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  1. To give my own opinion about Shakespeare, I have loved the plays since I was a kid. My first introduction was when I saw The Taming of the Shrew on TV in 1976 with Marc Singer (thud) and loved it. I started trying to read the plays but was still too young to really "get it". Then when I was in junior high, I got into The Who, and the lead singer Roger Daltrey did a production of A Comedy of Errors. My grandmother bought me this HUGE complete works of Shakespeare (which has since been lost in my many moves - how you lose a gigantic book is beyond me), and I started reading them slowly to understand the language. I pretty much taught myself, and really love it. When I saw Baz Luhrman's Romeo & Juliet it re-kindled that love for Shakespeare on film. Both my sons list that as one of their favorite movies of all time. It was so incredibly done and ridiculously beautiful. Fast Forward to being a teacher and we took an 8th grade class to see Othello in the theater. That was total hit and miss with the kids (remember where I live now), but I also realized (and forgive me those of you who are Bard purists) but I prefer the productions on film now. I have yet to see Laurence Fishurne's Othello but I want to. Anyway, I am REALLY looking forward to this and I would be seeing it even if Gerry was not in it; however, he is and so I am doubly enthused to see it!!!! Seeing and hearing our very own LION reciting Shakespeare is worth waiting for.
  2. I had no idea where else to post this, and I didn't think it deserved its own thread so I hope no one minds my riding on Moira's coattails. A good review, but the sole reason I wanted to post this: http://technorati.com/entertainment/film/article/gerard-butler-ralph-fiennes-in-coriolanus/ I thought that description was incredible.
  3. Burma, he can't sue them. The magazine committed neither defamation, slander nor libel (the action used for the written/printed word). Further, public figures must prove "actual malice", and clearly this magazine did not do that. There's no one to blame; that manip has been around for YEARS and is on most every fan site and "out there". All you have to do is Google Gerry and that pic comes up. What is sad is that some published magazine has useless writers/researchers who couldn't find out that is a manip. Hope all that helps. Lisa
  4. The name of the city is Corioles. He gets named Coriolanus after he defeats the Volcians in Corioles. T Oh thanks for clearing that up!
  5. Well that would make more sense. But I could see where you could do some major damage with a Braun! Lisa, you're welcome but I thought you, of all people, would have read Coriolanus. Sorry! Delene Not me. I'm one of those who doesn't even like to see too many trailers for movies. Doesn't matter, hon. It's one of Shakespeare's tragedies so SOMEONE had to die.
  6. I don't think he said he was doing them because of his nieces, but that he was glad they were able to see him in some movies. Either way, he did say something along those lines. I don't care what he does, so long as he stays in front of the camera.
  7. I thought Coriolanus was the name of the city? Oy I guess I didn't read it right. And I had no idea how it ended, but now I do. Thanks, Delene. Definitely doesn't sound like a movie that would go over well in this area. Sadly, I live in a place where Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Hot Tub Time Machine are top box office draws. However, if Weinstein gives it a wide distribution, I may be able to see it in Bakersfield or Fresno. I also think it sounds like a film I'd have to see more than once in order to truly grasp the story, just because sometimes it's difficult to "translate" the Shakespeare in my brain. LOL I agree; Moira has missed her calling - but there's always time!! Thanks both of you for your reviews. I'm really looking forward to seeing it! Lisa
  8. I spelled it right!!!! Fine, Veronica, left off the accent mark.
  9. I don't think the weather is a factor for Gerry wearing the beanie. I think it's more to tame that wild mane of his. But yeah, it was chilly today in the rain.
  10. Oh Theresa, thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm so glad you got to meet him and talk to him!!! I hope this makes up for your broken leg and missing the LAC premiere last year!!! Like Cheryl said, getting to see Gerry in the flesh alone is something not everyone gets to experience. My first time seeing him all I could think was "OMG he's real!". I'm serious. That's all I thought. LOL Many people, myself included, also forget that these events are part of Gerry's job. I know when I'm there and it's chaos all around me, and all I can think about is getting MY 10 seconds, etc., I forget that Gerry has a job to do inside and that he is on a time table - albeit he ignores that sometimes. However, in this type of event, apparently, he couldn't make people wait for him and he probably felt rushed. I know he feels a bit of an obligation to sign as many autographs and take as many pictures as he can for the fans, but he also has a job to do. He is as gracious and generous as he can be. Theresa, how he saw your camera wasn't on is hilarious. I think he's seen so many cameras in his face over the years he can tell. LOL What a great story!!! From what I saw from various videos around the internet, this isn't something I would enjoy attending. Too much chaos. I thought LA was bad; this is LA at about four times the people and craziness. I'll stick to our little corner of the Gerry world on Hollywood Boulevard. Thanks again for sharing with us!!! Lisa
  11. I don't mean to be nitpicky, but I don't think the word you need here is "honest", in the classic sense, that is! Delene Touche!
  12. I know it's poem, that's why I said you know where it comes from. Didn't think THAT needed to be nitpicked. Delene, it wouldn't be us if we didn't keep each other honest.
  13. By movies from the past you mean historical or non modern day? Since B&G was actually a "fairy tale" of sorts, I'm confused but Burns would definately be from "the past" and I hope he was just kidding around when he said that! I don't think Gerry ever means everything he says. He likes to be a man of mystery plus he enjoys getting a reaction. Delene This might sound nitpicky but B&G is not a fairy tale in the classic sense. I know you know where it came from but it's more like classic lore than a fairy tale. Kind of like the Illiad and Odyssey. I would LOVE to see Gerry do more movies like that again!!! He plays those epic heroes so well, and let's face it ... no one wields a sword quite like Gerry.
  14. Yeah, Delene is right. I had to do a lot of research on first class flights for my book, and I was beyond surprised. Those seats are like recliners, and there's a lot of leg room for someone long like Gerry. And to also agree with Moira, I would guess he slept on the flight over. Yeah he looks gorgeous as always. I bet he takes off the beanie and his hair just flies all over. Thanks, Ren! Lisa
  15. All of you! Tomorrow looks like it's going to be another Gerry-filled day. I ain't complainin'!!
  16. OMG thank you. I'm sitting here buffering the hell out of the 45 minute Berlinale site video and I just do NOT have the patience for this. I'll wait for Stu and/or Mel to have it ready. Thanks, Barb! Just FYI, and don't know if it would work on this, but my son told me that when you move that sliding "button" across the bottom all the way to the end and then bring it back to the start of a video that keeps "buffering", it will play through. It's worked for me so you might try that next time. Delene I did that already, thanks. My little laptop still buffered. It's ok ... I'll wait. I'm sure it's worth it.
  17. OMG thank you. I'm sitting here buffering the hell out of the 45 minute Berlinale site video and I just do NOT have the patience for this. I'll wait for Stu and/or Mel to have it ready. Thanks, Barb!
  18. Do we have the video of the Press Conference anywhere?
  19. Just something I've noticed .... I also believe Gerry is quite taken with the fact that he is standing with the likes of Vanessa Redgrave at a premiere. First, at the press conference there's a moment when the entire cast is standing facing the press but have to take a step forward. Ralph and Jessica move, but Gerry looks at Vanessa, waits, looks down, allows her to move forward first and THEN Gerry moves in line with everyone else. The second time Sir Gerard came out was after the film when the cast was on stage. When they walked down the stairs, Gerry holds Jessica's arm and helps her down the stairs. Say what you want about his life, etc., that is a good, good honorable man inside that crazy-sexy body.
  20. Yeah, also means I really better find that full-time job to pay for all this. Thanks, Stu! I'm so excited for this one, and I'll travel wherever I have to go to see it on the big screen! Lisa
  21. Is it only me that finds it incredibly cool that Gerry has interest in all these different books? I love it. He doesn't just rely on the crap that comes across his desk. We know Gerry is a reader, and he knows a good story when he reads one. I hope he does get one or more of the novels he wants made into films. He would be wonderful at bringing any of those intriguing characters to life. Thanks, Cheryl! Lisa
  22. There is SO MUCH to catch up on. So many photos, article and videos that my head is spinning and it's a bit overwhelming. So many foreign articles, and here is one from a Russian site that has some great pics after the movie: http://gbutler.ru/news/iz-pervyx-ruk/. I'm really proud of Gerry. This seems to be a very important film, and the turnout looks a bit insane. But wow he's come so far. He's his own man, an actor whose name can help carry a film, and get one made. I have to just sit back and relish all this, and know that sticking it out and loving this man in spite of anything and everything that has happened over the past 4 years has been beyond worth it. This fandom and Gerry's career will only get better. It's m goal to watch all the videos today. My eyes may be crossed afterward but I'm determined to get through them all. And the pictures! Man, I don't remember this many pictures from any other premiere. I've heard good things from the people who did get to see it yesterday, and I'm really excited to see it. I have heard, though, that reading it ahead of time might be a good idea so I may just have to do that. Thanks for everything, GALS. Keep 'em coming. Lisa
  23. Well, finally. LOL I really am curious what the hold up was for him. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, and I'm beyond thrilled, but just natural curiosity has me wondering why he was the last to sign on and what it took. But I'm really happy that he will be in the sequel. I would have seen it with or without him in it, but this just makes it even better. Lisa
  24. Oh ok! Thanks, Hobbes! Been saying wrong all this time. Hey at last I don't call him Ralph!
  25. I believe his name is pronounced "Ray Fines". Thanks for all the pics!!!!
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