing the pic, which is scheduled to start production next month. Thurman next stars in Max Winkler's "Ceremony" and will soon be seen as Lois Lane in the comedy omnibus "Movie 43." Biel was recently cast in New Line's rom-com "New Year's Eve." Thesp has Pascal Laugier's thriller "The Tall Man" and David O. Russell's long-delayed comedy "Nailed" awaiting release. CAA reps both Thurman and Biel, who are also repped by Untitled Entertainment and Management 360, respectively. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118032694 I am pretty okay with this casting! I'm not an Uma Thurman fan, but I do love Jessica Biel! Lisa
  17. They were already in the Gallery (added earlier today!) and quite a few others, too... I didn't look, sorry. I just got the JJ google alert so thought I would share. I've been getting my alerts at weird times lately.
  18. I don't think so Lisa. I think they just mean there haven't been any updates, since Gerry signed on. Everything I've seen still says they're starting March 28th in Shreveport. I know there are people on the ground in Louisiana already, because they've been posting on Twitter. In fact, I got the impression that Gabriele Muccino was actually about to arrive there, unless they were referring to someone else when they said director. Ren Thanks, Ren. The article really is confusing. I just don't want anything to impede Gerry's film.
  19. Just got this in my Google alerts about the director of PTF ... a little concerning? ... save for signing on to helm the lighter-hearted dramedy Playing the Field. There's been little movement on that project since Gerard Butler came on board to star, but as that one moves toward a mid-2011 start date the director has struck a deal to make another movie. http://www.hollywood.com/news/Gabriele_Muccino_To_Direct_Adaline/7764612
  20. More at JJ http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/02/22/gerard-butler-campaign-hollywood-kickoff-party/
  21. There is absolutely no time for that. Gerry is always in a hurry to get to as many fans as possible, or to get to where he's going (usually leaving) and doing something like personalizing every autograph isn't realistic. Trust me, he knows the autograph hounds from the fans but he can't discriminate. He has said things like, "I already signed for you" and such, which tells me how much he does know. At the premieres, it's easier to tell because we're always in the front pushing the autograph hounds back. But there are times when only these guys know where he'll be, and he knows it's not "us". But he can't say no on the off chance there is a fan and he offends someone. At least that's how I see it. Every one of those people asking for autographs in that video is an autograph hound, and you can clearly hear him say "I know you sell everything I sign." He doesn't care; he just doesn't want to miss the fans when we're there, and he doesn't. His reaction to the manipped photo is HILARIOUS. He has such a great sense of humor about everything, especially his celebrity. Thanks for finding that!
  22. Yes, the guy's "easy on the eyes." But can he act? Leslie Meh, he's okay ... but he really needs to lighten up and let loose once in a while. Lookin' good, Mr. But-lair ...
  23. Oh I do hope something speaks to him!!! I LOVE his voice, and like Ren, it doesn't matter what he's singing.
  24. Awesome!! I saw that yesterday, but we have them without watermarks!!! Thanks, ladies!
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